Lucchese mob family capo gambles on trial

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Lucchese crime family capo Carmine Avellino has turned down a government plea deal and will take his chances in court, the New York Daily News reported yesterday. Avellino is alleged to have loaned one debtor $100,000 and then ordered his mob associates to threaten him when he didn’t make his payments.

The Lucchese family associates in question have already pleaded guilty. Brothers Daniel and Michael Capra took their since deceased cousin along for the job. They are now looking at 24 to 30 months in prison.

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Despite taking the plea deal, the Capra brothers refused to give up any information on Avellino. Michael Capra was asked by prosecutors to give up some information, but claimed he didn’t know anything about a loan being extended by the 72-year-old Mafia captain.

Avellino’s trial is scheduled for August 22 in Brooklyn Federal Court.

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