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End of violence as enforcer for Donald White drug organization gets life for murder and heroin trafficking

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An enforcer for a St. Louis drug trafficking group was sentenced to life in prison Thursday on narcotics conspiracy and murder charges. 55-year-old Donald “OG” Stewart was recruited as a shooter for the organization led by Donald White and engaged in multiple acts of violence, prosecutors said.

Over several years, White’s drug trafficking organization engaged in a violent war with a rival drug crew. At this point, they added Stewart to their group as muscle. Stewart also was a street level heroin dealer for the organization. His residence in the 5100 block of Northland was used as a heroin distribution hub, used to store weapons, and used to plan out attacks, including murder committed by Stewart and other members of the crew.

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On March 26, 2010, Michael McGill was lured to the 5200 block of Maffitt, St. Louis where he was gunned down by members of the White organization as part of the ongoing drug war. A few months later, on July 23, 2010, Darrion Williams, Jr. was lured to an alley behind the 5200 block of Maffitt for a purported drug deal when he too was shot to death by Stewart and other members.

Terrance “Mutt” Wilson participated in both the McGill and Williams murders and, on April 25, 2013, entered guilty pleas to drug conspiracy and firearms charges.

In May of 2018, after a 10-day trial and 62 witnesses, a federal jury returned three guilty verdicts for Stewart. The conviction of Donald Stewart and Terrance Wilson along with previous convictions of Donald White and members of his group has dismantled the drug organization and ended its reign of violence.

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