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Lucchese family mobster who laid in ambush for snitch pleads guilty to attempted murder

By David Amoruso

Lucchese crime family mobster Joseph “Joey Glasses” Datello (photo above) pleaded guilty on Monday to various acts of racketeering, including the attempted murder of a witness against him, narcotics trafficking, and collecting debts through the threat of violence.

67-year-old Datello faces a maximum sentence of life in prison, but due to his deal will probably be sentenced to around 15 years. He had been indicted along with eighteen other Lucchese family gangsters, including the New York family’s hierarchy, in May of 2017. Twelve of them have since pleaded guilty.

Many of their problems began in 2002, when Sean Richard, an associate of Datello and Steven L. Crea, a longtime leader in the Lucchese crime family, provided information to authorities concerning crimes committed by both men. That information, combined with other evidence, led to the successful prosecution of Datello, Crea, and other mobsters.

So one can understand Datello and Crea had a grudge against Richard who once worked alongside them. They must’ve been elated when, in October of 2016, Datello learned information that he thought revealed the turncoat’s current whereabouts.

With Crea’s blessing and salute, Datello travelled to what he believed was Richard’s address in New Hampshire and waited there, trying to find and kill him. He never did, but he now will be punished for plotting the murder. As will Crea, who is also charged with attempting to have the witness killed, and other crimes. He is scheduled to begin trial in 2019.

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