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Owner of Rao’s and notable actor Frank Pellegrino Sr. dies at age 72 – Starred in The Sopranos and Law & Order

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Frank Pellegrino Sr. passed away on Tuesday at age 72. He had been diagnosed with cancer last year. Pellegrino Sr. is best known among the general public for his role as FBI Bureau Chief Frank Cubitoso on HBO’s The Sopranos and roles in television series Law & Order and New York Undercover. He also played roles in Goodfellas, Mickey Blue Eyes, Copland, and HBO’s Gotti.

For New Yorkers, however, Pellegrino Sr. is primarily known as the owner of Rao’s, an exclusive restaurant in East Harlem, New York, which caters to Hollywood superstars, professional athletes, politicians, and members of the Mafia and organized crime.

Gangsters Inc.’s Thom L. Jones recently wrote an extensive piece on Rao’s and its history of mobster patrons. You can read it at: Rumble at Rao’s: The night Louie Lump Lump chose the gun over the cannoli

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