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Ponticelli camorra family Sarno
Brothers Ciro Sarno “o sindaco”(wife is Giovanna Confessore and his brother in law is Giuseppe Misso), Luciano “Kung fu”Sarno, Pasquale Sarno and Vincenzo Sarno and their sister Assunta Sarno who married Giuseppe Misso “o’nasone”. Vincenzo Sarno’s nephew Luigi Amitrano.

Antonio Sarno « o tartaro »
Antonio Sarno « o ciacariello »
Vincenzo Cece « o puorco »the brother in law of the brothers Sarno
Pentito Giuseppe Sarno and his wife Anna Emilia Montagna
Giuseppe « peppe »Sarno’s brother in law Michelangelo De Luca

Ciro sarno’s nephew the pentito boss Giuseppe Sarno « o mussillo » and his son Salvatore Sarno « Tore o pazza »
Giuseppe Sarno confessed the murders : Guido Ottaiano, the bar Sayonara massacre, attack at Salvatore Cuccaro and the murders of Luigi Altamura and his son

Sarno man Marco Cascella « Marcuccio »

Sanita (NA) camorrafamily Misso
Brothers Giuseppe Misso “o’nasone” (brother in law of Ciro Sarno) (his wife Assunta Sarno who was killed 14 March 1992 and their daughter was Celeste Misso who married Vincenzo Prestigiacomo who was killed 30 october 2006), Alfonso Misso, Umberto Misso (his sons Michelangelo Misso, Emiliano “Zapata” Misso and Giuseppe Misso jr) and Paolo Misso. Giuseppe Misso’s underboss Alfonso Galeota (killed), Misso capo Giulio Pirozzi (new underboss) and his wife Rita Casolaro

Giuseppe Misso’s real family name was Giuseppe Missi

Sanita (NA) camorrafamily Misso has a feud with the families Tolomelli-Guida-Vastarella

Sanita (NA) camorrafamily Vastarella (Alleanza di Secondigliano)
Brothers Luigi Vastarella and Vittorio Vastarella (both killed 1998)
Raffaele Vastarella, Luigi Vastarella

Sanita (NA) camorrafamily Guida
Brothers nunzio Guida, Gaetano Guida and Vincenzo Guida. (Federico Guida)

Sanita (NA) camorrafamily Tolomelli
Ciro Tollomelli and nephew Raffaele Tolomelli

Giuseppe Misso
Giuseppe Misso was accused he ordered the murder of the woman Giovanna Esposito (in november 1983) because she had quarrelled with his wife Assunta Sarno (killed in march 1992) who she accused of flirting with Salvatore Stolder (brother raffaele Stolder), who at the the time had as fiancee a daughter of Gianna Esposito.

Boss Eduardo Contini (30) and bodyguard Costantino Sarno (30) arrested
13 september 1985 police arrested the bosses Eduardo Contini (30) and Gaetano Bocchetti (31) and their bodyguards Carmine Di Tonno (34) and Costantino Sarno (30).
Naples police homicide chief Franco Gratteri speaks them that day in Poggioreale prison

Giovanni Aprea “Punta e curtiello” at war with the brothers Giovanni Nemolato and Mario Nemolato. The Nemolato family are allies of the Norcaro family

10 July 1990 was Mario Nemolato’s nephew Ernesto Nemolato killed (his daughter is Fortuna Nemolato who was strangled 9 february 1996 at age 16) . Ernesto Nemolato’s brother Vincenzo Nemolato

the boss Giorgio Norcaro’s sister in law Rosa Cervone and his brother Salvatore Norcaro. Giorgio Norcaro (34) and his nephew Vincenzo Cocozza (43) killed 22 may 1989

Ponticelli camorra family Sarno at war with Andrea Andreotti
In 1987 clash the bosses Ciro Sarno and Andrea Andreotti and first was killed Giovanni Romano “Il Marziano”, then they attacked Luigi Bonifacio “il pazzo”, they killed Mario Fabbricatore (the son of Tore Fabbricatore). Most killed were allies of Sarno.

25 january 1988 was Salvatore Centanni shot and killed by Giovanni Aprea

Andrea Andreotti orders murder of Giorgio Norcaro (Ponticelli camorra family Sarno ally)
22 may 1989 were killed the boss Giorgio Norcaro (34) and his nephew Vincenzo Cocozza (43) and wounded was Luigi de Simone (29). Giorgio Norcaro’s sister in law Rosa Cervone and his brother Salvatore Norcaro.

Andrea Andreotti orders murder of Vincenzo Duraccio (Ponticelli camorra family Sarno ally)
6 october 1989 was Vincenzo Duraccio killed. His brother Bruno Duraccio

San Martino (=St Martin= Sint Maarten) massacre at bar Sayonara (Strage di Ponticelli)
Ciro Sarno’s men killed 11 november 1989 boss Andrea Andreotti “o cappotto” men Vincenzo Meo (27) and Antonio Borrelli and the customers Gaetano De Cicco (38), Salvatore Benaglia (53), Mario Guarracino (45) and Gaetano Di Nocera (52)

Ponticelli camorra family Sarno at war with Andrea Andreotti
13 november 1989 were the bosses Raimondo Mazzarino and Ciro Criscuolo killed

In 1986 was Michele Alberto arrested as a suspect in the 22 december 1986 murder of Raffaele Venditto (27) and the wounding of Raffaele Officioso (26). 21 december 1989 were Michele Alberto (25) and Pasquale Palumbo (20 and a nephew of Giovanni Aprea) killed.

Ponticelli camorra family Sarno at war with Andrea Andreotti
Former Cutolo supporter Ciro Nocerino “Patacchella”started to support Ciro Sarno but his son Massimo Nocerino started to support the enemy Andrea Andreotti “o cappotto”

Ponticelli camorra family Sarno at war with Andrea Andreotti
28 december 1990 they shot and wounded Massimo Nocerino

Ponticelli camorra family Sarno at war with Andrea Andreotti
In January 1992 they shot and wounded Massimo Nocerino

Sanita families Misso-pirozzi at war with Tolomelli-Vastarella
25 Februari 1992 there is an attack at Raffaele Tolomelli in Sanita, Mario Fuschetti dies but Salvatore Percopo, Mario Baffone and Tolomelli only get wounded, Tolomelli looks after for his in France imprisoned uncle Ciro Tolomelli, and his partner is Luigi Vastarella. They form a partnership with Gennaro Licciardi.

Sanita boss Giuseppe Misso’s wife Assunta Sarno killed by Tolomelli-Vastarella
14 March 1992 they get revenge when they shoot up a car in Afragola. Giuseppe Misso`s wife Assunta Sarno (sister of the Sarno brothers) and his underboss Alfonso Galeota get killed. Misso's capo Giulio Pirozzi and his wife Rita Casolaro get wounded.

Ponticelli camorra family Sarno at war with Andrea Andreotti
In april 1992 they shot and wounded Massimo Nocerino

Ponticelli camorra family Sarno
Sarno pentita Anna Sodano was killed in 1996

Mazzarella killed San Giovanni a Teduccio boss Salvatore Cuccaro
3 november 1996 was San Giovanni a Teduccio boss Salvatore Cuccaro killed by Mazzarella killer Costantino Gargiulo (Costantino Gargiuolo??).
San Giovanni a Teduccio boss Michele Cuccaro

Mazzarella attacks San Giovanni a Teduccio boss Michele Cuccaro
16 February 1997 were in Barra Michele Cirella (46) and his son in law Gennaro Autore (35) killed.

Several hours later was as revenge Raffaele Cuccaro (41) killed, he was the nephew of boss Michele Cuccaro.

Then was in Torre Annunziata Francesco Iannucci (51) killed and elsewhere was wounded Pasquale Mosca (49 and he died also??).

21 october 1997 were Antonio Maione and Vincenzo Tubelli killed, they worked for the Bocchetti clan. Police accuse Sarno killer Vittorio Bovier. Antonio Tubelli family??

Miano based boss Costantino Sarno “o Sciacallo”
Marianella (NA) camorrafamily Sarno ????? : Costantino Sarno ????

Marianella (NA) family Stabile
Brothers Ciro Stabile, Giuseppe Stabile, Vincenzo Stabile and Gaetano Stabile “o capellone” (girlfriend Luisa Paladini)

Marianella (NA) camorrafamily Stabile
Marianella (NA) camorrafamily Stabile members Pasquale De Martino, Giuseppe Santoro

faida tra il gruppo Stabile e le famiglie dell’Alleanza di Secondigliano;

Camorra boss Costantino Sarno (Contini man??) and murdercase Pasquale Crispino
10 October 1991 was private clinic manager Pasquale Crispino (64) killed. Camorra boss Costantino Sarno got a life sentence for ordering the murder which was later reduced to 28 years. Forcella camorraboss and pentito Luigi Giuliano said the murder had been ordered by the whole Secondigliano Cupola.

Marianella (NA) Family Stabile
22 February 1997 was Giovanni Spadaro of the Stabile clan killed.

Miano boss Costantino Sarno men killed
29 april 1997 disappeared boss Sarno’s brother in law Roberto Rosica (40), Walter Mallo (38), Arturo Galiano (35) and Nicola Mirti (32 and his brother is Gennaro Mirti) and they were victims of a lupara bianca. It is the war of Miano boss Costantino Sarno with the Secondigliano alliance. Killers were Nicola Di Febbraio, Ettore Sabatino, Giuseppe Lo Russo, Pierino Licciardi and Giuseppe Perinelli.

Costantino Sarno at war with Alberto- Cuccaro- Aprea families
23 february 1998 was Giovanni Mallo (24) killed in an office of the cardealer Salvatore Alfano who is a member of Costantino Sarno’s clan who has left the group of mazzarella. which makes 27 murders in the first 2 months.

Costantino Sarno arrested
In february 1998 was Costantino Sarno (45) arrested in Caorle. He is suspected of having ordered 40 murders and fought an especially violent war against the brothers Stabile. Costantino Sarno is an important man in the Licciardi clan and had a few days earlier met Vincenzo Pernice, cassier of the clan and brother in law of Pietro Licciardi.

Costantino Sarno at war with Alberto- Cuccaro- Aprea clan
The last week of december 1999 there were 2 killings when the Sarno clan clashes again with their enemies of the Alberto- Cuccaro- Aprea clan and 11 january 2000 police arrest 23 members of the last clan to prevent a war between them, in their vendetta there have been 40 people killed so far. Costantino Sarno and his clash with the Secondigliano alliance resulted in many murders of Sarno’s clan and he had to flee to former yugoslavia.

the Stabile clan
6 june 2000 was Giuseppe Santoro (35) of the Stabile clan killed.

Brothers Pasquale Fusco, Egidio Fusco and Adriano Fusco

Pasquale Fusco - Gianfranco Ponticelli clan
In November 2001 brought Carmine Tirino then Daniele Troise to Pasquale Fusco and Gianfranco Ponticelli who killed him at the orders of Luciano “Kung fu”Sarno. Also they killed Giuseppe mignano, Giovanni Veneruso “juary”and Giorgio Tranquilli

12 august 2006 was Vincenzo Acanfora “Enzuccio”(46) arrested, he was important in the Cuccaro- Aprea clan

Misso Sarno alliance and Mazzarella Giuliano alliance who wars since 1998 the Secondigliano Alliance of Gennaro Licciardi and his brother in laws Eduardo Contini, Francesco Mallardo and Patrizio Bosti

Secondiglian alliance supporters
Marfella (Pianura), D’Ausilio (Bagnoli), Aprea- Cuccaro- Alberto (Barra), Lepre (Cavone), De Luca Bossa (rione De Gasperi) and Caiazzo (Vomero)

After the murder of his father don Francesco Mazzarella (74) on 16 February 1998 Vincenzo Mazzarella tried to form a Naples inner city alliance with Naples quarter Sanita boss Giuseppe Misso, Ponticelli boss Ciro Sarno and
Vomero- Arenella boss Brandi

Naples quarter Mercato boss Francesco Mazzarella war with Contini
There is war between Contini and the boss Mazzarella. The war goes about building contracts for almost 4,5 billion dollars. It are 3 megaprojects: the highspeed train Rome- Napoli (costs 2,75 billion dollars), the development of the eastern part of Napoli (families Mazzarella and Contini) and the cleaning of former industry terrains in the suburb Bagnoli. Bagnoli area alliance Grimaldi, Contini and Baratto.

Naples quarter Mercato satellites of his enemy Eduardo Contini
Eduardo Contini’s capos in Naples quarter Mercato were Nicola Rullo “o ’nfamone” and Ettore Esposito “Ettoruccio” (nephew of the boss Patrizio Bosti).

Contini attacks Mazzarella
25 January 1998 was Vincenzo Siervo who works with Mazzarella killed in Casoria and the war with Contini starts with this first murder.

Mazzarella attacks Contini
26 January 1998 were 4 men killed under whom Salvatore Vollero who work for Edoardo Contini “o Romano”. Killed were Contini trustee Emanuele Grasso (31) and Ciro Varriale (39) and wounded were Salvatore Vollero (32), Alfredo De Feo (29) and Antonio Imperato (37)

Mazzarella attacks Contini
9 February 1998 were Contini trustee Emanuele Grasso and Ciro Varriale killed in a cafe and were wounded camorista Antonio Imparato and the criminal Alfredo De Feo.

Mazzarella attacks Contini
11 February 1998 an attack at Ciro Uccello who works with Contini.

Contini attacks Mazzarella
11 february 1998 were mazzarella men Nunzio Mele and Natale Aruta killed in differend attacks.

Contini attacks Mazzarella
12 february 1998 was mazzarella man Sergio Annunziata killed.

Mazzarella attacks Contini
13 february 1998 was Yugoslavian Martin Aceski killed , he was of the Contini clan who is at war with mazzarella.

Pentito Nunzio De Martino was in august 1998 arrested for involvement in the murder of the Yugoslavian Martin Aceski in february 1998.

Fabio Riso
Pentito Nunzio De Martino said Fabio Riso had phone contacts in this period with Egizio of the Contini group ?? Fabio Riso used the phone of Vastarella, a member of the Contini clan ally of the Giuliano family.

Poggioreale prison murdercase capofamiglia Francesco Mazzarella (74)
16 February 1998 was don Francesco Mazzarella (74) killed when he was outside Poggioreale prison and wants to visit his imprisoned son , prison guards see it happen. New boss became his son Vincenzo Mazzarella. Mazzarella man Egidio Cutarelli had been wounded and died the next day. Mazzarella man Antonio Palladino was wounded.
capofamiglia Vincenzo Mazzarella

Cuccaro clan murder Mazzarella killer Costantino Gargiulo’s brother Giovanni Gargiulo
18 February 1998 was Giovanni Gargiulo (14) killed, he is the 10th victim the last 10 days in the war. he is a brother of Mazzarella killer Costantino Gargiulo who killed boss Salvatore Cuccaro in 1996 and he started to talk. 24 February 1998 was Andrea Andolfi arrested, he is suspected of killing Giovanni Gargiulo (14), Andolfi is of the Cuccaro clan.

Cuccaro- Andolfi- Solla (Solla is former Sarmo man)

Mazzarella attacks Contini
26 February 1998 was Contini man Gennaro Guardigli (40) killed. He is the brother of pentito who works for the Rullo clan an ally of Contini in the war against Mazzarella

Contini attacks Mazzarella
27 February 1998 were Mazzarella man Enrico Figliolini (48) and his bodyguard Carmine Zimbello (34) killed. Diego Vastarella got a life sentence for their murders

Sanita’s families Misso- Pirozzi war with families Tolomelli- Vastarella
A bomb on 17 april 1998 in Ponticelli wounds 4 and police later hear Sanita capo Giulio Pirozzi about it.

Contini attacks Mazzarella
26 April 1998 was Luigi Amitrano killed by a carbomb, he was nephew of Vincenzo Sarno (brother of boss Ciro Sarno).

Sanita’s families Misso- Pirozzi war with families Tolomelli- Vastarella
17 May 1998 was boss Luigi Vastarella shot and killed and police later hear Sanita boss Giulio Pirozzi about the attack.

Contini clan murders Mazzarella ally Giuseppe Giuliano
7 July 1998 the boss Giuseppe Giuliano get killed and Vincenzo Colucci wounded by Nunzio Spina (get arrested 24 September 1998 accused of the murder).

Sanita’s families Misso- Pirozzi war with families Tolomelli- Vastarella
A carbomb in Misso's borough Sanita on 2 october 1998 wounds 11 people under which Mario Savarese of the Misso clan. The war between the Misso- Pirozzi clan and the Tolomelli-Vastarella clan rages on. The explosives are from the same kind as bomb of april 1998 in Ponticelli with 4 wounded. 9 October 1998 police arrest the Sanita camoristi Giulio Pirozzi, Mario Savarese, Vincenzo Troncone and Antonio Fusco an associate of their enemies the "Secondigliano alliance". The first 3 are suspected of the 2 october 1998 carbomb attack.

Sanita’s families Misso- Pirozzi war with families Tolomelli- Vastarella
5 Men of the Misso clan want to do an ambush 1 july 1999 in Rione Sanita the territory of their enemy Tolomelli and he sends his men who shoot at the 5 and they kill Salvatore Barbuto (31) and wound Gennaro Galeota (26) and Salvatore Savarese (25) (the brother of the boss Mario Savarese). 7 october 1999 was Giulio Pirozzi heared by police about the carbomb of 17 april 1998 and the murder of rival boss Luigi Vastarella who was killed 17 may 1998. Also they ask him about the carbomb of 2 october 1998 in Sanita. Also are suspects Antonio Fusco (Vastarella man), Italo Gallo, Pasquale Cino, Ciro Armento, Pasquale Acciarino and Gennaro Rescigno.

Sanita’s families Misso- Pirozzi
Giuliano man Salvatore “Cavolfiore” Esposito was killed 23 october 1999 by Vincenzo Pirozzi the nephew of the boss Giulio Pirozzi and the order came from Giuseppe Misso

Misso- Pirozzi
14 March 2000 was Giuseppe De Martino killed by Giuseppe Misso’s man Salvatore Sequino, he was killed for a small thing. Camorraboss Misso his man Salvatore Sequino was imprisoned for the murder of the young Giuseppe De Martino on 14 may 2000.

Misso Sarno Mazzarella alliance boss Vincenzo Mazzarella (48) arrested
17 December 2004 was Vincenzo Mazzarella (48) arrested in Euro Disney.

In nice were arrested Vincenzo Mazzarella (43) and Ciro Giovanni Spirito (25)

Misso clan scissionisti boss Ettore Sabatino and underboss Salvatore Torino “gassusaro”

Nicola Sequino- Salvatore Torino clan
Salvatore Torino and Ettore Sabatino former members of the clan Lo Russo from Secondigliano.

Misso clan scissionisti boss Ettore Sabatino and underboss Salvatore Torino “gassusaro”
30 November 2005 there starts an internal war in the Misso clan when they have scissionisti (rebel boss) Salvatore Torino’s man Antonio Colucci (50) killed.

Misso clan scissionisti boss Ettore Sabatino and underboss Salvatore Torino “gassusaro”
1 December 2005 were as revenge Ciro Scarallo (39) killed and Ciro Daniele (31) wounded, Daniele died 6 days later (7 december) in hospital. Ciro Daniele was the nephew of Giuseppe Misso junior

Misso clan scissionisti boss Ettore Sabatino and underboss Salvatore Torino “gassusaro”
14 December 2005 was Ciro Beninato, di 59 anni, Pasquale Donato, di 28, è rimasto ferito. Gli investigatori non hanno dubbi: iMisso stanno sferrando un attacco agli ex alleati capeggiati da Ettore Sabatino. Ciro Beninato era infatti consuocero di Salvatore Torino, luogotenente di Ettore Sabatino,

Misso clan scissionisti boss Ettore Sabatino and underboss Salvatore Torino “gassusaro”
19 gennaio 2006, viene colpito a morte Vincenzo Benitozzi: per questo omicidio, i carabinieri riescono ad arrestare Luigi Esposito, presunto killer al soldo dei Misso. Benitozzi was a friend of Nicola Sequino. Benitozzi belonged to the scissionisti

Misso clan scissionisti boss Ettore Sabatino and underboss Salvatore Torino “gassusaro”
28 January 2006 was in a bar the Misso man Salvatore Mirante (49) killed.

Misso clan scissionisti boss Ettore Sabatino and underboss Salvatore Torino “gassusaro”
17 February 2006 was Francesco Caruso Festa (25) nephew of the Misso scissionistiboss Salvatore Torino killed. He is the 8th victim in their feud

4 august 2006 was Vincenzo Aliberti killed by Giovanni Gitano and Diego Zucaro at the orders of Ciro “Tropeano”Esposito and Carmine Caniello (his father the Ciro Sarno man Raffaele Caniello became pentito)

Sanita clan Misso- Pirozzi
boss Emiliano Zapata Misso’s brother in law Vincenzo Prestigiacomo (33) was killed 30 october 2006 , he was married with Celeste Misso, daughter of Giuseppe Misso. Emiliano Zapata Misso was 5 months earlier arrested.

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