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Puparo Presents: Cosa Nostra in Catania Province

Puparo has compiled the following text through thorough research. However, if you see an error, or would like to add something, Puparo welcomes the contribution.

Catania has the quarters San Cristoforo (area of Catania’s Fish Market), Puntina and San Cosimo. Catania has an international airport Fontanarossa (just outside the city and there drive busses between) and a trainstation. Catania carabinieri commander colonel Sergio Regoli.

The Mayors of Catania

Catania province
In Catania's province the main cities next to Catania are: Paterno, Acireale (bosses Sebastiano Sciuto, Paolo Vasta and Alfredo Quattrocchi), Caltagirone (Capofamiglia Gesualdo La Rocca , Santapaola ally, and his brother Francesco La Rocca. Francesco La Rocca’s brother in law Pietro Rampulla , the man who made the bomb with which in Capaci judge Giovanni Falcone was blown up), Giarre (boss Salvatore Di Mauro) and Misterbianco (Cursoti allies the brothers Mario Nicotra “N Tuppu”, killed 5 may 1989, and his brother Gaetano Nicotra). Other smaller cities are: Adrano, Biancaville, Scordia (see Siracusa chapter for their feud with Lentini clan in Siracusa province), Palagonia (La Rocca Velardita Abico alliance. Michele Velardita had a lupara bianca in 1984), Randazzo (alliance Mangani Ragaglia Rosta , Laudani allies, the brothers Oliviero and Salvatore Sangani killed in april 1991 Carmelo Magro whose girlfriend is the wife of Salvatore Sangani. 22 Januari 1993 in Randazzo Antonio Sparta , 57, and his sons Pietro Vincenzo , 27, and Salvatore , 20, get shot to death by the brothers Oliviero and Salvatore Sangani of the same named clan and a life sentence for the murders got Oliviero Mangani. Alberto Ragaglia and his wife Maria Grazia Cacciola and as sons capomafia Claudio Ragaglia , arrested 22 september 1998 and his girlfriend Claudia Magro became pentita, and Michele Ragaglia , also arrested 22 september 1998 and his wife is Elena Strano. Brothers Ragaglia men Luigi Allia and Sebastiano Saglimbeni), Bronte (link to Bronte), Fiumefreddo (bosses Paolo Brunetto and SebastianoPatane), Ramacca (capomafia Calogero Conti), Monte Po (link to Montepo part), Belpasso (capomafia Giuseppe Pulvirenti “malpassotu”) and Calatabiano. the area Santa Venerina and Zafferana (boss Antonino Cannavo). Malpassotu of Giuseppe Pulvirenti who rules the area Belpasso, Misterbianco and Scordia

Catania war alliances
Santapaola- Ercolano and Laudani- Di Giacomo alliance who are supported by the Savasta clan and the Sebastiano Sciuto “Nuccio Coscia” clan are at war with the alliance Pillera- Cappello. Then the split Sciuto (Tigna)- Cappello who are supported by the Cursoti from Milan and the Piacenti family and Salvatore Pillera.

War Stories:

Santapaola clashes with Ferlito Family and Reito-Pillera Clan

Santapaola Ally Laudani at war with Cappello

Below you will find text dealing with the period from the early twentieth century through until the 1990s. It contains the following headers:

  • Catania Long Family Intro
  • Their Enemies
  • Catania Province Old History
  • Catania Province History 1970s
  • Catania Mafia Family Ferrera
  • Catania mafiaboss Giuseppe Pulvirenti “Malpassotu” REIGN
  • Misterbianco cursoti boss Mario Nicotra
  • Milan Boss Epaminonda
  • Catania Ferrera Mafia Family - Part 2
  • Catania mafiaboss Giuseppe Pulvirenti “Malpassotu” REIGN - PART 2
  • Catania’s Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro
  • Carcagnusi Clan
  • For recent Catania history (1990s until now) see Catania: Downfall


Catania mafiafamily Laudani (Di Giacomo ally)
Sebastiano Laudani sr and his sons Santo Laudani (killed 22 august 1989 by Mario Pace- Salvatore Cappello clan), topkiller Alfio Laudani, Giuseppe Laudani (his son is Sebastiano Laudani jr whose brother in law is Salvatore Sciuto) and Gaetano Laudani (killed 26 october 1992 and his son is Giuseppe “Pippo”Laudani whose brother in law is Giuseppe maria Di Giacomo).

Catania mafiafamily DiGiacomo (Laudani ally)
Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo (photo below)

Laudani clanleader Orazio Scuto
Supermarket chain owner Sebastiano Scuto was protected by the Laudani clan

Catania mafiafamily Laudani- Di Giacomo cosca acting boss Rapisarda
capomafia Sebastiano Laudani (imprisoned) and now is their boss Salvatore Rapisarda

Catania (Ct) mafiafamily Santapaola
Vincenzo Santapaola had as sons Benedetto “Nitto”Santapaola (born 4 june 1938 and married to Carmela Minniti who was killed in 1995 and their sons were Vincenzo Santapaola and Francesco Santapaola), Antonino “Nino”Santapaola and Salvatore “Turi” Santapaola (married to a sister of “Cavaduzzu”Ferrera and their son in law is Bronte capomafia Roberto Vacante who has as brother in law Vincenzo Santapaola). Benedetto’s nephew Vincenzo Romeo. Santapaola nephew Natale Ivan Filloramo (33 when he was arrested 20 november 2007 and he is the son of a sister of Benedetto santapaola and his father is Francesco Filloramo). Grazia Santapaola (niece of capomafia Benedetto santapaola) arrested with her husband (Alfio Amato??) ??? Salvatore Amato. Benedetto’s nephew Salvatore “Turi” Amato was 55 when 16 march 2010 arrested and his girlfriend??? is Emilia Maio and their daughter is Rossella Amato. Santapaola’s nephew Natale D ‘Emanuele (70) and his sons Antonino and Andrea Sebastiano D’Emanuele. Benedetto Santapaola’s nephews the brothers Francesco Santapaola and the killed Angelo Santapaola (his brother in laws are the brothers Giuseppe and Silvio Corra).

Benedetto "Nitto" Santapaola

Vincenzo Santapaola

Bronte capomafia Roberto Vacante
Bronte capomafia Roberto Vacante is son in law of Salvatore “turi”Santapaola (brother of Benedetto). Salvatore “Turi”Santapaola died when??? Bronte capomafia Roberto Vacante also brother in law of Vincenzo Santapaola??? Antonino Santapaola??

Catania borough San Cosimo capomafia Rosario “Saro”Zuccaro
Maurizio Zuccaro is the brother in law of Vincenzo Santapaola (Benedetto’s nephew). Maurizio Zuccaro (born 25 august 1961) is the son of Rosario “Saro”Zuccaro the boss of Catania’s borough San Cosimo who disappeared in 2006. Maurizio Zuccaro would have strangled Salvatore Vittorio 4 march 2006???

Catania mafiaboss Giuseppe Ercolano (married to a sister of Benedetto Santapaola)
capomafia Giuseppe Ercolano (born 3 november 1936) (69 who was married with a sister of Benedetto Santapaola and their son is Aldo Ercolano who has as wife Francesca Mangion the daughter of Santapaola capo Francesco Mangion) and his brothers Salvatore (41) and Sebastiano Ercolano an other brother Angelo Ercolano? Vincenzo Ercolano (born 3 april 1970)

Catania mafiafamily Mangion
Francesco Mangion and his son Giuseppe Mangion (born 1959??) and his daughter Francesca Mangion who is married to Aldo Ercolano.


Catania mafiafamily Ferlito (supported by Natale Reito -Pillera clan)
Francesco "Tino" Ferlito and his son Alfio Ferlito (killed 16 june 1982). Killed Alfio Ferlito’s son Lorenzo ferlito was 14 january 2006 arrested

Reito-Pillera cosca
Capomafia Salvatore "Turi" Pillera (who leads the Stidde) and Natale Reito (killed 3 september 1996). killed Giovanni Finocchiaro was the nephew of imprisoned capomafia Salvatore Pillera
Pillera capo Michele Vinciguerra

Cappello- Pace cosca (Pillera supporters)
capomafia Salvatore Cappello (imprisoned) and his brother Massimiliano Cappello (born 12 august 1967). Salvatore Cappello's wife Maria Rosaria Campagna. Salvatore Cappello’s son in law Giuseppe Palmieri. Cappello clan pentito Domenico Farina

Pace family
Mario Pace with Francesco Fama

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
Capofamiglia Antonino “Nino” Cinturino and his wife is Maria Filippa Messina (She is the niece of the 15 january 1990 killed Calatabiano capomafia Salvatore Messina), his brother Michele Cinturino, their mother Giovanna Fama and his brother in law Marcello Salvatore Corvaia.


Catania mafiafamily Calderone
Brothers Giuseppe Calderone (killed in 1978) and Antonino Calderone. Antonino Calderone was born 24 october 1935 and was made in 1962. Calderone’s nephews the brothers Giuseppe Marchese (55) and Salvatore marchese (50 and trustee of santapaola because his wife Lina Gozzo is a niece of the builder Gino Costanzo the brother of Carmelo Costanzo who is dead) were killed in 1992.

Catania’s first capomafia “Nino”
The first mafia family in Catania was started in 1925 (according to Calderone) by his uncle Nino, the brother of his mother. His uncle Nino was sought for murder and went into hiding in the Madonie where the boss is Peppino Farinella the capomafia of Sam Mauro Castelverde a village in the Madonie. Unlce Nino was made in Palermo a Mafioso but there was still no mafia cosca in Catania. Uncle Nino was arrested and convicted for an other crime then murder and is soon free again in catania. In Catania had the Tagliavia family from Palermo settled and they had also inducted as Mafiosi the Catanesi Giuseppe Indelicato and Agatino “Tino” Florio. This group chose in 1925 uncle Nino as head of the newly formed mafia group of Catania.

Catania capomafia “Nino”
In the USA there was a mafiawar and some Mafiosi fled from the USA and settled in Catania. But in Catania had already settled an other Mafioso from the USA who got ordered by their enemies in the USA to kill the Mafiosi who had fled the USA. The refugees were killed and disappeared and then also started to disappear people from Catania. At a certain moment there disappeared 9 people in 7 days.

Catania capomafia Luigi Saitta
Calderone’s uncle Nino was deported by the fascists to “the Island” but fled in 1935 via Catania to Tunis, Tunesia. Catania’s capomafia became then Calderone’s other uncle Luigi Saitta. In 1935 was Calderone born.

Tunis capomafia (?? Bonventre??)
Many Mafiosi fled Italy for the fascists and settled in Tunis (under them Antonino Sorci from Palermo who was killed in 1983 with his son) and in the 30ties there was a mafia coca started in Tunis (Tunesia). The leader (Bonanno’s uncle Bonventre??) of the Tunis mafia clan ordered the murders of many and his main killer was Antonino Sorci. Calderone’s uncle Nino arrived in Tunis. The leader (Bonanno’s uncle??) of the Tunis mafia clan then had Calderone’s uncle Nino killed and the body disappeared.

Tunis capomafia Calogero Giambarresi
Many years afther this was became Calogero Giambarresi head of the Tunis mafia clan. According to Calogero Giambarresi was Calderone’s uncle Nino killed by the 2 brothers Di Stefano from Trapani. The government of Tunesia later destroyed the Tunis mafia clan.

Catania bosses Vincenzo Palermo, Agatino Florio and Luigi Saitta
At the end of the 50ties was Catania capomafia Vincenzo Palermo but after an internal Catania mafiawar there came 2 coscas in Catania one led by Vincenzo Palermo and the other led by Agatino Florio ( “Tino”Florio??) and Luigi Saitta.

Catania Province History 1970s

Turin invasion by Cursoti boss Luigi “Jimmy”Miano
The Cursoti from Catania arrived in 1974 in Turin in North Italy. Also men of Alberti and Di Cristina had settled there.

Turin's criminal milieu
In Turin were active the boss Giovanni Carnazza (killed in 1984) and groups led by the Catanesi crime bosses Mario Nicotra (from Misterbianco), Ignazio Bonaccorsi, Mario Stramondo (his underboss is Agatino Razzani) and Ignazio Prestipino who belong either to the Cursoti or the Pillera clan from Catania.

Killer Salvatore Parisi
Parisi told about the murder of Luciano Laugeri (Maugeri???) on 20 april 1975.

Killer Salvatore Parisi
Was connected to the murders of Gaetano Catalano and Paolo di Gennaro, Lorenzo de Vito, Paolo Borghese, Salvatore Mavilla, Paolo Gattuso and Patrizio Fichera. ??? Giovanni Fighera ????

The conflict between the Santapaola clan and the Ferlito – Pillera clan started already in the 70ties.
28 october 1975 was Giuseppe Sciuto killed in prison. (wellknown Sciuto family??)

Catania mafioso Salvatore Lanzafame and double murdercase Cursoti members
Beginning 1976 went Salvatore Lanzafame and Turi Palermo driving with "Marietto" and "the prof” two members of the Cursoti. In the car shot Lanzafame than "Marietto" through the head, they drove than to the estate of Francesco Cinardo where they waited for the evening. They then drove to Di Cristina’s town Riesi where the body was thrown into a well while Lanzafame strangled the “the prof" whose body was thrown also into the well.

Benedetto Santapaola and double murdercase Vittorio Santo Pulvirenti and Salvatore Mignemi
5 february 1976 were the extortionists Vittorio Santo Pulvirenti and Salvatore Mignemi killed in Catania. Benedetto Santapaola was accused by the pentiti Filippo Lo Puzzo and Antonino Calderone that he had ordered it but was spoken free.

Domenico Belfiore
12 Februari 1976 in North Italy Maria d'Alessio (22) gets kidnapped by the cursoti Carmelo Giuffrida and the calabrian Domenico Belfiore.

Turin boss Rosario Condorelli
Rosario Condorelli had in 1975 ps politician Francesco Rosano killed in pizzeria Mare Chiaro. boss Rosario Condorelli trustee Giovanni Fighera was killed as first by the newly arrived Catanesi of Miano. 22 may 1976 the Catanesi clan killed Mustafa Aissa, Giovanni Pistorio and Antonio Ardizzone who work for the boss Rosario Condorelli. boss Rosario Condorelli familymember Calcedonio Condorelli . Condorelli’s old robbery gang member Antonino Musumeci (killed ???) (2 may 1974 Carlo Marcello Botta kidnapping suspect??).

Catania brothers Guzzardi
Brothers Michele (28 september 1942), Calogero and Francesco Guzzardi (2 june 1934). 2 May 1974 was carlo Botta kidnapped. 21 May 1974 police liberates Carlo M Botta, suspects were Antonio Musumeci and Francesco Guzzardi.

Benedetto Santapaola
10 July 1976 had Benedetto Santapaola the boys Lorenzo Pace (14), Riccardo Cristaldi (15), Giovanni La Greca (14) and Benedetto Zuccaro (15) kidnapped, because his mother had been robbed by some young thiefs and he decided they had been the thiefs. Benedetto and his brothers Antonino and Salvatore brought the boys to a house owned by Mazzarino capomafia Francesco Cinardo and after permission of Giuseppe Di Cristina, the representant of Caltanissetta, and Riesi capomafia Luigi Annaloro, the boys were strangled by Marchese, Pietro Paterno and others while Antonino Calderone watched.

The conflict between the Santapaola clan and the Ferlito – Pillera clan started already in the 70ties.
25 august 1976 was Salvatore Leone wounded. Then disappeared Franco Grasso.

Antonino Santapaola
At the end of 1976 went Antonino Santapaola, Alfio Ferlito, Alfio Boccaccini and Franco Romeo to the village Sant Agata Li Battiati to murder a man, they killed the man but also Ferlito and Boccaccini were severely wounded and had to be hospitalized where Boccaccini died.

Salvatore Pillera
21 august 1977 Salvatore Pillera killed the brothers Giuseppe and Vincenzo Gangitano and wounds their brother Salvatore Gangitano.

Catania family Colombrita (Cursoti)
In 1977 escaped the Cursoti capo Carmelo Colombrita with the killers Antonino Marano and Santo Tuci from prison.

Catania boss Giuseppe Calderone (Corleonesi enemy)
In july 1978 found Giuseppe Calderone a bomb in his car which he had removed by his men. Calderone and his brother Antonino then got from their friends Bontate, Badalamenti and Rosario Riccobono the warning that their hands were tied because the Corleonesi had found out that Calderone was in on the murder of Madonia.

Catania boss Giuseppe Calderone (Corleonesi enemy)
In august 1978 Giuseppe Calderone and his bodyguard Turi Lanzafame moved in with the buildingconstructor Carmelo Costanzo.

Catania's Regio member Giuseppe Calderone killed (Corleonesi enemy)
30 september 1978 were Calderone and his bodyguard Lanzafame wounded when their car was riddled with bullets by Benedetto Santapaola and his men, Calderone died some days later, Santapaola succeeded his boss.

Vallelunga visited by Canicatti capomafia Antonio Ferro "il vecchio" and santapaola
pentito Ciro Vara said he met Antonio Ferro for the first time summer 1978 in Caltanissetta (“il vecchio” was accompanied by Peppe Di Caro). Antonio Ferro came to Vallelunga after the murder of Calderone and was accompanied by Nitto Santapaola. Antonio Ferro had also ties with the Madonia family of Vallelunga and Antonio Ferro was close with Bernardo Provenzano.

Catania capomafia Benedetto “Nitto” Santapaola
In february 1979 was Benedetto Santapaola chosen new capomafia of catania, at the meeting was also his nephew Francesco Ferrera who had been supported for the job by Gaetano Fidanzati. Benedetto Santapaola, who promoted Francesco Ferrera underboss, Franco Romeo consigliere, Salvatore Santapaola, Antonino Santapaola and Aldo Ercolano “capidecina”; the same year of Calderone’s murder, he was designated also the boss of Catania province and member of Regional Commission by Totò Riina.

The conflict between the Santapaola clan and the Ferlito – Pillera clan started already in the 70ties.
The clash comes 23 april 1979 when Giovanni Barbagallo “Guzzetta”was strangled and the suspect is Santapaola trustee Domenico Condorelli.

Catania’s Carcagnusi member Matteo Mazzei and kidnapping of Angelo Fava
In february 1979 was Angelo Fava kidnapped by Carcagnusi members under whom Matteo Mazzei (the brother of Santo). Angelo Fava had been transported in a van of the brothers Commendatore to Siracusa. There he was hidden at an estate owned by Luciano Liggio, the Corleone boss.

Catania’s Carcagnusi member Angelo Pavone and kidnapping of Angelo Fava
Police arrest Angelo Pavone the cashier of the gang when he wants to get the ransom, with him were arrested the brothers Francesco and Carmelo Commendatore, the owners of Centroflex. Carmelo Commendatore got for the kidnapping 13 years and his brother Francesco was spoken free. Matteo Mazzei got 13 years.

Pentito Giuseppe Lo Presti
Pentito Giuseppe Lo Presti said that Carmelo Commendatore was the contactman for Jimmy Miano, the boss of the Milan cursoti and Santo Mazzei, the capo of the Catania carcagnusi.

Giacomo Riina “u zù Giacomo”
the brothers Francesco and Carmelo Commendatore renamed Centroflex to Eminflex and the brothers Commendatore used as their bookkeeper Giacomo Riina (born in 1908 in Corleone, he went to prison for the first time in 1932 when he got 11 years for the violent rape of a woman, Giacomo Riina “u zù Giacomo” was again arrested in 1964) from Bologna who is an uncle of Luciano Leggio.

the brothers Francesco and Carmelo Commendatore
The brothers Commendatore had also ties with Francesco Bonura (imputato di omicidio e traffico di eroina), Vincenzo Porzio (uomo di fiducia di Giacomo Riina), Salvatore d’Angelo, Antonino De Luca, Angelo Pavone, who did holdups.

Milan boss Angelo Epaminonda
Angelo Epaminonda “il Tebano” decided he didn’t need Turatello and got into conflict with Turatello’s supporters the catanese Mirabella brothers and some palermitan families. Epaminona's killerteam (nicknamed “gli Indiani”) was made up by Salvatore Paladino, Orazio D'Antonio, Antonio Scaranello, Angelo Fazio "il Pazzo", Demetrio Latella, Illuminato Asero and Salvatore Parisi "Turinella". Epaminona's killerteam (nicknamed “gli Indiani”) was responsible for the La Strega restaurant massacre in via Moncucco in 1979 and the massacre in via Lorenteggio in 1980.

Milan crimeboss Francis Turatello orders restaurant La Strega massacre
3 November 1979 a murderteam stormed the restaurant "La Strega" in Milan, they had gotten the order from Francis Turatello to kill his enemy Antonio Prudente. The killers were Luigi Francesco Di Paolo (a brother in law of Dragomir Petrovic a capo in the Marseille clan), Gaetano Mirabella (29) (an in Milan living mafiaboss) and Giosue Gargiulo who also killed in the restaurant 6 witnesses.

restaurant La Strega killer
In 1980 was Giosue Gargiulo killed.

Catania mobster Angelo Pavone killed
10 November 1979 a murderteam hit from an ambush a police escort who transferred the boss Angelo Pavone to an other prison. The carabinieri brigadier Giovanni Bellissima and the carabinieri Domenico Marraza and Salvatore Bologna were killed and Pavone "liberated", police later held a car with in it Benedetto Santapaola, who had gunpowder marks on his hands, but he said he had been hunting and was set free, 10 days later was the body of the killed Pavone found. The attack had been done by a commando of the Carcagnusi boss Mazzei. Pavone was tortured to tell the hidingplace of the proceeds of various holdups. His body had been thrown on a rubbish dump in Gravina (Ct). The attackers were Salvatore Mazzei, Pasquale Gulisano, Luigi “Jimmy”Miano and topkiller Salvatore Parisi.

Milan boss Epaminonda attacks Turatello
Turatello lawyer Francesco Calafiori was killed 28 november 1979 at the orders of Epaminonda.

Milan boss Turatello trustee Nello Pernice
22 april 1980 escaped in Porta Venezia Turatello’s trustee Nello Pernice (born in Addis Abeba and because of that nicknamed “il negro”) from an attack. His bodyguards had still killed the attacker Alfonso Guarino.

Milan boss Turatello trustee Nello Pernice
Nello Pernice his bodyguards Giuseppe Leonardi and Giuseppe Buccheri were killed 13 may 1980.

Milan boss Turatello trustee Nello Pernice killed
8 october 1980 was in Lorenteggio (near Milan??) in via Vespri Siciliani Turatello’s trustee Nello Pernice in his car shot and killed.

Milan boss Epaminonda attacks Mirabella “i Cipudda” brothers
Epaminonda’s men killed Rosario Mirabella “Cipudda” in autumn 1980 in his car in Milan. Epaminonda’s men killed Gianni Mirabella “Cipudda”in Grottaminarda. One brother was killed by police.

Milan boss Epaminonda attacks Mirabella brothers
23 november 1980 Epaminonda’s men shoot at bar Gianni in piazzole Cuoco at men of the Mirabella brothers.

Milan boss Epaminonda attacks Mirabella brothers
A month later was Mirabella trustee Giuliano Colavito kidnapped, tortured and strangled by Epaminonda’s men.

The void in Milan left by the family Mirabella “i Cipudda” was then filled by Angelo Epaminonda. Angelo Epaminonda became the boss of Milan mid 80ties after the clans of Miano and Mazzei (who worked with the Palermitan Fidanzati brothers) were decimated by imprisonement.

Turin war
In januari 1981 starts in Turin a mafiawar when the Palermitans kill the Catanese Paolo Bornia a man of the Cursoti boss Luigi "Jimmy" Miano.

Turin war
After this were killed Marino Provvisionato, Mario Siani (by Parisi) , Riccardo Rosalia (by Parisi), Antonino Bullo

Luigi “Jimmy”Miano's Turin representant Giuseppe Garozzo
Luigi “Jimmy”Miano left Turin in the hands of his capo Giuseppe Garozzo and then turns his attention to Milan that was led by Francis Turatello the protege of Leggio and Coppola.

Milan boss Epaminonda
Miano send his capo Angelo Epaminonda with about 30 men to Milan to take over the city. First was Turatello's cashier Sebastino Vilardi killed.

Milan crimeboss Francis Turatello killed in Nuoro prison
17 August 1981 Luigi “Jimmy”Miano had then Turatello killed in Nuoro prison by his men Antonino Faro (from Catania), Antonino Marano and the camorista Pasquale Barra. The camorraboss Cutolo had arranged the murder to bind Miano to him and even wars in Napels with Leggio's protege Lorenzo Nuvoletta. Turatello was killed because he robbed a night club under Bono’s protection. Milano slavi boss Drag Petrovic, attualmente detenuto, partecipò, insieme al catanese Antonino Faro, alla atroce uccisione di Turatello nel carcere di Novara.

Calabrian Placido Barresi active in Turin
Calabrian Placido Barresi (calabrian but born in Messina and the brother in law of calabrian boss Domenico belfiore) shot and killed 25 september 1981 the Palermitan Franco Calcagno in bar Peru.

Killer Salvatore Parisi in Turin
8 november 1981 was Tomasso Buscetta's brother in law Mariano Cavallaro (44) killed in Turin by catanesi Salvatore Parisi.

Contorno's friend Rugnetta killed
8 november 1981 was Contorno's friend Antonino Rugnetta killed.

Brenta war victims
Thanks to the war that broke out in Palermo saw Gaetano Fidanzati his chance and attacked the in 1978 by Contorno in Brenta started cosca which terrorised several cities near like Padova and Venice. 1 may 1981 was Claudio Calore (24) killed. 11 november 1981 is Roberto Menin (23 and a friend of Contorno) killed. The next day 12 november 1981 were killed Eugenio Pagan and Cosimo Maldarella.

Brenta war victims
9 January 1982 disappeared gamblingboss Gianni Barizza. 17 july 1983 was Ottavio Andrioli killed. 6 january 1984 disappeared Sandro Radetich (28) “il guappo”. In 1984 were also killed Mario Bertocco, Gianni Cabbia, Zeno Bertin, Loris Benvegnu, Flavio Donolato. 31 july 1985 was also killed Pasquale “bobo”Gobbi a friend of Flavio Donolato and Zeno Bertin. 14 august 1986 was Stefano Carraro killed with his grilfriend. Carraro owned the Porto Rose casino in Yugoslavia. Fidanzati took the cosca over after 17 murders and put at its head Felice Maniero.

Milan boss Epaminonda
18 november 1981 Epaminonda’s men massacre at his orders three dealers in (strage di) via delle Rose.

Sebastiano Cannizzaro who rules the area Adrano, Biancavilla and Paterno (“triangolo della morte”)

In Adrano disappeared in 1980 politician Silvio Polizzi and his drowned body was later found. ??Giuseppe Pellegriti said he was drugged and then drowned after which they made it look like an accident???

Adrano capomafia Antonino Scalisi (Alfio Ferlito ally??) killed
3 june 1981 was Adrano capomafia Antonino Scalisi killed by Scalisi’s own underboss Filippo Pellegriti (father of Giuseppe Pellegriti, Pelligriti??) , new boss became his son Salvatore Scalisi.
Adrano capomafia Salvatore Scalisi

?????before had been killed Vincenzo Stimoli and the brothers Morabito????

In 1982 was Salvatore Greco of the Scalisi- Morabito- Stimoli- Fiorello clan killed and Giuseppe Patane wounded by Michele patti.

Sebastiano Cannizzaro orders murder of Scalisi-Stimoli coscamember
18 Januari 1983 was Salvatore Leocata killed in Adrano. The order came from Sebastiano Cannizzaro who is at war with the Scalisi-Stimoli cosca.

Sebastiano Cannizzaro orders murder of Scalisi-Stimoli coscamember
In february 1983 was Santo Bevacqua killed in Adrano. The order came from Sebastiano Cannizzaro who is at war with the Scalisi-Stimoli cosca.

Catania mafia family Ferrera

Palermo's 4th heroin lab found
A 4th heroin refinery was found in 1982 in Palermo in via Messina Marine (Vernengo area??) , a lab in a house owned by Vernengo in Ponte Ammiaglio??????/

Santapaola's underboss Francesco Ferrera's chinese heroinsupplier Koh Bak Kim
The more labs on Sicily were closed the more grew the importance of a newly by Santapaola`s nephew Ferrera setup heroinpipeline, they bought heroin from the Singapore chinese Koh Bak Kim after which it was smuggled to Sicily.

Pentito Mutolo's heroinsupplier Koh Bak Kim in Thailand
In april 1983 flew judge Falcone to France to interrogate Francesco Gasparini and thanks to him police find 24 may in the Suez channal the ship Alexandros G with 233 kg heroin. The heroin came from Thailand and police arrest then in Bangkok Mutolo's Thai supplier Koh Bak Kim. Gasparini testified that he had earlier attended a meeting in Mutolo`s house in Palermo where then the still living Partanna Mondello boss Riccobono spoke with Santapaola about the purchase of 500 kg heroin. A few months later, Alfonso Caruana was in Bangkok with relative Giuseppe Cuffaro to set up a new supply line.

Catania mafiafamily Ferrera
Francesco “Cavadduzzo” Ferrera was 15 june 1983 attacked and shot at but survived the ambush.

Santapaola's underboss Francesco Ferrera's chinese heroinsupplier Koh Bak Kim arrested
12 July 1983 indicted Italy 11 members of a heroingang under whom Ko Bak Kim who was arrested in Bangkok, directly flew first De Gennaro and then Falcone, Pizzuti and Signorino to Bangkok to interrogate him. Extradited to Italy Koh Bak kim told that the heroin was for Santapaola's man Francesco Ferrera and Riina`s man Gaspare Mutolo.

Catania mafiafamily Ferrera
24 November 1983 Rome judge Nitto Palma indicted for drugtrafficking 3 of the 4 brothers Ferrera but only the youngest Antonino Ferrera (33) was imprisoned and the others sought. In february 1984 there is an other indictment for the Ferrera brothers. Francesco “Cavadduzzo” Ferrera died in may 1984.

Catania mafiaboss Giuseppe Pulvirenti “Malpassotu” REIGN

Catania mafiaboss Giuseppe Pulvirenti “Malpassotu” - photo left - (married to a sister of Benedetto Santapaola)
Malpassotu group from Giuseppe Pulvirenti (dies 2 february 2009 age 79 in a car accident) (who rules the area Scordia, Misterbianco) and his brother Angelo Pulvirenti. Giuseppe Pulvirenti’s son Antonino Pulvirenti. Giuseppe Pulvirenti’s son in law Pietro Puglisi. Pulvirenti’s nephew Filippo Malvagna (Filippo Malvagna was close with the Catanesi since 1982).

Grazioso family
Giuseppe Pulvirenti’s son in law Giuseppe Grazioso (his brothers Mario and Salvatore, their father Alfio Grazioso , who was killed, and Alfio’s brother in law Giuseppe Lanzafame, was also killed). Girolamo Rannesi son in law of pentito Giuseppe Grazioso (??Giuseppe Pulvirenti??)

Giuseppe Pulvirenti orders murder of Giuseppe Caffo
27 june 1983 was Giuseppe Caffo killed because he offended Giuseppe Pulvirenti

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
19 september 1984 was killed Sebastianello Calandra by the malpassotu

Catania mafioso Giuseppe Pulvirenti (married to sister of Santapaola)
Giuseppe Pulvirenti was in 1986 inducted in the Catania cosca.

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
29 may 1986 was Salvatore D’Aquino killed in Pedara because he offended malpassotu

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
20 january 1987 was Alfio Furnari killed in Paterno because he didn’t pay for drugs to malpassotu

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
18 february 1987 was Carmelo Marino killed in Belpasso because he wanted to kill his Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti and take over as boss

13 december 1987 there was a murder try at Giuseppe Mallia (who survives) by Agatino Cosentino.

Barcellona (Messina province) capomafia Pino Chiofalo

Poggioreale prison inmate Barcellona (Messina province) capomafia Pino Chiofalo (later pentito)
Chiofalo’s role in the fightings prevented him to leave prison because in march or april 1983 Chiofalo was spoken free from the holdup in Nola because of lack of evidence. The trial had been fixed by Carmelo Coppolino to help his friend Chiofalo. In the meantime Domenico Gullì had moved to Rome; very soon however he was arrested in Mazzarra Sant Andrea and soon joined Chiofalo in Poggioreale prison.

Barcellona (Messina province) capomafia Pino Chiofalo (later pentito)
During Chiofalo’s imprisonment the Milone brothers and Coppolino were getting big. Carmelo Milone began to take care of the traffic of drugs, in particular along the axis Reggio Calabria-Rome. They took control over the illegal gambling dens. Because of this last activity they even killed in Barcellona a certain Catalfamo for which Milone was arrested with others. University professor Giorgianni had a gambling den which was attended by persons of the so-called "well off" in his villa in Caldera. He was extorted by Carmelo Milone, lawyer Giuseppe Santalco saw then Frank Emilio Iannello and they come to an agreement. Chiofalo said it happened between the end of 1981 and the beginnings of 1982. From that date Milone stopped until to the end of 1988 or at the beginning of 1989 when he was detained. Because of the arrests of Chiofalo and of Milone, Carmelo Coppolino remained the only one free. Coppolino re-established his relationships with the palermitan cosca and allowed the installation of a refinery for heroin in a house owned by Francesco Gitto. Coppolino also tightened relationships with the catanesi of Benedetto Santapaola who was an ally of the palermitans. Still Coppolino and Girolamo Petretta didn’t clash. Because of the arrest of Chiofalo and Milone, Petretta was allowed to continue undisturbed his alliance with the catanesi of Santapaola and the palermitans of Riina and taking over control of the area.

Barcellona (Messina province) capomafia Pino Chiofalo
In 1986 Vincenzo Bontempo Scavo was now the leader of a group of men from Tortorici and Chiofalo wanted to absorb his group into his clan. They agree on a meeting in Terme Vigliatore and Bomtempo Scarvo arrived in the company of Nicolo Bivacqua and Orlando Galati Giordano. During the encounter Vincenzo Bontempo Scavo informed Chiofalo that he would be back in Procida prison soon and that his group in Tortorici would be in the hands of Nicolo Bivacqua and Orlando Galati Giordano.
They agree the new men would be introduced to Chiofalo and several days later Nicolo Bivacqua and Orlando Galati Giordano brought with them their men Calogero Galati Giordano, Cesar Bontempo Scavo, Francisco Bontempo Scavo "tratracca", Antonino Bontempo Scavo, Gino Bontempo, Sebastiano Bontempo "u' uappo", Sebastiano Conti Taguali "u' marocchinu", Carmelo Conti Taguali "u' caporali", Sebastiano Conti Mica "u' bellocciu", Giuseppe Rizzo Spurna "Peppi to lilla", Carmelo Triscari Barberi "radica I pipa", Claudio Papaleo Rinato, Giuseppe Conti Taguali "paredda" and others that Chiofalo couldn’t remember anymore. They agree that while the boss Vincenzo Bontempo Scavo is imprisoned he would be represented by Nicolo Bivacqua, Orlando Galati Giordano and Cesar Bontempo Scavo, brother of the imprisoned Vincenzo. Chiofalo also looks it after that Vincenzo Bontempo Scavo got as lawyer Dino Mazzoli who was trusted by Chiofalo. Chiofalo has good use for the men from Tortorici because they weren’t known to his enemies in Barcellona. Chiofalo sees Girolamo Petretta as his biggest enemy and assigned Luigi Sano to arrange a meeting with Petretta. The next day Girolamo Petretta went to Chiofalo’s house and Chiofalo talks with Petretta about the large numbers of palermitans and catanesi who worked now in their area. Petretta offers then a milion lires to Chiofalo to proof his loyalty to Chiofalo and Chiofalo accepts the money, to make Petretta not suspicious. Because Chiofalo had already decided that he would have Girolamo Petretta killed. Natale Gambino and Francesco Benenati also wanted to kill Petretta because all local entrepeneurs would then have to pay Chiofalo’s group “pizzo”. They told Chiofalo that those that would have to pay pizzo were Mario Imbesi, Antonino Munafo, the brothers Caliri and Palano from Terme Vigliatore. The Caliri had constructed close to Portorosa an acquapark, while Palano was an associate of engineer De Pasquale, also from Terme Vigliatore, who was constructing buildings in Portorosa. These entrepeneurs were contacted by Gambino and Benenati who told them that they had to pay because the area was run by them. Mario Imbesi paid 100 million lires and Antonino Munafo paid 50 million lires with his brother Giuseppe Munafo. Through Benenati, Palano and the brothers Caliri was Chiofalo paid 50 million lires.

Chiofalo then arranged a meeting in the garage of the house were he lived. At the meeting were Chiofalo, Carmelo Coppolino, Francesco Pagano, Francesco Benenati and Natale Gambino. Carmelo Milone could not participate because he was in jail. They decided to kill Girolamo Petretta, Chiofalo has got contact with Giuseppe Mazzeo the owner of a company in Sant Antonio via his wife Italia Bilardo. Since Chiofalo’s return to Terme Vigliatore he took care of Milone’s business togather with Mazzeo. They want to kill Girolamo Petretta in one of Francesco Benenati’s places and then make the body disappear. Petretta would deliver concrete to the buildings of Benenati, the concrete he got from Enterprises Graci and Costanzo (from Catania) with the help of Maccarrone and Gori and the help of the drivers of the trucks.

Barcellona (Messina province) capomafia Pino Chiofalo orders murder of Girolamo Petretta
Benetati got his concrete and 30 november 1986 arrived Petretta to get paid at the yard in Portorosa. All the people who worked there had already left for home. Francesco Benenati and Natale Gambino were there to greet Petretta, while they were talking arived Orlando Galati Giordano, Calogero Galati Giordano, Giovanni Aspa, Nicola Bivacqua and Sebastiano Conti Taguali. They did a fake holdup, tied Girolamo Petretta and put him in the trunk of the car of Nicolo Bivacqua. The fake robbers then drove the car to another yard of Benenati situated near Mazzarra Sant Andrea. Girolamo Petretta still lived and Natale Gambino fired the first bullet into Petretta. Nicola Bivacqua then fired a bullet into Petretta. The body was then later taken by Benetati’s trustees, brother in law Antonino Giorgianni and Domenico Tramontana. Then Chiofalo was informed that Girolamo Petretta had been killed. Girolamo Petretta had been part of the socalled old Barcellona mafia.

Some days after the murder of Girolamo Petretta there was again a meeting in a house of Chiofalo which was also attended by Carmelo Coppolino, Natale Gambino, Francesco Benenati, Francesco Pagano, Antonino Mazza and Francesco Mazza from Meri. Coppolino reported that in the meantime Francesco Gitto had become important because of his contacts with the palermitan mafia and especially with Mariano Agate according to Chiofalo. Coppolino also said Gitto had established relationships with Benedetto Santapaola and important political figures in Messina and Rome. Gitto had also a relationship to American Governor Mario Cuomo. With help of Gitto the palermitan mafia had put up ea heroinreffinery at lands of Gitto which had been dismantled when Chiofalo had come free. Also working with the palermitans were Francesco Foti, Antonino Mazza, Sebastiano Cutrupia (a close friend of Mazza). According to Cozzolino were Gitto and Petretta the contactman with the palermitans. Among the heroindistillers had been the famous palermitan Francesco Marino Mannoia. Those guests were helped by Francesco Gitto’s nephew Giuseppe Gitto who was all the time there. The refined heroin would be send to Patti where it would be loaded on a fisher ship that would go to Palermo. The fisher ship was owned by Squadrito who was later killed. The truck with which the heroin was moved was owned by Salvatore Pontillo, the brother of the killed Ciccio Pontillo, who are close with the brothers Pagano. Also was involved the son in law of the killed Girolamo Petretta, he was maried to the man’s daughter and worked in the enterprise of Mario Imbesi. From the way Cozzolino spoke about Gitto and Petretta the boss Chiofalo concluded that he hated the two men. Cozzolino had once met Gitto and Petretta for a lunch at the restaurant "the Conca d' Oro" in Caldera di Barcellona. After the lunch Coppolino got terrible stomach pains and had to go to hospital. He always suspected Gitto and Petretta had tried to poison him. Meanwhile the clan had also gotten into contact with Salvatore Conti who handled the economic sector for Benedetto Santapaola and an important figure in the to be realized railway.

Barcellona (Messina province) capomafia Pino Chiofalo meets Santapaola representant Salvatore Conti
Around Christmas 1986 Carmelo Coppolino met Chiofalo and told him a representative of Santapaola wanted to meet Chiofalo. Coppolino brought Salvatore Conti who was introduced as the representative of Santapaola and Ercolano. Chiofalo attended the meeting with Francesco Benenati. He was there to negotiate for the Catania builders Costanzo and Graci who wanted to build the railway. Conti also made reference to the disappearing of Petretta, but Chiofalo doesn’t give in. He made it clear he wanted 3% of the money involved about the tracks Milazzo- Barcellona and Barcelona- Terme Vigliatore. The job on the railway was worth 200 billion lires so Chiofalo and his group would get 6 billion lires.

Chiofalo testimony?
the entrepreneurs Mario Imbesi, Antonino Munafò, D’Amico and his associates the brothers Torre from Furnari, brother in laws of Chiofalo’s member Francisco Siracusa, informed via Francisco Benenati that the job of a tourist complex near Furnari was given to catanese entrepreneur Salvatore Palmeri. According to Chiofalo the brothers Torre, important entrepeneurs in Furnari, “were the economic wing for the Barcellona group of Giuseppe Gullotti”. They want Palmeri to be approached to discuss his planns. Chiofalo spoke about it with Salvatore Conti.

Chiofalo testimony?
Chiofalo starts putting pressure on Palmeri and Chiofalo and Carmelo Coppolino order Antonino Barresi, Sebastiano Cutrupia, Carmelo Calabrò, Nunzio Pietrafitta, Francesco Pagano, Nicola Bivacqua, Orlando Galati Giordano, Calogero Galati Giordano, Sebastiano Conti Taguali, Saverio Squadrito and Giuseppe Squadrito to go to the building site armed and block everybody working there. The armed raid is led by Antonino Mazza and Salvatore Fama. Chiofalo wanted to extort 15% of the value of the residential complex "Edilturist" in Furnari (Me) (100 villas). Salvatore Palmeri told them he wasn’t going with them to speak Chiofalo, but that they had to contact Giuseppe Pulvirenti “’u malpassotu”, capocosca of Belpasso and if it is necessary also Santapaola. As an answer Fama shot that day 11 february 1987 Salvatore Palmeri in the legs at the place. Soon enough a certain Plumari affiliated with Giuseppe Pulvirenti “malpassotu” arrived at the place of Francesco Benenati. Plumari let it be know that Giuseppe Pulvirenti “malpassotu” was angry and wanted to meet Chiofalo which would be arranged through Salvatore Conti. Conti contacted Chiofalo.

Catania entrepreneur Salvatore Palmeri was in december 1993 arrested in the course of operation “Orsa Maggiore” against the mafia clans of Catania. Pentito Claudio Severino Samperi spoke about Salvatore Palmeri: "As far for the world of the entrepeneurs, Pietro Puglisi, member of the Santapaola clan had good relations with building constructor Salvatore Palmeri who has a wide turnover because three quarters of the new constructions in Mascalucia have been realized by him, he also realized a complex of villas in Ficarazzi, manufactured others in Lido Galatea. Palmeri, like most of the other catanesi constructors, paid to the Santapaola clan 5% of the revenues deriving from the sale of all that is in construction"


Pentito Alleruzzo

Sebastiano and Giuseppe Ercolano who rules the area Paterno, Misterbianco and Belpasso
Pentito Paterno capomafia Giuseppe Alleruzzo

Paterno capomafia Giuseppe Alleruzzo
Giuseppe Alleruzzo and his wife Lucia Anastasi (killed 11 august 1987), their son Santo Alleruzzo (killed 9 july 1987) and their daughter Nunzia Alleruzzo (disappeared in 1995 and was killed and her body was found in march 1998). Lucia Anastasi was the sister of the woman ?? Anastasi with whom the boss Francesco Ferrera “u Cavadduzzu”lives

Paterno capomafia Giuseppe Alleruzzo supporters Tilenni Scaglione family
Carmelo Tilenni Scaglione sr (Carmelo Tilenni Scaglione sr ,62, was killed in Paterno in july 2004??) his sons were Carmelo Tilenni Scaglione jr (killed 18 march 1994) and Salvatore Tilenni Scaglione (investigated in the murder of Antonino Paterno on 14 march 1990 and wounded was his brother Barbaro Paterno).

Francesco Sanfilippo (24 october 1992 killed) ??? son in law of Maria Indelicato???

Ferrera capo Giuseppe Bonanno (died of natural causes) and his wife Maria Indelicato
Ferrera capo Santabarbara

Paterno family Assinnata (Santapaola ally)
Boss Domenico Assinnata and son Vito Assinnat (killed 13 september 1992)

Paterno family Rapisarda (Laudani ally)
Paterno boss Salvatore Rapisarda and his brother Giuseppe Rapisarda

Paterno war
Vincenzo Nista and Salvatore Privitera were sentenced for the murder of Giuseppe Marici 11 june 1982 which started the war in Paterno between Alleruzzo (supported by Santapaola) and the Morabito- Stimoli-Fiorello clan (supported by the Laudani clan)

Paterno boss Giuseppe Alleruzzo
Paterno boss Giuseppe Alleruzzo killed 25 april 1985 Placido Fiorello

Paterno capomafia Alleruzzo arrested and becomes pentito
16 Februari 1986 was Santapaola's underboss Giuseppe Alleruzzo (51) arrested he is the boss of Paterno. While Alleruzzo was in prison, he decided to become a pentito in august 1986.

Pentito Giuseppe Alleruzzo
Pentito Giuseppe Alleruzzo talked to prosecutor Giuseppe Gennaro about 60 murders between 1979 and 1985 and he had participated in 20 of them.

Paterno capomafia Giuseppe Alleruzzo's son Santo Alleruzzo killed
9 july 1987 was Santapaola's underboss Giuseppe Alleruzzo and Lucia Anastasi’s son Santo Alleruzzo (19) killed.

Paterno capomafia Giuseppe Alleruzzo's wife Lucia Anastasi killed
11 august 1987 was in Paterno Lucia Anastasi (55) killed she is the wife of Paterno boss and pentito Giusepe Alleruzzo, before their son Santo had been killed. Lucia Anastasi was the sister of the woman with whom the boss Francesco Ferrera “u Cavadduzzu”lives

Paterno capomafia Giuseppe Alleruzzo’s familymembers Magri brothers killed
In October 1987 was in Catania the drugdealer Gaetano Magri killed, he is the brother of the important drugdealer Carmelo magri. 23 november 1987 was the big drugdealer Carmelo Magri (37) shot and killed in Catania and wounded was Carlo Ricca (33). The magri brothers are family of santapaola ally the Paterno capomafia Giuseppe Alleruzzo.

Pentito Pellegriti

Adrano pentiti brothers Giuseppe and Salvatore Pellegriti

Adrano capomafia Salvatore Scalisi killed
Antonino Scalisi’s son Salvatore was killed in 1987 after which the Scalisi family was led by their nephews Giuseppe Scarvaglieri (his mother is Carmela Scalisi) and Vincenzo Ciadamidaro..
Adrano capomafia Giuseppe Scarvaglieri

Adrano brothers Giuseppe and Salvatore Pellegriti
16 June 1987 the brothers Giuseppe and Salvatore Pellegriti from Adrano killed Salvatore Ciraudo (30 and a capo in Adrano), Alfredo or Alfio Di Bella (25) and Nicolo Crimi (27).

Adrano brothers Giuseppe and Salvatore Pellegriti
Salvatore Ciraudo’s friends then kill Agatino Pellegriti.

Adrano brothers Giuseppe and Salvatore Pellegriti
13 october 1987 was their father Giuseppe Pellegriti killed.

Misterbianco cursoti boss Mario Nicotra

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti orders murder of Misterbianco boss Nicotra men
1 november 1987 were Paolo Motia, Salvatore Madonia and Salvatore Tomasello killed who work for Misterbianco’s Cursoti faction boss Mario Nicotra « n tuppu « who is at war with the Malpassotu of Pulvirenti.

In november 1987 Chiofalo returned to Sicily and had a meeting in local “Sicilmoda” in Patti with the cursoti representants Mario Nicotra, Orazio Scaravilli and Gaetano Porzio. cursoti representants Mario Nicotra, Orazio Scaravilli and Gaetano Porzio have a first meeting with Benedetto Santapaola, Francesco mangio, Aldo Ercolano, Pietro Puglisi and Antonino Pulvirenti (the son of Malpassotu Pulvirenti). Because they want with Chiofalo more building contracts in messina province, it is refused. 12 december 1987 there is again a meeting in a place owned by Carmelo Donzetti and attended by cursoti representants Mario Nicotra, Orazio Scaravilli and Gaetano Porzio and men of the boss Chiofalo and they decide to extort the Catania builders Costanzo and Graci who are protected by Santapaola and ercolano who also use Salvatore Massimino (former president of ACR Messina) to invest their money.

Misterbianco cursoti boss Mario Nicotra
27 december 1987 were the Messina province boss Pino Chiofalo and the cursoti Mario Nicotra and Gaetano Porzio arrested.

In 1987 was Pietro Saietta’s brother in law shot and killed.

Misterbianco (Catania province) murders ordered by Pulvirenti
In januari 1988 were in Misterbianco Carmelo Fleres (55) en Salvatore Saitta (32) killed, Salvatore's brother Pietro then became pentito.

Milan Boss Epaminonda

Milan based Prudente family
9 january 1982 police arrest Ciccio Scaglione and Libero Prudente (the brother of Antonio Prudente who was killed in the 1979 massacre ordered by Turatello).

Milan boss Epaminonda
Corrado Manfredi was 15 january 1982 killed in hotel Canova at the orders of Epaminonda. He was killed by his trustees Illuminato Asero and Salvatore Palladino “Turi il biondo”.

Turin based activities of Calabrian Placido Barresi
3 march 1982 was Giorgio Fuda shot and killed in a car at the orders of Calabrian Placido Barresi.

Milan boss Epaminonda
In april 1982 was the 3 weeks earlier set free from prison Otello Onofri, the consiglieri of Turatello shot dead.

Milan boss Epaminonda
In 1978 was Francesco Mazzeo shot in the head in Milan and ended in a wheel chair. In 1982 was in Turin Epaminonda's capo Francesco Mazzeo wounded in an ambush, his son Sebastiano Mazzeo (13) avenges the ambush by killing the perpetrator after which he got the nickname "Baby killer". 25 may 1987 was Carcagnusi boss Francesco Mazzeo (41) killed. Francesco Mazzeo is a nephew of the brothers Matteo and Salvatore Mazzei the bosses of the carcagnusi clan.

7 october 1989 was sicario Sebastiano Mazzeo (22) killed (he is the nephew of boss Santo mazzeo aka Santo Mazzei???) by later pentito Salvatore Centorrino because it was suspected he wanted to become a pentito. He was given to his killer by his mother Gaetana Conti (sister in law of the boss Santo Mazzei) and his sister Concetta mazzeo

Epaminonda trustee “Pippo” Torri killed by Palermo’s cupola’s order??????
23 september 1982 was Giuseppe “Pippo” Torre (Torri) (30), a known criminal from Misterbianco and the righthand of Catanesi Angelo Epaminonda killed with Giorgio Galli. Wounded was Salvatore Cannavo.

Misterbianco cursoti boss Gaetano Nicotra
28 september 1991 was local cd politician Paolo Arena (54) killed in Misterbianco by killers of the clan of the killed boss Mario Nicotra.

Misterbianco cursoti boss Gaetano Nicotra
2 february 1992 was in Misterbianco Giuseppe Torre (20) kidnapped by fake policeman who tortured and killed him. He was the son of Epaminonda’s in 1983 killed capo Giuseppe “pippo”Torre “u tronu”and Maria Grazia Sorrentino the girlfriend now of Gaetano Nicotra the brother of killed boss Mario Nicotra who had her son killed.

Misterbianco cursoti boss Gaetano Nicotra
Gaetano Nicotra’s man Luciano Cavallaro’s brother had been killed (Alfio Cavallaro??)

29 september 1982 was Umberto Barra “o guappo del giambellino” killed

2 november 1982 was Gaspare Lanza killed.

Turin procuratore della Republica (judge) Bruno Caccia (photo right) killed at the orders of Domenico Belfiore
26 june 1983 was Turin judge Bruno Caccia killed at the orders of Domenico Belfiore.

Later Turin procuratore della Republica (judge) Giancarlo Caselli

Milan boss Epaminonda’s topkillers Parisi, Fazio and Asero
8 september 1983 was Giuseppe Biella killed at the orders of Epaminonda, he was a partner of Mafioso Antonio Scaranello who had complained. Biella was killed by Salvatore Parisi, Angelo Fazio “il pazzo”and Illuminato Asero.

Milan boss Epaminonda’s topkiller Salvatore Parisi “Turinella”
26 march 1984 killed Salvatore Parisi during a holdup Ubaldo Maggiorcalda.

Milan boss Epaminonda
26 june 1984 was Calogero Lombardo killed in Rimini by Epaminonda’s men.

Milan boss Epaminonda’s topkillers Asero and Fazio
29 june 1984 were palermitan Leonardo Terranova (28) and Antonio Melito (25 and from reggio Calabria) shot and killed. The same day was some where else Cosimo Picchieri shot and killed. Their murders had been ordered by Epaminonda because some days earlier they had killed epaminonda’s trustee Alfio La Rosa. His killers were Illuminato Asero, Angelo Fazio , Giuseppe Cardillo and Rodolfo Crovace “Marumarosa”(killed 3 july 1984 in a firefight with police).

Milan boss Epaminonda men duel kills both
7 september 1984 Epaminonda’s men Francesco Viscotti (36) and Raffaele Prencipe (32) kill each other in a gun duel.

Turin crimeboss Giovanni Carnazza killed
28 September 1984 was the boss Giovanni Carnazza, who ruled Turin’s backyard, invited by Agatino Razzani, the underboss of Mario Stramondo. At the meetingpoint didn’t appear Agatino Razzani but Salvatore Parisi and Mario Stramondo who shot and killed Carnazza.

Salvatore Parisi arrested in Turin
Parisi was arrested immediately after the murder of Carnazza with his pistol still with him by coincidence in Turin, 2 days before he would kill Lello Liguori at the orders of the boss Epaminonda.

Milan boss Epaminonda arrested
Milan boss Epaminonda was 29 september 1984 arrested. His wife is Maria Cesarina Basilico and their daughters are Katia and Mara.

pentito Carmelo Giuffrida
meanwhile the since 1983 imprisoned Carmelo Giuffrida had started cooperating with police, he confessed 4 murders under which of a certain Gennaro ???? Paolo di Gennaro killed by Salvatore Parisi “Turinella”??? but also told about 30 murders done by the Cursoti.

Salvatore Parisi becomes pentito
Parisi then also became pentiti and confessed 22 murders and also told police about 39 other murders done by the Cursoti.

Cursoti members arrested in Turin
In december 1984 were several of the about 220 indicted Cursoti arrested under whom Serafino Licata (the head of the carabinieri in Catania), Pietro Perraechio (the High Court judge of Catania), police commissioner Santo Musumeci, judge Aldo Rocco Vitale, Angelo Epaminonda and Sebastiano Mazzeo.

Pentito Antonino Saia
14 December 1984 starts also the since 1983 imprisoned Antonino Saia to cooperate and confessed 11 murders and the kidnapping of Paolo Alessio.

Milan boss Epaminonda
In 1984 was Giuseppe “Peppino” Spedicato an important capo of Turatello killed and the suspected killer is Roberto Braga. Later was also his brother Salvatore Spedicato killed.

Salvatore Parisi “turinella”’s nephew Ignazio Strano killed
Salvatore Parisi “turinella”’s nephew Ignazio Strano was killed in 1985 in Catania, his daughter is Maria Strano (her friend is pentito Pietro Randelli and they were togather killed in 1991) and his son is Santo strano. .

pentito Salvatore Costanza's brother in law killed
As a warning was pentito Salvatore Costanza's brother in law been killed.

pentiti Angelo Epaminonda, Francesco Miano and his brother Roberto Miano
Still others became pentiti like Angelo Epaminonda, Francesco Miano and his brother Roberto (at their first trial threw Antonino Marano a bomb at them but they stayed unharmed).

25 May 1986 was Cursoti capo Francesco Mazzeo, the father of Sebastiano killed. (from Misterbianco??)

pentito Lorenzo Catania
The same year 1986 according to the pentito Lorenzo Catania had Saia tried in prison to strangle Lorenzo at the orders of the bosses Francesco “Franco” and Nunzio Finocchiaro. Lorenzo Catania’s brother Giuseppe Pino Catania was killed.

Carmelo Finocchiaro ordered the 22 janaury 2006 murder in Turin of Lorenzo Spampinato. Also connected was the lupara Bianca of the calabrian Rocco Vincenzo Ursini 8 april 2009.

Placido Barresi orders murder of Santo Miano
16 july 1987 was Santo Miano (37) killed he is a brother of Gaetano Miano and the pentiti Francesco and Roberto Miano. The murder of Santo Miano was ordered by Placido Barresi.

Gaetano Miano killed
21 november 1987 was Gaetano Miano (29) killed he is a brother of the pentiti Francesco and Roberto Miano.

Catania pentito Saia’s family
In november 1986 was Saia`s father Angelo (56) severely wounded in an ambush after his son had told that the Calabrese Belfiore was behind the attack at prosecutor Caccia.
pentito Antonino Saia killed
Pentito Antonino???? Saia (a friend of Salvatore Parisi and the father of Angelo ????Saia) was killed 5 november 1987. Saia’s brother was killed

Pentito Randelli
22 January 1988 was Pietro Randelli’s brother Angelo Randelli (31) killed as a warning. The same month they also killed his father.

corrupt judge Vitale killed by cursoti
In october 1988 was judge Aldo Rocco Vitale killed by his co accused Giuseppe Miano (one of the brothers) and Angelo Sciotti.

Turin trial of Cursoti
5 November 1988 convicted the court in Turin 26 men of the Cursoti to life sentences and 100 others to sentences while 68 were spoken free. Life sentences got: Placido Barresi, Salvatore Boncore, Domenico Belfiore, Salvatore Farre Figueras, Giuseppe Garozzo, Francesco Finocchiaro, Giovanni Bastone, Orazio Giuffrida, Giuseppe Coppola, Giovanni D'Antone, Salvatore Facella, Demetrio Catella, Orazio Intravaia, Salvatore Mingiardi, Francesco Morales, Orazio Nicolosi, Angelo Passalacqua, Giuseppe Pavone, Antonino Puglisi, Angelo Sciotti, Mario Stramondo, Mario Ursini, Agatino Urzi, Pasquale Gulisando, Carmelo Caldariera and Ignazio Bonaccorsi. Pentito Salvatore Parisi got 22 years, pentito Francesco “Ciccio”Miano got 22 years, pentito Roberto Miano got 20 years, pentito Antonino Saia got 20 years, pentiti Pietro Randelli and Carmelo Giuffrida got 18 years, pentito Salvatore Costanzo got 17 years and pentito Lorenzo Catania got 24 years. Under the other convicted men were Alfredo Ghibellini, Matteo Mazzei, Antonino Faro, Antonino Marano, Vincenzo Natoli, Carmelo Fiocchiaro, Filippo Santagati, Antonino Miano, Salvatore Ventura and Orazio D'Antone.

Within a year many are already free and security confinement of the pentiti Saia, Randelli, Giuffrida and Parisi was withdrawn, delivering them to the will of their enemies.

20 december 1988 was Catanesi trial pentito Pietro Russi (46) shot and killed.

Catanesi casinotrial in Milan
12 October 1989 begins in Milan a trial against 49 Catanesi for infiltration in the casinoworld and skimming its profits.

judge Vitale killer Angelo Sciotti (33) was found killed 28 september 1990. The same day was also Santino Barci (41) killed. Around this date was also Giuseppe Miano killed

Catania Ferrera Mafia Family

The 4 brothers Francesco “Cavadduzzo” Ferrera (died in may 1984), Natale Ferrera (killed in 1989), Giuseppe Ferrera and the youngest brother Antonino Ferrera. Paterno boss Alleruzzo’s wife Lucia Anastasi was the sister of the woman with whom the boss Francesco Ferrera “u Cavadduzzu”lives. Salvatore “Turi” Santapaola (born 1928?? And married to a sister of “Cavaduzzu”Ferrera and their son in law is Bronte capomafia Roberto Vacante who has as brother in law Vincenzo Santapaola.

Brothers Giorgio and Pietro Cannizzaro and Pietro is the nephew of boss Ferrera “Cavaduzzo”

Paterno, Adrano, Biancaville (Catania province)
Police arrested 11 januari 1988 nineteen mafiamembers on the suspect of murder, those 19 stood on a list of 66 mafiosi which had been pinpointed by pentito Alleruzzo for 57 murders. 10 Suspects were already imprisoned and 31 are still at large under whom Santapaola. The victims fell from 1979 in the war between the coscas in Catania. Under the arrested is the capo Giuseppe Pellegriti he also became the next year pentito when his father Filippo was killed and his brother Agatino disappeared. (Pellegriti said that Nicola Maugeri had participated in the murder of Mattarella).

Santapaola's underboss Francesco Ferrera
In 1988 had Santapaola’s nephew Francesco Ferrera organized an ambush at the imprisoned Paterno boss Alleruzzo which didn’t succeeed. Lucia Anastasi was the sister of the woman with whom the boss Francesco Ferrera “u Cavadduzzu”lives

Giuseppe Ferrera
15 September 1988 they try to kill Giuseppe Ferrera “Cavaduzzu”in hospital, he escapes.

Ferrerra’s capos Sebastiano Cali and Bernardo Bellaprima killed
In December 1988 police held a car with were Ferrera’s capos Sebastiano Cali and Bernardo Bellaprima. 10 March 1989 were Ferrera’s capos Sebastiano Cali and Bernardo Bellaprima (they had just left 40 minutes earlier the Valguarnera prison in semi liberty), Bernardo’s son Pietro Bellaprima and Carmelo Grasso (25) killed in a bar.

13 march 1989 was as revenge Pillera man Francesco Viola “Barry White”(born 1959) wounded while his body guard Sabino Longo (33) was killed. Later they tried to kill Sabino’s brother Filippo Longo.

Catania boss Pippo Ferrera arrested
1 April 1989 was the boss Pippo Ferrera arrested.

28 april 1989 was in Ferlito clan area killed Giovanni Cali (23) (nephew of the killed Sebastiano Cali of the bar bloodbath of 4). Giovanni Cali ?? brother of later pentito Massimiliano Cali???

Later were killed the criminal brothers Santo Reina (47) and Rosario Reina (30).

Santapaola and the Ferrera clan got into war
Santapaola and the Ferrera clan got into war because the Ferrera brothers wanted their man Francesco Seminara to kill Natale Di Raimondo (later pentito) the boss of borough Montepo.

Salvatore Ercolano attacks Ferrera family
30 august 1989 was Francesco Seminara killed, he was a member of the clan of the Ferrera brothers (family of Benedetto Santapaola) and was killed by Aldo Ercolano (a nephew of “Nitto” Santapaola), Sebastiano Sciuto and Antonino Pulvirenti (the son of the capomafia Giuseppe Pulvirenti who also became pentito). It was ordered by Salvatore Pappalardo. the later killed (30 october ??) Salvatore Pappalardo was a trustee of Montepo boss Natale Di Raimondo. Salvatore Pappalardo became Montepo boss later.

Salvatore Ercolano murders Natale Ferrera
Santapaola - Ercolano clan men kill the same year 1989 Natale Ferrera.

Catania mafiaboss Giuseppe Pulvirenti “Malpassotu” REIGN - PART 2

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
Salvatore Pino Pappalardo killed 28 october 1987 Salvatore Catania at the orders of Malpassotu Pulvirenti

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
3 august 1988 try killers in Motta S. Anastasia then to murder Giuseppe Costanzo who escapes.

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
25 february 1989 lupara bianca of Sebastiano Mancia

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
4 april 1989 was Giuseppe Ramunno killed

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti orders murder of Misterbianco (Ct) capomafia Mario Nicotra
Santapaola's righthand Giuseppe Pulvirenti had 5 may 1989 Mario Nicotra the boss of Misterbianco killed. In october 1989 told Pietro Saitta (34) about the relations between the killed Nicotra and the politics to the judges Ugo Rossi and Carmelo Petralia he had become a pentito after the murders of his brother and his brother in law.

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
31 may 1989 they kill Angelo Agosta

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
In june 1989 lupara Bianca of Carmelo Campo (Cinturino clan war ?? Filippo Campo??)

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
25 june 1989 lupara Bianca of Santo Ganci

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
4 august 1989 was Giuseppe Pappalardo killed in the Etna Bar because he had done unsanctioned robberies

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
1 june 1990 was in Palagonia killed Sebastiano Cambria who was suspected by malpassotu of complicity in some robberies

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
12 july 1990 lupara bianca of Antonino Patemiti

Catania’s Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro

Catania’s Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro (killed)
Catania’s Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro (74 when killed 3 october 1993) and his second wife Concetta Di Benedetto (53 when shot and killed 10 july 1990 at the orders of her stepson Claudio Marcello Di Mauro). ConcettaDi Benedetto’s son from a former marriage is Corrado Favara (Salvatore Cappello supporter) and his wife is Ortensia Prestipino ( Prestipino from Turin- Milan??). Giuseppe Di Mauro’s sons Claudio Marcello Di Mauro (killed 4 september 1990), Aldo Di Mauro, Paolo Di Mauro, Riccardo Di Mauro, Angelo Di Mauro (killed 21 February 1995)

Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro’s stepson Corrado Favara (Salvatore Cappello trustee) arrested
In september 1988 was Corrado Favara, a man of Salvatore Cappello arrested he is the stepson of Giuseppe Di Mauro who had married his mother Concetta Di Benedetto.

Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro’s son Claudio Di mauro
Claudio Di Mauro’s wife is Provvidenza Condorelli (21). In april 1990 had Claudio Di Mauro with his brother Riccardo Di Mauro been spoken free of the murders of Giovanni Spampinato and Natale Castagna.

Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro’s wife Concetta Di benedetto killed
10 july 1990 was Catania’s Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro’s wife Concetta Di Benedetto (53) shot and killed at the orders of her stepson Claudio Marcello Di Mauro. Concetta’s son from a former marriage is Corrado Favara.

Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro’s son Claudio Di mauro killed
4 september 1990 was in Rome then Catania’s Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro’s son Claudio Marcello Di Mauro (31) shot and killed at the orders of Salvatore Cappello who with his friend Corrado Favara suspect him of the murder of his stepmother Concetta Di Benedetto, the mother of Favara, stepbrother of Claudio. Suspected killer is Antonino Favara. Pentiti Giovanni Pantellaro “Giocattolo”and Giuseppe Bussolari accused of the murder of Claudio Di Mauro with Antonino Favara.

Pentito Giovanni Di Mauro
When it became known that Giovanni Di Mauro had become pentito were 8 may 1992 his drug addicted men Domenico Spina, Francesco Cambria (22) and Giorgio Cristoforo Coppolino (24) killed in Misterbianco by the own clan and the day after was clan member and drugaddict Orazio Magri killed.

Malpassotu of pulvirenti war with Puntina clan of Di Mauro (Catania province)
The Malpassotu clan gets into war with the Puntina clan and 24 Juni 1993 in Catania the lawyer Salvatore Di Mauro (52) and his secretary Francesco Borzi (58) get killed.

Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro (74) killed by Malpassotu of pulvirenti
3 october 1993 the boss Giuseppe Di Mauro (74) who ruled the borough Puntina was killed and Francesco Cusimano wounded.

3 august 1994 was Giovanni Seminara (33) killed he is the brother in law (they have married sisters) of pentito Vincenzo Fichera (29) an important member of the Puntina clan Di Mauro.

Puntina boss Giuseppe Di Mauro (killed) son Angelo Di Mauro killed
21 February 1995 was Angelo Di Mauro killed he is the son of Giuseppe Di Mauro and the Puntina clan has got a group in Rome.

Puntina boss Corrado Favara
22 February 1995 was Corrado Favara arrested, he is now the boss of Giuseppe Di Mauro's Puntina clan and supports Pillera- Cappello.

Jimmy Miano and Giuseppe Garozzo tried again with their Cursoti to get back their territory

Salvatore Cappello
Cappello ordered the murder of Matteo D’Anna who was killed 25 april 1991.

Salvatore Cappello man Antonio Garibaldi
Salvatore Cappello man Antonio Garibaldi was in 1991 wounded when he was shot in Catania.

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
30 may 1991 lupara Bianca of Mario de Luca

23 july 1991 was Santapaola trustee Domenico Condorelli (49) killed. He was Santapaola’s contactman with the palermitan bosses.

Giovanni Tropea “u Baruni”killed 14 october 1991 Salvatore Giordano

Milan cursoti capo Salvatore Privitera
20 december 1991 was Concetta Grippaldi (23) found killed by an overdose, she is the girlfriend of Salvatore Privitera (arrested 28 april 2000 and he was a capo of the Milan cursoti) and the Cursoti of Jimmy Miano gave her an overdose.

Giuseppe Garozzo
1 march 1992 was in Catania Paolo Masci (40) a trustee of Giuseppe Garozzo killed. He was one of Pavone’s killers in 1979 with Parisi????????

Catania’s Cursoti boss Mazzei (supported by his cosa nostra allies Santapaola Ercolano) went to war in 1992 against Milan cursoti boss “Jimmy “Miano and his ally Cappello.

Antonio D’Agostino (17) was tortured to death because he was suspected of supporting the Miano Cappello alliance,

Miano’s friend Alfio Trovato in Milan killed by Santo mazzei men
3 may 1992 was Miano’s friend Alfio Trovato in Milan killed by killers helped by Salvatore Forciniti from Rossano Calabro (Calabria).

7 may 1992 or 5 august 1992 was Roberto Pistone (44) of the cursoti killed by filippo Branciforte!!!!of Lizzio murder???.

11 july 1995 was in Catania Maurizio Giuseppe Pistone killed. He is the brother of the imprisoned Laudani acting boss Francesco Pistone who works with the Puntina clan.

9 may 1992 was Salvatore Forciniti (36) from Rossano Calabro (Calabria) killed in Milan at orders of camorraboss Nunzio Guida because Forciniti had helped kill Trovato which was told by Sicilian pentito Salvatore Facella.

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti
8 may 1992 were Carmelo Mazzola (41) and his uncle Giuseppe Pappalardo (59) killed.

Calderone’s nephews the brothers Giuseppe Marchese (55) and Salvatore marchese killed
Calderone’s nephews the brothers Giuseppe Marchese (55) and Salvatore marchese (50 and trustee of santapaola because h is wife Lina Gozzo is a niece of the builder Gino Costanzo the brother of Carmelo Costanzo who is dead) were killed 10 september 1992 in Gravina. The next day was killed Giuseppe Ipocovana (28). Elsewhere were wounded Giuseppe Giordano (27) and Agatina Vinci (67). It is the beginning of a war against Santapaola by his enemies.

Carcagnusi Clan

Santo Mazzei "U Carcagnusu"

Santo Mazzei
Filippo Malvagna said that he was introduced to Santo Mazzei in 1987 in the jail of Milan, where both were imprisoned. With them was also Matteo Mazzei (the brother of Santo Mazzei "U Carcagnusu"). Until then he had not spoken with Santo Mazzei because Filippo Malvagna was a capo of the Cursoti who are rivals of Mazzei. Just in jail Filippo Malvagna was told by Salvatore Fiorito "Turi Basetta" (a member of the Santapaola group) that his boss had ordered him to put himself "at disposition" of Santo Mazzei “Carcagnusu”. Salvatore Fiorito "Turi Basetta" also said that people on the outside of prison sent money for Mazzei. Salvatore Fiorito "Turi Basetta" also said Mazzei would probably become an inducted mafia member.

Santo Mazzei
When Santo Mazzei came free from prison he was made around february, march april 1992. With Santo Mazzei was also made mafioso Girolamo Rannisi, the son in law of Pulvirenti. Filippo Malvagna was told about the induction personally by Girolamo Rannisi and Giuseppe Pulvirenti. They also said Mazzei was made because the palermitans had promoted him strongly. He was told that one of the Mazzei brothers (he didn’t knew Santo or Matteo) had been imprisoned in Bade e Carros prison with Luciano Leggio, who liked him and proposed him as a member. Santo Mazzei was also a good friend of Mazara del Vallo mafioso Giovanni Bastone who was present when Mazzei was inducted. Filippo Malvagna also said Santo mazzei met Gioe and probably La Barbera. Mazzei had also contacted Giacomo Riina in North Italy.

Altofonte meeting at house of santo Di Matteo
San Giuseppe Jato mafioso Giovanni Brusca later testified he met Santo Mazzei in march 1992 in Altofonte, in the house of Mario Santo Di Matteo, here were also Bagarella, Mariano Agate and Salvatore Facella. Salvatore Facella was a made man from Lercara Friddi and lived near Turin testified Brusca, he also said Facella had ties with Trapani mafiosi under whom Giovanni Bastone. Mazzei was not yet inducted as a mafioso then because he was in conflict with Santapaola.

Mazara del Vallo meeting
Altofonte mafioso Gioacchino La Barbera later testified that in 1992 he met Santo Mazzei in a villa in Mazara del Vallo, also there were Riina, Bagarella, Brusca, Matteo Messina Denaro, Vincenzo Sinacori and others. Santo Mazzei was not yet inducted as mafioso and was accompanied by Salvatore Facella who is a made man from Lercara Friddi but lives in Turin. Santo Mazzei is a personal friend of Leoluca Bagarella with whom he had been imprisoned for a long time.

In 1992 went Brusca, Bagarella and Gioe to Catania to convince Benedetto Santapaola to induct Santo Mazzei. Santapaola had with him Salvatore Santapaola, Enzo Aiello, Eugenio Galea and Aldo Ercolano. According to Brusca was Santo Mazzei made about a week after the via D’Amelio massacre (Borsellino ??).

Altofonte mafioso Gioacchino La Barbera
Gioacchino La Barbera knew from Gioè that Santo Mazzei had been made into the Catania cosca on the request of Brusca and Bagarella. Mazzei was made in Mazara del Vallo (in june- july 1992), after several sollicitations of the palermitani. At the inniation were present Gioe, Brusca and Bagarella and some Catanesi. Gioacchino La Barbera was not present but heared it from Gioe. La Barbera said that Mazzei was very close with Salvatore Facella (personally initaiatted by Riina into Cosa nostra) from Lercara Friddi but living near turin and Giovanni Bastone a mafioso from Mazara del Vallo who had moved to North Italy.

Cursoti boss Santo Mazzei “u’calcagnusu”(pentito Pulvirenti)
When Mazzei was arrested he met in prison Luciano Leggio with whom he became friends and Leggio recommended him to Santapaola and said he should make him a mafioso. Later Mazzei was made mafioso in the Santapaola clan in a meeting (in june- july 1992) togather with Ciro Rannisi (Pulvirenti’s son in law) and Santapaola’s son who were also made.

2 months after Mazzei had been made he was introduced to Riina in Mazara del Vallo and also present were Sinacori, Bagarella, Giovanni Bastone, Salvatore Facella and probably Francesco Messina aka Mastro Ciccio”.

Riina ordered Santo Mazzei to destroy the Uffizi museum. Mazzei spoke this bombing later through in Santa Flavia in the house of Gaetano Sangiorgi and in the talks participated Sangiorgi , Bagarella, Gioè, Mazzei and La Barbera.

Contorno’s hider Paolo Ficalora killed in Castellammare
28 September 1992 was seacaptain Paolo Ficalora killed, because Contorno had stayed at one of his appartments which had been hired by Agostino D'Agati. Pentito Giovanni Brusca who admitted ordering the murder got 12 years and he said the killers were Gioacchino Calabro (got a life sentence for the murder) and Agostino Lentini.

double murdercase Mariano Pipitone and Vincenzo Surdo
In 1992 they try to kill Giuseppe Pipitone who escaped but they did kill his brother Mariano Pipitone and his brother in law Vincenzo Surdo. The killers were Castellammare mafioso Agostino Lentini (who got later life) and Giovanni Brusca who got 11 years because he is pentito. It is the war between the mafia and the Stidde.

Catania Cursoti member Antonino Gullotta
Antonio Gullota was in the same crew as Roberto Cannavo and they were very close with the boss Santo Mazzei. Santo Mazzei had good ties with the Mazara del Vallo clan and especially with its members Salvatore Facella and Giovanni Bastone. Gullotta knew about Mazzei’s meetings in mazara because his friend Cannavo had told him. Cannavo had told Gullotta that he had accompanied Santo mazzei to an important meeting in Mazara del Vallo with other bosses who he didn’t know, but later he recognized from television Leoluca Bagarella. This meeting had taken place just recently before he became pentito. Gullotta said that somewhere in september october 1992 he arrived in Milan with his Seat Ibiza in the company of Mazzei and Cannavo, because his car was known to the police they bought an Opel Kadett registered by Cannavo then they were joined in milan by Salvatore Facella after which they went to Turin where they met Giovanni Bastone. In Turin Mazzei told Bastone to get dynamite. He gets a bomb which they leave at a museum. Some months later was Mazzei arrested.

Zia Lisa (Catania) meeting
Maurizio Avola later testified he had attended a meeting in 1992 in the area “Zia Lisa” in Catania, where he saw Santo Mazzei and Benedetto Santapaola in a house rented from Enzo Aiello. At the meeting Santo Mazzei was accompanied by several Palermitan mafioso. Avola was sure of Brusca, Gioè, Bagarella and probably La Barbera. Avola didn’t know the palermitan mafioso but was later introduced to them by Marcello D’Agata. At that moment Mazzei had already been made by the Palermo mafioso then. Mazzei was accompanied by the palermitans to Catania to be introduced now to Santapaola as a newly made mafioso. Before Mazzei had been part of the Cursoti who were santapaola’s enemies. On this occasion it was decided that the Cursoti would watch their area (San Cristoforo??) with the local mafiosi Di Leo, Fichera and Battaglia. D’Agata told Avola that Mazzei had met in prison Luciano Leggio, who had recommend him to his corleonesi.

Brusca and Bagarella meet Cursoti boss Santo Mazzei
Gioacchino La Barbera also spoke about a meeting with Santo Mazzei in a house between Altofonte and Piana degli Albanesi 20 october 1992. At the meeting were Altofonte capomafia Antonino Gioe and his sottocapo Gioacchino La Barbera, Brusca and Bagarella. During the meeting Mazzei spoke about that he had poured a flammable liquid through a window of a museum around Firenze after which he enlightened it, he didn’t tell if it was something personal or that somebody had asked him. The attack at the museum would have taken place about 15 or 20 days before 20 october 1992. Mazzei was helped in the attack by Antonino Gullotta, Cannavo and Facella.

Cursoti boss Santo Mazzei arrested
Cursoti boss Santo Mazzei was 10 november 1992 arrested in Belpasso.

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