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Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Proud Mary, starring Taraji P. Henson as deadly hitwoman taking on underworld

By David Amoruso

Gangsters better watch who they call a bitch, because there’s a new powerhouse in town and SHE doesn’t mess around. Meet Mary, a deadly hitwoman who dresses the part while doing contract murders for an organized crime family in Boston.  

Mary is played by Taraji P. Henson, known from the hit television series Empire, where she stars as Cookie Lyon, and Academy Award-winning movie Hidden Figures. “I still cannot believe I did this!” Henson writes on her Instagram, referring to the amazing experience of shooting this film.

As usual, the life of a hitwoman isn’t an easy one. In Proud Mary, people get blown in the air by massive explosions and bullets fly in every direction, many aiming for her head, many more aiming – successfully - for her enemies.

For Henson that meant doing a lot of stunts. “I am doing most of my stunts in this BADASS FILM,” she writes. “My body is bruised and tired but the process was sooooooo EXCITING! Doing stunts and dodging bullets and THANGS!!! I amazed my dang self on this one! Mary is SO BAD ASS!”

With Proud Mary hitting theaters, Henson announces: “I can check off Super Hero on my bucket list because MARY IS BAD AS FUCK!” Don’t believe her? Then see for yourself and watch the stunning trailer below:

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