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Patriarca Mafia family enforcer Frank “Bobo” Marrapese dies behind bars at age 74

By David Amoruso

Timing is everything. They denied New England mob enforcer Frank “Bobo” Marrapese’s parole on September 15, 2017. He died early yesterday morning at Rhode Island Hospital at age 74. He was serving a 9-year sentence for racketeering, extortion, and loansharking.

Though he was very close to dying in freedom under different circumstances, it’s telling that in the end, he died as an inmate. It was his destiny. Marrapese’s life pretty much took a very direct path through the New England underworld, where, as a longtime wiseguy and convicted killer, he was a feared figure.

He never seemed to want anything else than that. Death behind bars was a logical result.

You can read about his life of crime in the profile Gangsters Inc. published about him a few months ago:

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