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Organized crime is big business. And not just of the illegal kind. Each year, millions are made by film studios, writers, and media giants by turning stories about stone cold gangsters and Mafiosi in cold hard dollars.

We at Gangsters Inc. thoroughly enjoy these products and decided to shine some light on them in this section. This is where we discuss the true story behind some of cinema’s biggest mob classics and keep an eye out for stories about the mob in Hollywood and showbiz, either as a connection or on the silver screen.

Former Hells Angels boss tells his story on stage in ‘Outlaw’

VIDEO: VIDEO: Better Call Saul is back for season 4 - This time the series is packing serious heat

The Godfather comes home to Dartmouth: Mario Puzo’s collection on display at Ivy League college

Prequel of The Sopranos is in the works - The Many Saints of Newark is written by David Chase

Prosecutor made famous by ‘American Gangster’ avoids prison time after guilty plea to federal tax charges

Mr. Undercover details life of Ron Fino, son of Mafia capo who became undercover operative

BBC’s McMafia takes viewers into Russian mob and around the world

“Mob Artist” Michael Bell about painting portraits of Sopranos &...

The facts behind the Gotti biopic starring John Travolta

Iconic actor Frank Vincent passes away at age 78

The Real DEA Agents of Narcos Talk Fact & Fiction

The Truth Behind Movie Classic Goodfellas

The Truth Behind Movie Classic Casino

The Facts Behind the Kansas City Mob depicted in Fargo

Ray Romano joins cast of Scorsese's The Irishman

Inside the FBI: New York - From hunting mobster to fighting terrorism

The story behind the documentary: Back Home, Years Ago: The Real Casino

The Godfather cast reunites at Tribeca Film Festival

SNL does The Sopranos finale parody

The Mafia and SEAL Team 6 joining forces?

Owner of Rao's and Sopranos actor Frank Pellegrino Sr. dies at 72

Bad Blood: Montreal Mafia epic starring Paul Sorvino, Kim Coates and more

EXCLUSIVE: Gotti film crew gets together for dinner - New cast members revealed

EXCLUSIVE: TJ English's Cuban mob book to be turned into movie

EXCLUSIVE: TV series Bad Blood: The Vito Rizzuto Story promises Shakespearian tale of power and revenge

Jennifer Lopez stars as drug lord Griselda Blanco in new HBO movie

FUNNY VIDEO: Breaking Bad's Walter White to head DEA under Trump (SNL sketch)

UFC champion Conor McGregor’s fascination with gangsters

American Gangster Myth: The True Story Behind Frank Lucas

Mafia traitor Tommaso Buscetta's life story to hit big screen

Gotti film begins shooting July 25 in Cincinnati

Gotti family takes film director on Mafia tour through NY

Gangsters Inc. interview with John Gotti Jr. in which he discusses the movie about his father's life

"Bodie" Barksdale, inspiration for The Wire, dead at 54

Breaking Bad comes to Las Vegas' Mob Museum

Better Call Saul? Here's our top 5 mob lawyers

Media-savvy Hells Angels turned notoriety into business

Real life owner of Bada Bing strip club turns rat

Will Johnny Depp's Whitey Bulger stick to the facts?

With Broome Street Boys director brings back gritty mob flick

What was Sean Penn's role in the capture of El Chapo?

Joe Pesci: Actor, Rapper, Wiseguy

Insulting mobsters with comedy legend Don Rickles

How someone stole the watch off a dying Tony Soprano

How the Chicago made its Hollywood dreams come true

Michael Harris: Convicted drug kingpin who gave actor Denzel Washington his start

Reality TV showing audiences fake ganglands

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show's greatest Mafia hits.. uh bits!

Supreme: Gangster giant towers over Queens rap

Hong Kong Triads and 'their' lucrative movie industry

Rap mogul Suge Knight shot six times at VMA party

Mob Wives gangster gets 20-years-to-life in weapons case

Gangster Squad cop celebrates 100th birthday

The Mob: Art imitating life imitating art

Gangsters Inc. at the movies:

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: King of Thieves: Elderly gangsters pull together for biggest heist in history

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: White Boy Rick shows rise and fall of teen who became drug boss and youngest FBI informant ever

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: City of Lies: Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker investigate murders of Biggie and 2Pac

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: The Equalizer 2: Denzel Washington hunting bigger and more dangerous bad guys

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Gringo, Charlize Theron and Joel Edgerton scam a Mexican drug cartel

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Sicario 2: Soldado Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro return

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Acts of Violence: Bruce Willis teams up with Special Forces to fight human trafficking gang

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Gangster Land: film shows Capone through eyes of “Machine Gun” McGurn

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Den of Thieves: Violent cops vs robbers starring Gerard Butler

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Acts of Vengeance: Antonio Banderas avenges murdered wife and daughter

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Gotti: John Travolta as The Teflon Don

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Brawl in Cell Block 99: Vince Vaughn as a boxer-turned-drug runner

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: The Vault: crew robs James Franco’s haunted bank

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Proud Mary: Taraji P. Henson stars as deadly hitwoman taking on underworld

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: American Made: Tom Cruise stars as drug smuggler Barry Seal

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: The Hitman's Bodyguard, starring Samuel L. Jackson & Ryan Reynolds

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Live by Night, starring Ben Affleck as Prohibition-Era mob boss

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Arsenal, starring Nicholas Cage as terrifyingly crazy mob boss

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: The Accountant: Ben Affleck cooks the books for Mafia and drug cartels

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Marauders - Banker Bruce Willis is being robbed by an elite robbery crew

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: The Infiltrator - Heisenberg takes on Pablo Escobar

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Sly Stallone in Scarpa

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Run All Night (2015)

Gangsters Inc. at the movies: 22 Bullets with Jean Reno as a Marseille mob boss

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