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Pablo Escobar returns in 'even better' season 2 of Narcos

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Pablo Escobar makes his triumphant return Friday, September 2, in the second season of Narcos on Netflix, but just as the iconic drug lord makes his comeback, it is clear he will also bid us farewell. We saw him rise and nearly fall in the first season of the critically acclaimed television series. This season, we will witness his death.

With the Colombian government and its special forces, the American DEA, the rival Cali cartel and vigilante group Los Pepes all gunning for Pablo, it is clear to all who know his true story, that this will be the season his life comes to a violent end.

Will knowing the ending of the story, hurt the viewing experience? Executive producer Eric Newman has thought long and hard about that question. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he answered: “I remember the Titanic argument: Who's going to see a movie where everyone knows the ending? The decision to be able to actually invest time spent with Pablo Escobar knowing that the end is near will allow people to experience it in a different way.”

And in this case, “different” means an improvement. “I think it's even better than season one,” Newman concluded.

Watch the two official trailers for season 2 of Narcos below:

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