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November 2013

By David Amoruso

Dear members of Gangsters Inc.,

To keep all of you up to date on the world of organized crime and the Mafia, we at Gangsters Inc. have compiled a monthly newsletter in which we give a short rundown of the best articles, profiles, photos, and news Gangsters Inc. has had to offer in the past four weeks.

This is our November 2013 edition!

November was a busy month for us at Gangsters Inc. as we posted stories about organized crime from every corner of the globe and pretty much every crime group out there.

Biker gangs are a growing threat. Though they are extremely visible and in your face, they continue to grow. Authorities are going to extremes to stop them, but will their methods work? And if not, what will work? Gangsters Inc. sat down with biker experts Julian Sher and Jay Dobyns and asked them straight up: How do you destroy biker gangs? Sher has written extensively about bikers and Dobyns is an ATF undercover agent who successfully infiltrated the Hells Angels so go read their answer here.

As I wrote in our previous newsletter, Gangsters Inc. started out as a website filled with profiles of gangsters. Honoring those humble beginnings, this month, we posted three profiles of members of three extremely different crime groups.

British gangster Lee Murray was one of the world’s best cage fighters, he even fought in the UFC. But he was a gangster first and foremost and that street mentality knocked his fighting career out cold. His is a story of wasted talent. An intellect wasted on executing the most successful cash robbery in the history of the world. Read about it here.

MS-13 has been a growing menace, starting out as a street gang they now sit at the same table as Mexican drug cartels. We profiled gang boss Carlos “Silencio” Ortega, a teeny looking guy who committed two cold-blooded murders in one month just to make a point.

Of course, Gangsters Inc. wouldn’t be Gangsters Inc. without a profile of an Italian mobster. Genovese family associate Carmine Franco was nicknamed Papa Smurf. God knows why, but he definitely was a Papa Smurf in the waste hauling industry until authorities crashed his party.

You can’t talk about the Italian-American Mafia and not think about the Gottis. I’m sorry, but you just can’t. And guess what? We don’t have to. This month, John Gotti Junior got stabbed in a parking lot in New York. Apparently he was breaking up a fight between two strangers. Everything is still very vague and without any video images from security cameras it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any answers soon.

Drugs are always a favorite moneymaker for gangsters and in Middle and South America the Cartels are fighting brutal wars over profitable drug routes. Ron Chepesiuk has written a new book titled Escobar versus Cali: The War of the Cartels, about the war between Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel, and has posted an excerpt of this book at Gangsters Inc.

Meanwhile, in Mexico the violence continues as always. Still, the Cartels there do manage to keep things fresh as they recently used a hitman dressed as a clown to whack a drug lord. Gangsters Inc. got the video and also takes a look at the Mexican Cartels’ use of social media like Facebook.

But if you thought you had to be Latino to cook up that good stuff, you are mistaken. Turns out North Korea has the real Walter “Heisenberg” White, a guy there is cooking meth that’s 99% pure. U.S. authorities busted the group that smuggled the meth into America but they did not succeed in catching the cook. To be continued.

Because if the cook thinks he is safe in North Korea he should think again. Gangsters Inc.’s own Ronald Fino went undercover in Russia to bust organized crime groups there for the FBI. Read his remarkable debriefing report here.

And then there are those criminals who simply think they are untouchable. Like a gang in Dublin, Ireland, that ran a “supermarket” filled with drugs and guns. Easy access and great service. Unfortunately for them, Dublin police put a stop to it and is looking to bring charges to a lot of people.

November was a good month and December looks to be even better. So keep reading at Gangsters Inc.!

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