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Gambling remains the Mafia’s bread and butter

By David Amoruso

It is fitting that the one constant activity in the volatile life of a mobster is and always will be gambling. In a life where any day can be your last, where your best friend might be the one to shoot you in the head, the game of chance has continued to provide the American Mafia with more money than they know what to do with.

At Gangsters Inc. we are on top of things as we reported stories about two different mobsters involved in two very similar gambling operations.

One a seasoned Lucchese crime family soldier called 'Boopsie', who once was acting underboss, the other a ‘mere’ Genovese crime family associate with the nickname 'Elvis'. Both men operated a multi-million dollar offshore gambling operation. Elvis was even caught for the second time!

This all comes as no surprise since gambling is what the mob does best. Ask Meyer Lansky. He set up casinos all over the world – from Havana, Cuba, to London, England, and then laundered all the proceeds in financial constructions that were ahead of the times.

The more times change, the more things stay the same.

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