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Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Arsenal, starring Nicholas Cage as terrifyingly crazy mob boss (WATCH TRAILER)

By David Amoruso

Who doesn’t love to see Nicholas Cage do his Nicholas Cage thing? In a gangster movie no less! We sure do! And we loved all the violent craziness we saw in the brand-new trailer of Arsenal, an action crime thriller starring Cage, Adrian Grenier, and John Cusack.

Set in the hot south, two brothers, played by Adrian Grenier (known best for his role as Vincent Chase in Entourage) and up-and-comer Johnathon Schaech (Marauders,) end up in even hotter waters with the local mob boss played by Nicholas Cage.

Schaech is involved in a drug deal-gone-bad with Cage and realizes he has stepped into a kill or be killed kind of world, taking his brother along for the ride.

For more on the story, plus a whole lot of typical Nicholas Cage antics, watch the trailer below:

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