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Lucchese Mafia family boss and hitmen get life in prison for 2013 gangland murder

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The career of 84-year-old Lucchese Mafia family acting boss Matthew Madonna (photo above, middle) has officially come to an end. On Monday, he was sentenced to life in prison following his conviction for the 2013 murder of Purple Gang hitman Michael Meldish and various racketeering charges.

45-year-old Lucchese family soldier Christopher Londonio (photo above, left) and 61-year-old Lucchese associate Terrence Caldwell (photo above, right) were sentenced to life behind bars for the same gangland slaying. Lucchese family underboss Steven Crea was also found guilty and will receive the same sentence at a later date.

“Madonna ordered it, Londonio set it up, and Caldwell pulled the trigger”

“Matty Madonna, Christopher Londonio, and Terrence Caldwell – respectively, the Acting Boss, a soldier, and an associate of the Luchese Family – were responsible for the execution-style murder of Michael Meldish seven years ago,” Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said. “Madonna ordered it, Londonio set it up, and Caldwell pulled the trigger. Now all three have been sentenced to serve the rest of their lives in federal prison. Thanks to the outstanding investigative work of the FBI and NYPD, we continue our commitment to render La Cosa Nostra a thing of the past.”

Mafia murder

In 2013, Madonna became displeased with Michael Meldish, a longtime organized crime associate who had refused to pay debts he owed to the Lucchese mob boss. Madonna subsequently ordered Meldish killed. Acting under the orders of Madonna and Crea, Londonio helped set up Meldish, who was a personal friend of his – to be killed, and acted as the getaway driver for the murder.

Caldwell acted as triggerman. He met Meldish and drove with him to a Bronx neighborhood to meet Londonio. As Meldish got out of his car, Caldwell shot him once in the head, killing him instantly. He and Londonio then drove off.

The Lucchese family used Caldwell as well in the ambush of a rival Bonanno family mobster in Manhattan on May 29, 2013.

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