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Prison Wives, Mob Wives, and their Mafias

By David Amoruso

The fascination with women who are married to gangsters is still as fresh as a flower growing just outside a federal penitentiary. With the original Mob Wives series into its third season, its cast members getting one lucrative (legitimate) deal after another, and several television spin-off series the end is not in sight. Of course, we are only two years into our prison stretch, so it has yet to be seen how long audiences will stay interested in these mobster molls.

But not today.

Talkshow host Ricki Lake will have a special “Prison Wives” show with guests Ramona Rizzo (of Mob Wives fame), and three wives of men who were members of the Black Mafia Family run by “Big Meech”, whose name you may recognize from the hit song B.M.F. by the dubious rapper Rick Ross.

For criminal organizations that depend on a code of silence they sure do like talking to the media…

The Ricki Lake Show’s “Prison Wives” episode airs today (April 15) at 3pm.

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