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Puparo presents: The Roaring 1950s (Part 1)

Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni 's drugtrade was financed by Luigi Greco and Cotroni once told an undercover that 5 men in the US controlled the heroin market and prices, those customers of his were Angelo "Angie" Tuminaro, Rocco "Rocky" Sancinella, Anthony "Bootsie" DiPasqua, Frank Mancino and Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender", those were often financed by Squillante.

Constantino Gamba
In 1950 arrested in Italy for trafficking in narcotics

Schiaparelli directing chemist Carlo Migliardi
In januari 1950 was professor Carlo Migliardi, directing chemist at Schiaparelli co., arrested.

Tampa (Florida) mafiaboss Trafficante sr
5 June 1950 James Lumia was killed and Santo Trafficante Sr is the only boss left in Tampa. 10 June 1950, just days after the murder of James Lumia, police arrested Joe Bedami and Pasquale "Pat" Mattassini for a robbery and also implicated Joe Cacciatore. Matassini will later use Joe Redner as a front for his strip club.

Antonio Magaddino
1 September 1950 arrive Antonio Magaddino's wife and children in the US.

Salemi (Trapani province) diaspora in Toronto
When Alberto Agueci immigrated to Canada in 1950 (after having been rejected by the US) he had with him a letter of recommendation to a Windsor travel agent signed by Rosario Mancino. a short time later Alberto Agueci became partowner of the Queen bakery in Toronto in partnership with Benedetto Zizzo the brother of Salemi capomafia Salvatore Zizzo.

Salemi capomafia and heroinexporter Salvatore Zizzo
In the 50ties Salvatore Zizzo (the boss of Salemi) and his capo Giuseppe Palmieri negotiate in Rome with Antoine Joseph Panza and pay 61100 dollars for a heroinload. Zizzo's brother Benedetto lives in Toronto and Zizzo becomes one of the biggest heroin dealers who has his money laundered by his men the Salvo cousins who also become the taxcollectors in South Italy for the state.

Palermitan heroindistributor Pietro Davi and Gentile
Gentile his son was married to the daughter of Pietro Davi, one of the leading figures in the illegal tobacco and drug trade in Palermo in the 1950s. Already in 1950 Pietro Davi (aka Jimmy the american) and Gentile were implicated in a shipment of 300 kilograms of cocaine out of Germany. Pietro Davi is part of a group which in 1950 engineered the diversion of 200 kgs of german army cocaine to illicit markets, chiefly in the US.

Tatum "Chubby" Wofford
The 1950 Kefauver investigation discovered that one of Lansky's largest back room casinos in Miami was set up in the Wofford Hotel run by Tatum "Chubby" Wofford.

Charlie "Lucky" Luciano and Villalba capomafia Calo Vizzini in Palermo
In 1950, a Sicilian reporter snuck into the Hotel Sole in the center of old Palermo, then the residence of Calo Vizzini and Lucky Luciano. He caught a picture of Luciano schmoozing with Don Calo's bodyguards. This so infuriated Luciano that the reporter was flogged to within an inch of his life. Luciano and Don Calo had the previous year set up a candy factory in Palermo, which exported its produce throughout Europe and the USA.

Charlie “Lucky” Luciano in Naples
In 1950 the exiled american Cosa Nostra boss Charlie "Lucky" Luciano settles in Naples and one of his friends is Mario Siniscalchi the camorra boss of Quindici.

Charlie “Lucky” Luciano in Naples
13 November 1950 Luciano gets smacked in the face on the Agnano race track of Naples by Vittorio Nappi. Nappi gets later than his skull cracked by his ex partner Pasquale Simonetti “Pascalone”, Nappi survives.

Charlie “Lucky” Luciano in Naples
At the end of 1950 Luciano gets visited by New York boss Carlo Gambino.

Charlie “Lucky” Luciano in Naples
Spring 1951 Lansky sends an american Buick to Luciano in Napoli. (comes from Luciano testament from Gosch, so should this be discarted??)

Lucchese capo "Big" John Ormento (born 1 august 1912) imprisoned in FBN drugcase 226
In march 1951 there were 21 man accused for drugssmuggling in FBN drugcase 226 under them are Harold "Happy" Meltzer and Max J Cossman "Max Weber" (the last had been imprisoned in Mexico for the murder of a narcotics agent after which he escaped during which escape he shot and wounded 2 mexican police officers), John Ormento, Salvatore Santora, Joseph Vento and Mario Livorsi. In june 1951 Harold "Happy" Meltzer pleaded guilty and got in New York 5 years. In 1951 Ormento (39) was convicted for narcotics violation and was sentenced to 2 years prison. Max J Cossman "Max Weber" (64) will die in august 1960 in a Mexican prison.

East Harlem Genovese capo Trigger mike Coppola’s soldier Frank Livorsi
Frank Livorsi testifed at the Kefauver Hearings in 1951.

In 1951 the gambling operation of George Hardy, Anthony Parone and Roy Dragoni in Niagara Falls was closed by police and the magaddino brothers had in the place an intrest.

Buffalo soldier Salvatore "Sam"Peter Rizzo's brother Angelo Rizzo
In 1951?? was Buffalo soldier Salvatore "Sam"Peter Rizzo's brother Angelo Rizzo convicted to 5 to 10 years for state narcotic violation.

Cuba dictator Fulgencio Batista
10 March 1952 Fulgencio Batista (financed by Lansky) took over power in Cuba from the chosen president Prio Socarras with a coup. The coup took place 3 months before the upcoming elections which Battista for sure was going to loose. Also running in that election was a young lawyer named Fidel Castro.

Cuban UN ambassador Emilio Nunez Portuondo
In the early 1950's Fulgencio Batista appointed Emilio Nunez Portuondo Ambassador to the United Nations.

Cuba dictator Fulgencio Batista
27 March 1952 the USA recognized the new government. Casinos appeared: the Sans Souci Club and the Tropicana. Till 1955 the only casinos operating in Havana, Cuba were the Tropicana and the Sans Souci from that date more started to appear.

Cuba casino The Tropicana
Operated by Wilber Clark and Frank Bischope. Frank Bischoff has been a suspected narcotic trafficker. His principal assistant in the casino was one Pierre Canavese who was closely associated with Salvatore Lucania alias Lucky Luciano, FBN International List No. 198. (Canavese had been previously deported from the U.S.A. to Italy but he subsequently entered Cuba by means of a fraudulent passport).

Cuba casino The Sans Souci
Operated by Santo Trafficante Jr. One of Santo Trafficante Jr.'s principal assistants in the operation of this club was one Sid Jacobs alias Syd Mathews.

boss Joseph Profaci orders murder of jewelthief "Bucky" Ammino (33)
According to the book REVOLT IN THE MAFIA by Ray Martin {who was a Asst Chief in the Detective Bureau of the NYPD and worked the South Brooklyn area} Joe Profaci was a regular attendee at St Bernadette's church. "Bucky" Ammino was a known jewel thief with a police record and an associate of "Joe Jelly" Gioelli a one time member of the Gallo faction. According to writer Ray Martin had Ammino stolen the statue with a crown of jewels during an annual festival from "one of the other churches" in the aera. The theft took place from the Regina Paci R.C. Church on 65 and 12th in Brooklyn where Joe Profaci was an active member of. According to the book Joey Gallo and Joe Gioelli helped in the return of the jewels to the church.The crown was mailed back to the church MINUS 3 diamonds. 3 days later Bucky was dead. The thief "Bucky" Ammino {sometimes spelled Emmino} was shot on or about June 3 1952 at the age of 33. Ammino's body was found on 41st St between Benson and Bath Av. It was believed he was dumped from a speeding car. Gallo and others thought the killing of Ammino was "unjust" and it was one of the gripes they had against Joe Profaci.

jewish gangster Waxey Gordon dies in Alcatrez on a heroin conviction
In 1951 Waxey Gordon (63) got convicted for heroindealing and got 25 years Alcatrez. 24 June 1952 dies Waxey Gordon in prison.

Cuba dictator Batista
In late 1952 or early 1953, Cuba's President for life, General Gerado Machado y Morales (in other words Batista) worked out a formal business arrangement with New York-Miami gangster Myer Lansky, (although the two had known each other since the thirties).

Vito Mazzanobile arrested in 1953 togather with Francesco Coppola for murder and Vito was sentenced to 5 years in exile.

Montreal heroin kingpins Soccio and Mastracchio
After the arrest of Johnny Young had Diodato Mastracchio and Vincenzo Soccio (the owners of the Corso Pizzeria on St Catherine Street) become the new bosses of the heroin traffic in Montreal. Co founder of the Corso Pizzeria was Giuseppe "Big Pep" Cocolicchio.

Montreal heroin kingpins Soccio and Mastracchio arrested
3 August 1951 were Mastracchio and Soccio arrested and in april 1952 they pleaded guilty and got each 23 months.

Montreal heroin kingpin Lucien Rivard and his wife Marie Rivard
Since the jailing of Mastracchio and Soccio had Lucien Rivard become the number one in the heroin traffic in Montreal and throughout Canada. His chief men were Bob Tremblay (just like Rivard a friend of Johnny Young) and Jean Louis "Blackie" Bisson.

Milan citizen the palermitan Francesco Pirico
In Milan lives Francesco Pirico (born 1 june 1901 in Palermo) who from 1948 to 1951 was distributor of diverted heroin from the Schiapparelli Pharmaceutical Co. supplying US customers Frank Scalise, Joseph Di Palermo, Eugene Giannini and others. When diversion ceased Pirico obtained french heroin for his american customers.

Palermitan Manlio Giuseppe Greco
Palermitan Manlio Giuseppe Greco was in Italy in 1951 arrested for narcotic trafficking, he had obtained over 40 kgs of heroin from the Calascibetta mob for sale to US customers.

Lucchese soldiers Giannini and Petrilli arrested in Milan
In april 1951 Giannini and Dominick Petrilli get busted in Milan with forged dollars and the police can arrest a forgery gang in New York and Baltimore, under the arrested is Giannini’s partner Salvatore Shillitani. prosecutor Roy Cohn says that according to Giannini the false dollarnotes gang was led by John Michael Petrone (FBN handbook page 581) who had already gotten 15 years for other convictions.

Joe Biondo courier Callace arrested in Napoli
In april 1951 was in Napoli Frank Callace arrested with heroin, the heroin he had gotten from Joe Pici who had gotten it from Luciano's friend Joe Biondo. Callace got 2 years. 4 November 1954 was the by Italy set free Frank Callace shot dead in New York.

Lucchese heroinimporter Giannini imprisoned in Italy
In july 1951 was Giannini in prison visited by prosecutor Roy Cohn who later became famous as a lawyer. Cohn says that according to Giannini the false dollarnotes gang was led by John Michael Petrone who had already gotten 15 years for other convictions. Several weeks later Charles Siragusa visited then Giannini in prison. (this is pictured in the movies The Valachi Papers and the Italian movie on Luciano).

corsican heroindistributors Francois Spirito and Joseph Orsini arrested in New York
In july 1951 were Francois Spirito and Joseph Orsini arrested. During july and august 1951 about 15 French and American traffickers were indicted under them the Corsicans Francois Spirito, Joseph Orsini, Angel Abadalejo, Vincent Bernardino and Antoine D'Agostino (still at large). Also the frenchmen Lucien Ignaro (born 10 may 1903), Jean David "Jean Laget", Francois Paoleschi and Paul Praticci and the italians Carmelo Sansone (FBN book 625), Vincent Randazzo, Salvatore Mezzasalma (his brothers are Thomas and Rosario S. Mezzasalma born 8 november 1899 in Vittoria, FBN book page 535), Eugenio Giannini, Salvatore Shillitani, Anthony Martello and Rosario Tornello.

New Jersey based Costello trustee Moretti killed
4 October 1951 William Moretti (57) the most trusted lieutenant of Costello was shot to death by 3 killers under whom John Robilotto of the Anastasia family. His place was taken by Genovese's trustee Gerardo Catena.
New Jersey based Genovese trustee Gerardo Catena

"Solly" moretti dies (Costello trustee)
soon also died his brother "Solly" moretti (when did he die?).

New York (Francesco Spirito, Joseph Orsini, D'Agostino drugring broken)
In februari 1952 stood the members of the Orsini gang on trial in New York and also Giannini was indicted. Most of them had links with the 107th Street gang. Spirito got convicted to 2 years in New York for heroinsmuggling and Orsini got 10 years. After Spirito came free he returned to France and goes further with heroinsmuggling.

heroinimporter Joe Biondo and Schiaparelli Company
In 1952 was Joe Biondo arrested because he had bought the years before 350 kgs of heroin from the Schiaparelli Company for Luciano.

corsican heroindistiller Marius Jacques Ansaldi arrested in Marseille
18 March 1952 Marius Jacques Ansaldi gets arrested in Marseille in his heroinlab.

Genovese soldier Joseph Valachi
19 June 1952 was Genovese's friend Steven Franse in Joseph Valachi's restaurant killed by Valachi, Pasquale "Pat" Pagano and Fiore Siano. Genovese had given the order because his wife had went her own way and Franse should have watched her. (Valachi testimoney)

FBN informer Giannini's brother in law Giuseppe Peligrino arrested
26 August 1952 was Giannini's brother in law Giuseppe Pelligrino arrested with 6 kgs of heroin.

Lucchese heroinimporter and FBN informer Giannini killed in New York
Somebody (some say Luciano) found out that Giannini was a policeinformer and had Genovese know who ordered his capo Tony Bender to put out a contract, he gave it to Valachi. 20 September 1952 was Giannini (42) shot dead by Valachi's nephew Fiore Siano (FBN handbook page 635) and the brothers Joseph and Pasquale Pagano. (Valachi testimoney)

heroindistillers Dominique Albertini (halfbrother Joseph Cesari)
In september 1952 Albertini tried to enter the US by bribing a customs officer for which he was jailed for a year. At that time Albertini was doing business via Jimmy Renda with Detroit mobster Joseph "cockeyed Joe" Catalanotto.

Montreal heroin kingpin Lucien Rivard and his wife Marie Rivard
In 1951 and 1952 Rivard had been associated with dealer Rheo Gauthier who was later killed in an auto accident during a narcotics delivery to Windsor, Ontario.

Rivard's heroindistributors Bob Tremblay and Jean Louis Bisson
In 1952 Bob Tremblay was the major heroin wholesaler in Montreal, but at the end of 1952 he went back to his hometown Vancouver where he took over the heroin distribution. Jean Louis Bisson replaced him in the Montreal market.

corsican herointrafficker and warcriminal Antoine D'Agostino in New York
In 1952 Gambino soldier Sebastiano Bellanca "Benny Blanka" (born 6 january 1904 in Cattolica, sicily) a New York Lower east side drugdealer was arrested thanks to Alfonso "Alphonso"Attardi (born 12 september 1900 in Sciacca, sicily) and also D'Agostino was arrested and takes a run when they let him go before the trial.

corsican herointrafficker and warcriminal Antoine D'Agostino in Mexico City
In 1953 D'Agostino settles in Mexico City and the Cotroni brothers take as a new partner in heroinsmuggling Carmine Galante the underboss of Bonanno who settles in Montreal.

Bonanno underboss Carmine Galante in Montreal (Quebec, Canada)
In 1953 Carmine Galante arrived in Montreal and Pretula and Ship start to work for him, Galante also got the former thief Earl Carluzzi to Montreal to control labour. The Cotroni and Violi brothers worked for Bonanno and his underboss Galante. Bonanno's nephew Stefano Maggadino didn't like that because Canada belonged to his territory because he rules Hamilton via his capo Luppino and Toronto via his capo Volpe. Volpe had been sponsored by Jimmy Luppino. In Hamilton are the most important families Papalia, Luppino, Scibetta, Bordonaro, Cippolla and Musitano. Also there is the Restivo family.

Montreal mobster Petrulla (Pretula)
29 March 1953 Charles Wagner's body get found and James Rogers and Frank Battaglia were charged and Frank Petrulla was suspected in ordering his killing. The killers get free but within hours of his release Frank Battaglia was strangled.

Jean David "Jean Laget the Silver Fox" arrest in New York
In april 1953 police arrested Jean David "Jean Laget the Silver Fox".

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante sr
8 October 1953 the Cuban police observed Havana (Cuba) narcotics trafficker George Zarate (formerly fromTampa) in Havana in the company of Santo Trafficante, Jr. at the President Hotel. It was reported at that time that Zarate was still engaged in the narcotic traffic, acting as intermediary between Peruvian sources of supply for illicit cocaine and American gangster customers such at Santo Trafficante Jr. Santo Jr. was himself shot and wounded in 1953. 4 November 1953 Johnny Rivera was in his bar when his friend Joe Antinori entered, then somebody entered and shot to death Joe Antinori. Police hear Augustine Primo Lazzara, Joe M Cacciatore, Ed Blanco, Joe Diaz and Frank Diecidue.

Lucchese soldier and USA deportee Dominick Petrilli killed in NY
At the end of 1953 arrived Petrilli illegally the US. 9 December 1953 was in NY deportee Dominick Petrilli shot dead in the bar of Albert Mauriello (FBN handbook page 532).

Rivard customer Mallock
George Mallock visited Lucien Rivard in september 1953.

Rivard supplier Roger Coudert (parisian often in NY)
Roger Coudert arrested in NY 21 december 1953 with mafiosi Antonio Farina (got 5 years) and the brothers salvatore and Ugo Caneba. ugo Caneba had been a customer of Spirito and Orsini. Coudert got 10 years and was released from Atlanta prison 21 september 1960 and was deported to France.

heroindealer George Feracco (Farraco)
In 1953 arrives drugdealer George Feracco in Atlanta prison and came free in 1959 and immediately he started dealing drugs again.

In december 1953 was Rivard in NY. In februari 1954 was Rivard in NY. Rivard friend Emile Hogue arrested in november 1954 in NY.

Philadelphia member Peter "Pete" Casella
In 1954 Casella was among those questioned in the murder of one Marshall Veneziale. By the early 1950s Casella was considered a "close associate" of Angelo Bruno and Marco Reginelli. The combine was known as the "Greaser Gang", which controlled a large share of illegal gambling in South Jersey and the Philly area.

Pasquale Polimeni aka “Patsy O’Keefe”
12 August 1954 were 14 men arrested for narcotics under whom Vincent De Palo (42) and Pasquale Polimeni aka “Patsy O’Keefe” (40).

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante sr
in april 1954 Trafficante sr his former gambling partner Charles M Wall (72) gets murdered. Santo Trafficante jr had him slaughtered because he extorted Trafficante sr with incriminating evidence, now his father was ill jr cleaned up. In 1954 police arrest Santo sr's sons Henry and Santo jr with Salvatore Lorenzo and Joe Perrone. 19 May 1954 Trafficante jr arrested for bribery by the Tampa sheriff's office, he was 27 september 1954 sentenced to 5 years in Florida State prison but he was found not guilty 14 september 1957 by State Supreme Court. 29 June 1954 was Trafficante jr arrested for the Bolita game but was found 8 november 1954 not guilty. In 1954 it was reported that Trafficante jr owned a drive in the outskirts of Havana.

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante sr dies
11 August 1954 dies Tampa boss Santo Trafficante sr.
Tampa mafiaboss trafficante jr, underboss Frank Diecidue

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante jr, underboss Frank Diecidue
1 april 1955 was Trafficante jr arrested on the conspiracy Wagering Act but was found 12 december 1959 not guilty. In september 1955 Phillip Piazza was arrested and he was defended by Frank Ragano. on February 21, 1956 a civic-minded citizen advised the Miami office that Trafficante Jr. and Norman Rothman, who were operating a gambling casino at Havana, were also engaged in the smuggling of cocaine from Cuba to the United States. 25 June 1956 was Trafficante jr arrested on the conspiracy Wagering Act but was found 12 december 1959 not guilty.

Lebanese opiumking Samil "Sami" el Khouri (Khoury)
In november 1954 was Abdullah Attie El Sheika arrested in Lebanon with 20 kilos of morphinebase and 86 kilos of opium in his car, he was a courier for Samil Khoury the biggest opiumdealer in the Middle east. In 1955 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings learned that Sami el Khouri, the Gamayel's chief of finances, was importing raw Turkish opium into Lebanon, where it was processed into heroin and then shipped to Sicily for reexport throughout America and Europe. In 1955 are the syrian brothers Fayssal and Abdel Rahmo arrested at the border of Syria and Lebanon when they try to smuggle 144 kilos of opium. Fayssal Rahmo is an associate of Samil Khoury.

Cleveland mafioso Sylvester Papalardo (brother of Sam)
sentenced 14 august 1953 to 15 years for violation of the federal narcotic Laws, send to Leavenworth, Kansas.

drugcase against Buffalo underboss Salvatore Pieri and Gambino?? killer Rocco Mazzie
In 1954 there was a drugcase against Cleveland mafioso Salvatore Poliafico , Frank Consolo, Joseph Zingali, Angelo Filicia (Felicia), Salvatore "Sam"Pieri, Salvatore "Sam"Peter Rizzo (born 14 august 1913 in Buffalo and his brother is Angelo Rizzo also born in Buffalo), Anthony Crisci (born 5 march 1911) and Rocco Mazzie (born 25 february 1916).

Buffalo underboss Salvatore "Sam" Pieri convicted
11 December 1954 Salvatore "Sam" Pieri was convicted on drug charges in Cleveland and sentenced to 10 years and his nephew Freddie Randaccio became the underboss.
Buffalo underboss Freddie Randaccio (Salvatore "Sam" Pieri's nephew)

New York boss Joseph Profaci's brother Salvatore Profaci dies
Joseph Profaci's brother ???? Salvatore Profaci died around 1954 when his boat exploded.

New York boss Joseph Profaci's man Nicholas "Jiggs" Forlano
Nicholas "Jiggs" Forlano was a powerful capo. One source mentions that at some point Rudy Stein {as the brains} and Forlano {as the muscle and with the connections} had as much as 5 million dollars out on the street working for them. Sometime around 1954 Stein and Forlano served a short prison term for federal tax evasion. It appears that in the late 1950s and 1960s Forlano got involved with the Gallo/President St crew. Some suggest the Gallos worked as collectors for Forlano and would also borrow money from his shylocking operation.

Vancouver (Canada west coast)
Rivard man Bob Tremblay returned to Vancouver in april 1955.

Vancouver (Canada west coast)
9 August 1955 was Bob Tremblay arrested with Charles Talbot and Lucien Mayer.

Montreal cafe La Cave owners Marius Martin, Roger Mollet and Jean Jehan.
In 1955 met in Montreal Jean Jehan and Lucien Rivard.

Las Vegas, Stardust casino
In 1955 dies Tony Cornero who had build in Las Vegas the Stardust. The casino was taken over by the Chicago mob, who were tipped by Rosselli, the outfit uses Jake Factor as a front and he becomes the boss and he gets Johnny Drew as his watch dog.

Vito Genovese
In 1955 Vito Genovese buys 49% of Erb Strapping Co for 245 dollars, a wholesale transporter of meat which makes a million dollars a year.

Rikers Island inmate Nelson Cantellops
Rikers Island medical records confirmed that witness Nelson Cantellops was there incarcerated in 1950 and 1953.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about Las Vegas trip
In March, 1955 Cantellops attended a meeting at Al's Luncheonette at 34 East 4th Street, New York, with Charles Barcellona, Ralph Polizzano, Carmine Polizzano, Joseph Di Palermo and Anthony Colonna. Cantellops agreed to transport narcotics to Las Vegas for $1000. At the airport bus, while Barcellona was talking to Cantellops, an unidentified man handed Cantellops a package which he took to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas Carmine Polizzano met him and introduced him to Fiano to whom he gave the package later that evening. For this delivery of narcotics Cantellops was paid $1000 by Barcellona.

Lucchese capo "Big" John Ormento (born 1 august 1912) and trustee Salvatore Lo Proto (born 22 april 1926)
18 march 1955 were Ormento (43) and Salvatore Lo Proto arrested in NY in possession of 2 loaded pistols: a .38 caliber and a .22 caliber equipped with a silencer which had been hidden in a secret compartment of a Chrysler owned by Salvatore Lo Prato’s sister Betty Licatto.

Montreal, John Papalia
Papalia had gone to Montreal after his release from jail in 1951, about the time Galante seized control of the city for the Bonanno family. John Papalia hooked up with Galante while they both lived in Montreal in the early 1950s.

Toronto, Canada, Paolo Violi
In may 1955 Paolo Violi gets accused in Toronto of murder.

Vancouver (Canada west coast)
In 1955 five Montreal men under whom Lucien Meyer get convicted for the attempted murder of Jacob Leonhard in a carbombing.

Montreal, John Papalia
In 1955 Johnny “Pops” Papalia gets shot and wounded in Montreal when he collects money for Cotroni.

government (FBN??) witness Rosario Colletti ??
In may 1955 Rosario Coletti sells drugs to an undercover.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about Florida trip
In June, 1955 Cantellops made a trip to Florida to pick up a shipment of narcotics. Carmine Pollizzano gave him a bus ticket and money and he went to Miami where he met Carmine Polizzano and drove to Tampa. When the rendezvous in Tampa was unsuccessful, Cantellops and Carmine Polizzano drove to Key West where outside the La Concha Hotel an unidentified man took a suitcase out of his pushcart and placed it in the back seat of the automobile in which Cantellops was waiting (the drugs came from Cuba??). After driving to Miami Cantellops took the train and delivered the narcotics to Ralph Polizzano at the 'plant' at 36 East 4th Street, next to Al's Luncheonette, as Carmine Polizzano watched from across the street. For this trip Joseph Di Palermo and Carmine Polizzano paid Cantellops $600 and later he also received an ounce of heroin as a tip.

Havana (Cuba) narcotics trafficker George Zarate dies
Narcotics trafficker George Zarate died in Havana 23 August 1955.

Havana, Cuba
Till 1955 the only casinos operating in Havana, Cuba were the Tropicana and the Sans Souci from that date more started to appear.

Cuba, The Tropicana
Operated by Wilber Clark and Frank Bischope. Frank Bischoff has been a suspected narcotic trafficker. His principal assistant in the casino was one Pierre Canavese who was closely associated with Salvatore Lucania alias Lucky Luciano, FBN International List No. 198. (Canavese had been previously deported from the U.S.A. to Italy but he subsequently entered Cuba by means of a fraudulent passport).

Cuba, The Sans Souci
Operated by Santo Trafficante Jr. One of Santo Trafficante Jr.'s principal assistants in the operation of this club was one Sid Jacobs alias Syd Mathews.

Cuba, The Riviera Casino
Operated by Meyer Lansky, FBN International List No. 169, Frank Erickson, Giordano Cellini, Ed Levinson and one "Disty" Peters. Meyer Lansky and Frank Erickson were suspected of being the real owners of the club. Frank Erickson represented racketeer Frank Costello's interests.

Cuba, Casino International (Hotel Nacional)
Operated by Wilbur Clark. His principal assistants in the operation of this club were Edward Goffredo Cellini and Merle Jacobs.

Cuba, The Sevilla Biltmore
Operated by Amletto Battisti, a Cuban citizen of Italian extraction. Battisti was kingpin of the "bolita" racket (lottery). He was the owner of the Sevilla Biltmore Hotel which he had leased to a Chicago concern. Battisti also owned and operated a bank in the hotel.

Cuba, Capri Hotel Casino
Operated by Nicholas Di Costanzo and Charles Turin believed to be identical with racketeer Charles Touraine [Tourine] alias Charley Blade. The Capri Hotel where Bugsy Siegels friend actor George Raft acted as front man and official greeter for gangster Santos Trafficante.

Cuba, National Casino
Operated by Jack Lansky, brother of Meyer Lansky, FBN International List No. 169. Jack and Meyer Lansky owned the major portion of this casino and had in their employ a number of technicians from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cuba, Havana Hilton Casino
Operated by Clifford Jones of Las Vegas, Nevada, Senator Kenneth Johnson of Nevada and one Sidney ARCB of New York. Two wealthy Cuban industrialists, Ramon Mandoza and Marcos Mendoza had substantial interests in this club. Santo Trafficante Jr. and Joseph Silesi alias Joe Rivers, of New York, N.Y., were rumored to have had a piece in this casino.

Cuba, Commodore??
the Commodore casino

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about Chicago trip
Cantellops' third trip in August, 1955, took him to Chicago. Carmine Polizzano instructed him about the trip and gave him a package of narcotics from the trunk of a car parked in front of Al's Luncheonette. Cantellops took a bus to Chicago and the day after his arrival met Carmine Polizzano at a bar on Division Street where he was introduced to a man who picked up the narcotics in the booth where Cantellops had placed them. Cantellops and Carmine Polizzano then drove back to New York and, at Joseph Di Palermo's direction, Carmine Polizzano paid Cantellops.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony on Ralph Polizzano
Following the Chicago trip, in August and September, 1955, Cantellops distributed narcotics for Ralph Polizzano.

Cantellops testified that in the middle of September, 1955 he delivered narcotics to Rodriquez near the Progresso Bar in the Bronx. Rodriquez pointed out the person to whom Cantellops was to make the delivery and when they walked past each other he delivered the narcotics.

Cantellops affirmed testimony given by him before the grand jury to the effect that he first delivered narcotics to Rodriquez in the spring of 1956.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about Florida trip
In October, 1955 Carmine Polizzano asked Cantellops to pick up narcotics in Miami. He told Cantellops that if narcotics were not available in Miami he might have to go to Havana to see certain people. Cantellops went to Miami and at the La Concha Hotel met Charles Di Palermo who introduced him to a man named 'Cuba.' The three men then drove to the La Concha Hotel in Key West and the next day, upon directions from 'Cuba' they picked up a suitcase of narcotics in 'Cuba's' hotel room and brought the narcotics to New York by train. Back in New York Cantellops delivered the narcotics to Ralph Polizzano at the basement entrance of Al's Luncheonette upon directions from Carmine Polizzano. For this trip Cantellops was paid $250 by Joseph Di Palermo and $350 by Carmine Polizzano, who also arranged for his assistant, John Russo, to give Cantellops an ounce of heroin as a tip.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony
In October, 1955, upon Carmine Polizzano's directions, Cantellops explored the policy banks in the Eldridge Street area on Manhattan's lower East Side to find out whether these banks might be used as a front for narcotics distributing plants. After Cantellops had explored the policy banks, Carmine Polizzano invited him to a meeting at Ralph Polizzano's apartment on East 4th Street. This meeting was attended by Ralph and Carmine Polizzano, Joseph Di Palermo, John Russo, John Ormento and Benjamin Levine. The group discussed taking over and operating policy banks as a cover for the distribution of narcotics. Cantellops reported that it would cost between $100,000 and $150,000 to purchase the banks in the Eldridge Street area. The group reached no final decision as it was stated that the matters would have to be discussed with 'The Right Man,' who, as Cantellops' testimony later developed, turned out to be appellant Vito Genovese. The meeting also discussed the possibility of importing narcotics through Puerto Rico because of turmoil on Cuba and recent misfortuness respecting two shipments by boat. Cantellops suggested the use of the Island of Vieques, off Puerto Rico, as a distributing point.

government (FBN??) witness Joseph Basile arrested
Joseph Basile testified to narcotics dealings which began in August 1955 with the appellant Joseph Di Palermo whom he knew as 'Joe Beck.' Joseph Di Palermo offered to sell heroin for $8,000 a kilo and cocaine for $400 an ounce. Basile was arrested in November 1955 but jumped bail and went to Europe.

Manhattan heroinoperation bossed by Stromberg
the heroin dealing brothers Daniel and Nicholas Lessa received their supply from Vellucci, through runners Ewing and Tedesco, until Vellucci was arrested in November 1955. It was only after that that they turned to the defendant Ormento for their supply. Joseph Di Palmero, also indicted in the Stromberg conspiracy was not placed on trial in Stromberg since he was then a fugitive. Joseph Di Palermo's only link with the conspiracy was Vellucci from whom he purchased heroin; he had no contacts with any of the principal Stromberg conspirators and he never had any contact with the Lessas so far as the proof in that case showed

Charlie “Lucky” Luciano in Naples
5 Novembre 1955 Luciano has to appear before the Naples Warning Commission and gets several restrictions and is banned from the Agnano racetrack.

10 November 1955 was 31 pounds of heroin found on the ship Saint Malo, it is the then biggest seizure ever in America. It was made by Dominique Albertini, the owners were Galliano, Croce and Mondolini, it was send by Jean and Dominque Venturi.

Lucchese capo "Big" John Ormento
In november 1955 got DiPalermo also his capo Big John Ormento into drugs and they also got Vito Genovese in the heroinbusiness. Genovese takes in his driver Vincent Gigante. Also Lucchese capo Natale Evola and Anastasia capo Rocco Mazzie step in the heroine business. Part of the business would be financed by Anastasia capo Squillante who is big in New York’s garbage industry.

Genovese was seen emerging from an automobile on January 17, 1956 at Kenmare and Mulberry Streets in Manhattan. This testimony was given by Sherman Willse, a member of the staff of the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities, who in January 1956 was a New York City police officer. the automobile was at the time registered in the name of Vincent Gigante.

The only other evidence relating to Gigante placed him as the driver of the car in which Genovese, Ormento, and Cantellops traveled to the meeting mentioned above at which territorial control was discussed. Gigante apparently took no part in the conversation during this drive and he did not enter the house where the meeting was held.

government (FBN??) witness Peter Contes arrested
Peter Contes testified to narcotics transactions involving Daniel Lessa, Nicholas Lessa, Rocco Mazzie and John Ormento. Contes purchased heroin from Daniel Lessa some time later in 1955 or early in 1956 and paid him $900 in the presence of Mazzie and Ormento, after which Nicholas Lessa delivered the narcotics to him. After this Contes made further purchases from Nicholas Lessa in varying amounts up to $2,600. One of Contes' customers was his cousin, Charles Pappalardo, and several days after selling him heroin in April, 1956, both Pappalardo and Contes were arrested by federal agents who searched Contes' apartment at 318 West 49th Street and found heroin and paraphernalia for diluting and packaging narcotics.

Frank Costello in Atlanta prison
14 May 1956 Costello gets locked up at Atlanta prison.

government (FBN??) witnesses Nelson Silva Cantellops (and Rosario Colletti ??) testimony
During the early part of 1956, at the request of Joseph Di Palermo and Carmine Polizzano, Rosario Colletti delivered narcotics to Cantellops who in turn delivered them to John Gonzalez, alias Guayamita, at Gonzalez's apartment at 793 Ninth Avenue, where they were diluted for resale. In June 1956 Cantellops took over Gonzalez' operations and Joseph Di Palermo and the two Polizzanos arranged for Ralph Polizzano to supply Cantellops with the narcotics necessary to expand this business in the Spanish speaking market. Cantellops called Ralph Polizzano when he needed drugs and he picked them up from Russo at Al's Luncheonette or nearby places. While picking up narcotics at the East 4th Street plant Cantellops saw Ralph Polizzano and Charles Di Palermo diluting narcotics. On two occasions during 1956 when Cantellops was in the East 4th Street neighborhood, he saw Vito Genovese talking to Carmine Polizzano and on one of these occasions when Cantellops approached, he was told by Carmine Polizzano 'never to interfere when he was talking to 'The Right Man." In the summer of 1956 Cantellops, at Ralph Polizzano's request, made other local deliveries of narcotics.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about Cleveland trip
In July, 1956, Cantellops made his fifth out-of-town trip, this time to Cleveland at the behest of Ormento and Carmine Polizzano. Carmine Polizzano in troduced Cantellops to appellant Vincent Gigante who drove Cantellops to Lorain, Ohio. During the trip Gigante named a number of the alleged conspirators and asked whether Cantellops was acquainted with them. Cantellops complained to Gigante about the risks he was taking in dealing in narcotics. Upon arrival in Lorain, Gigante told Cantellops to get the 'stuff' from behind the spare tire and take a bus into Cleveland. At Lorain, Cantellops took the narcotics from behind the spare tire in the automobile trunk and then took them by bus to Cleveland. In Cleveland he and Charles Di Palermo delivered the narcotics to an unidentified woman in a taxicab. After Cantellops returned to New York Carmine Polizzano arranged for him to meet Ormento and in Mazzie's presence Ormento paid Cantellops for the trip.

Rosario Colletti arrested and replaced by Salvatore Marino
In August, 1956, a sale by Colletti to a narcotic agent resulted in the arrest of Colletti and Russo and the latter was replaced by the defendant Salvatore Marino who thereafter handled narcotics deliveries for the Polizzanos, at the Squeeze-Inn Bar, the plant at 36 East 4th Street and Al's Luncheonette at 34 East 4th Street. Thereafter Marino made frequent deliveries of drugs to Cantellops.

Lucchese heroindealer Settimo 'Big Sam' Accardo
In 1955 were Settimo Accardo, Frank DiGregorio and Joseph Russo arrested, Accardo remigrated to Sicily in 1955, jumping a $75.000 bail.

Giuseppe LoCascio has as sons the brothers Carmine LoCascio and Peter Joseph Locascio (married Anna DiCarlo the sister of angelo "gyp"DiCarlo). carmine locascio druggangmember vincent james ciraulo. Peter Joseph Locascio associated with Samuel Kassop "Sammy Kass".

Cantellops' testimony about a meeting early in August 1956 in the 'Mexican's' hotel room which was attended by Santora, Ormento, Evola, Mazzie, 'Mexican' and Cantellops where they discussed a trip to Mexico by Cantellops to bring in narcotics.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about Florida trip
In August, 1956, Cantellops made his third trip to Miami to pick up narcotics.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony on Vito Genovese
Before the Miami trip there were discussions and meetings at which Ormento offered Cantellops $1,500, to pick up narcotics in Mexico. After Cantellops refused to do this, meetings were held with a man called 'Mexican,' Mazzie and Carmine Galante regarding the details of a trip to pick up drugs. Cantellops still refused to go to Mexico. The following evening Cantellops went with Ormento, Mazzie, 'Mexican' and the appellant Natale Evola to a restaurant on East 86th Street. Here Ormento spoke to Genovese and reported back to Cantellops that 'The Right Man' wanted to take a look at Cantellops to see if he was all right. After this Cantellops went to 'Mexican's' hotel room somewhere on West 85th Street and discussed the trip to Mexico with the appellant Salvatore Santora, Evola, Mazzie, Ormento and 'Mexican.' Cantellops persisted in his refusal to go to Mexico but suggested that he go to Miami instead. As the change in plan involved a delay, Ormento to gave Cantellops money to entertain 'Mexican' in New York City, which Cantellops did for the next three days. After this Cantellops drove with 'Mexican' to Miami. The day after their arrival 'Mexican' drove Cantellops to Pompano Beach, secured a suitcase in a motel, and gave it to Cantellops. Cantellops then returned to New York by train and later gave the bag to an unidentified man. For this trip Ormento and Mazzie later paid him $950.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about Philadelphia trip
After this Cantellops made two deliveries of narcotics to Philadelphia. On the first occasion Cantellops delivered three or four pounds of narcotics to a lame man, with Mazzie watching the delivery from a distance. For this Ormento paid Cantellops $350 in the presence of Santora and Mazzie and told Cantellops that Santora would have another trip for him.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about Philadelphia trip
A few days later Carmine Polizzano arranged for Cantellops to meet with Ormento, Santora and Mazzie at which time Ormento asked him to deliver narcotics to Philadelphia for Santora. Cantellops was driven to Philadelphia and delivered the narcotics according to instructions. For the second Philadelphia trip Santora gave money to Ormento who gave it to Cantellops in the presence of Mazzie and Evola. In addition, Cantellops testified to making a Brooklyn delivery for the same group, for which he was paid by Ormento.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony on Rocco ?? Mazzie and Ormento
In August, 1956, defendant Contes ordered a large quantity of heroin from Nicholas Lessa and Cantellops delivered this to Contes at the request of Mazzie who paid Cantellops for the delivery. The testimony of Peter Contes tended to confirm these transactions. A few days later Ormento and Mazzie twice sent narcotics to Daniel and Nicholas Lessa, using Cantellops as the messenger. Mazzie supervised the second delivery and Ormento paid Cantellops for both deliveries.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony on drugdealersmeeting with Genovese and Pappadio
At the end of August, or early September 1956, Cantellops attended a meeting at Mazzie's home at 2332 Seymour Avenue in the Bronx where plans were made for extending the distribution of narcotics. Earlier in the evening Cantellops drove to a German restaurant on East 86th Street with Evola, Ormento, Galante and Andimo Pappadio. After Ormento made a telephone call, they all drove to the West Side Highway and met another car. Cantellops and Ormento entered the other car which was driven by appellant Gigante. Ormento introduced Cantellops to Genovese, who was sitting in the back seat, saying to Genovese 'This man is doing a good job for us. He is helping us and doing a good job for us.' Ormento told Cantellops 'This is the Right Man.' Genovese said to Cantellops that they 'were going to a meeting where territorial control was to be discussed,' that the people at the meeting were counting on Cantellops to help them and that Cantellops could earn some money by doing so. The two automobiles drove to Mazzie's home and everyone entered except Genovese and Gigante who stayed outside. Evola, Mazzie, Ormento, Pappadio, Galante and Cantellops discussed the distribution of narcotics in the Spanish market in the East Bronx by use of policy banks and sealing off the area to eliminate competing narcotics peddlers and policy banks so that they could control the narcotics traffic in this area. Evola and Pappadio thought that the plan would take a month or a month and a half to complete and the others agreed. After twenty or thirty minutes Genovese came in. He wanted to know 'what was the decision in the plan, what they had in mind.' When he was told about the discussion which had taken place, Genovese said that he needed this information because he wanted to know when to send his men into the area. Later, in the presence of Evola, Ormento, Pappadio and Galante, Cantellops was advised that he would be the contact man for the distribution of narcotics in this area. Cantellops later delivered narotics in this area at Ormento's request.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony on Puerto Rico trip
In September, 1956, Ormento and Galante sent Cantellops to Puerto Rico for narcotics. In Puerto Rico he contacted someone named Laurensano who instructed him where to find one Perez on the island of Vieques. When Cantellops met Perez he was given a double marine canvas bag containing narcotics. Cantellops advised Laurensano that he was sending the drugs to three fictitious persons in care of General Delivery, Post Office, New York, and Laurensano advised that he would inform Ormento. Cantellops then mailed the heroin in three packages from three separate post offices. When Cantellops returned to New York Carmine Polizzano arranged to have him meet Ormento who said the drugs had arrived and Ormento paid him for the trip.

government (FBN??) witness Joseph Basile arrested
When Joseph Basile came back from Europe in January of 1956, he ordered half a kilo of heroin and cocaine from Joseph Di Palermo for which he paid $2,000 upon delivery to him by Johnny DePietro, also known as 'Johnny The Bug' and the balance of $1,500 at a later date. Basile disposed of the narcotics to his customers. Basile ordered more heroin a few days later at which time Joseph Di Palermo told him that the 'goods' came from 'Big John' Ormento whom Basile knew. Basile paid Joseph Di Palermo $3,500 in advance for the narcotics which were delivered to him later by Benanti. On another occasion Basile met Joseph Di Palermo and Jean Capece by telephoning Jean Capece at a number which Joseph Di Palermo had given him. Basile ordered half a kilo of narcotics for which he paid $3,500. The narcotics were delivered to Basile in an automobile by 'Johnny The Bug' in the presence of Jean Capece and Joseph Di Palermo. Basile took the narcotics to Schenectady and sold it to his customers. He stayed in Schenectady until his arrest on November 10, 1956, but meanwhile he purchased narcotics about once a month from Joseph Di Palermo by telephoning Jean Capece and giving her a message for Joseph Di Palermo or arranging to talk with him. On one occasion when Basile purchased heroin from Joseph Di Palermo, the package was delivered to him by Charles Di Palermo whom he knew as 'Charlie Brody.' Basile took the half kilo of heroin to Schenectady and sold it to his customers. On some occasions Joseph Di Palermo delivered narcotics to Basile in New Jersey at the Garden State Diner near the exit of the Garden State Parkway on Route 17. Joseph Basile, the latter being the same Joseph Basile who was a government witness in United States v. Stromberg, 2 Cir., 1959, 268 F.2d 256, 262.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops arrested
After this Cantellops met with Joseph Di Palermo, 'Cuba' and a man named Montanez, and Montanez advised that there would be no more shipments from Cuba to Miami and Key West for the rest of the year because of unsettled conditions in Cuba. This meeting took place just a few days before Cantellops was arrested in September, 1956, and he remained in prison until February, 1957.

Cuba visitors
According to the testimony of three customs inspectors, Joseph Di Palermo, Jean Capece and Salvatore Benanti visited Cuba for two days in November, 1956, and returned to New York on November 20. Jean Capece was searched by a customs inspectress who found $9,000 in new one hundred dollar bills hidden in an undergarment. Jean Capece gave three different stories regarding this money.

Adonis gets deported
Joe Adonis owned the Automotive Conveying Company of New Jersey, the company had more then 100 tractor trailer units hauling new cars from the Mahwash and Edgewater plants of the Ford Motor Co to dealers in 14 states. When Adonis was deported he sold the company to Carlo Chieri (contribution from Thom). 3 Januari 1956 Adonis accepts deportation to Italy.

Palermo born brothers Ugo and Salvatore Caneba
Ugo Caneba was in 1955 in Italy arrested for traffic in contraband.

Montreal mayor Jean Drapeaux deports Galante
In 1955 Galante gets deported back to the US by Montreal's mayor Jean Drapeaux and in his place arrives Galante's brother in law Tony Marulli.
Galante brother in law Tony Marulli in Montreal

Galante brother in law Tony Marulli deported from Montreal
In 1956 Galante's brother in law Tony Marulli gets deported to the uS from Montreal and Galante sends Salvatore Giglio. Giglio and "Pep" Cotroni got their heroin from Joseph Cesari.
Galante trustee Salvatore Giglio in Montreal

Bonanno underboss Frank Garofalo
In 1956 retires underboss Frank Garofalo and went back to castellammare his place was taken by Carmine "Lillo" Galante in 1957.
Boss Joseph Bonanno, underboss Carmine "Lillo" Galante, consiglieri John Tartamella sr

Siculiana-born Giuseppe Indelicato (Agrigento province)
Settimo "Big Sam" Accardo was also linked to yet another Siculiana-born trafficker Giuseppe Indelicato, who was arrested in February 1956 with three pounds of heroin in New York.

Montreal, Bonanno member Frank Mancino arrested
11 February 1956 was Frank Mancino arrested in Montreal in connection with the indictments in New York of Settimo Accardo and Profaci soldier Cristoforo Rubino, he had the telephone numbers of Lucien Rivard and Pep Cotroni.

Detroit, Salvatore Vitale
When Salvatore Vitale came free he disappeared in april 1956, possibly he was murdered at the orders of Quasarano and Priziola. Salvatore vitale could be buried in a wine vineyard near Rancho Cucamonga in Californie which served as dumping grounds for the Matranga's, Dippolito's and lamandri's who were all closely aligned with each other. (Jiggy)

St Louis boss Anthony Lopiparo
In 1956 John J Vitale was replaced by Anthony Lopiparo and became underboss. In 1956 Giordano gets 4 years in prison. St Louis boss becomes John Vitale who dies in 1961 and was followed up by Anthony Giordano.

Sami el Khouri (Khoury) partner Ali Ahmad Halawi arrested
18 june 1956 the Lebanese arrested Ali Ahmad Halawi (a Beirut bar owner), a partner of Samil Khoury, the day after the seizure of 100 kilos of opium and 23 kilos of morphine base, the drugs were for Dominique Albertini.

Binghamton’s Hotel Arlington
Profaci, Barbara and 3 others were registered at Binghamton’s Hotel Arlington on 9 july 1956.

in or about the month of July 1956, John Ormento, Rocco Mazzie, Natale Evola, Salvatore Santora and Robert Roe had a conversation in a hotel on 85th Street, New York City, New York.'

Salvatore Bonanno marriage with Rosalie Profaci
In august 1956 marry Bonanno's son Salvatore and Rosalie Profaci what is attended by Profaci, Magliocco, Lucchese, Genovese, Anastasia, Zerilli, Maggadino and his brother in law Gaspar DiGregorio, John Morales and John Tartamella.

Montreal heroinimporter Pep Cotroni meets Samil "Sami" el Khouri (Khoury) underboss Antoine Araman meets in Havana (Cuba)
In august 1956 Pep Cotroni met in Havana the Lebanese trafficker Antoine Araman and Jerome Leca (a corsican from Paris) who visited there Croce and Bistoni.

Montmarte Club and Casino murdercase secret police chief Antonio Blanco Rico
On October 8, 1956, rebels, dressed in evening clothes, walked into the lobby of Meyer Lansky's Montmarte Club and Casino and fired three shots into the back of the head of Colonel Antonio Blanco Rico, chief of the secret police.

Binghamton’s Hotel Arlington
Louis Volpe, Frank Garofalo, John Bonventre, Joseph Bonanno and Barbara were registered at the Binghamton’s Hotel Arlington on 17 october and 18 october 1956.

The Commission and appalachin
17 October 1956 there is a meeting (according to Bonanno) at the Apalachin home of Joseph Barbara the boss of the Pittston family (now the Bufalino family) and his underboss Russell Bufalino, according to the FBI files (then) it was held in Binghampton, NY.

Bonanno underboss Carmine "Lillo" Galante
17 octobre 1956 police check a car who drives to fast and inside are Carmine Galante and Joseph DiPalermo who had talked at the Arlington Hotel with Frank Garofalo, John Bonventre and Joseph Barbara. Barbara paid the bill with a cheque of the Canada Dry Bottling Company, which is owned by the boss Maggadino. New York police pressed the police to release Galante and sergeant Crosswell watches from then on the Barbara estate.

Towards the end of 1956, Frank Garofalo, the family underboss, retired to live out his days in his native Sicily. He was arrested by the Italian police in 1965, organizing a nationwide raid to crack down on drug smuggling. Joseph Bonanno appointed John Morales to replace him. Morales was a Bonanno cousin by marriage. The aging John Bonventre also returned to his home country to live out his years.

Chief of Police Brig. Gen. Rafael Salas Canizares mortally wounded in subsequent shooting at Haitian embassy, November 2, 1956

testimony of a customs official that Jean Capece flew to Cuba on November 20, 1956 with Joseph Di Palermo and Salvatore Benanti and upon her return two days later she had $9,000 in cash concealed in her brassiere. Coming after much evidence showing that Jean Capece worked with Joseph Di Palermo in the distribution of narcotics, that Benanti was a runner for Di Palermo, and that two months earlier, in September 1956, Montanez had advised Di Palermo that no narcotics would be available from Cuba for some time because of the revolution. Benanti's use of a false name and address and Jean Capece's three different versions of how she came to possess $9,000 in one hundred dollar bills would hardly support the theory that the two day trip by air was for a vacation. the three had gone to Cuba to purchase narcotics, although apparently with some lack of success.

University of Havana closed by dictator Batista
The University of Havana was "temporarily" closed 30 november 1956, it would not reopen until 1959 after the revolution.

rebel leader Castro lands in Cuba's province Oriente
2 December 1956 Fidel Castro landed with his tiny expeditionary force in Oriente Province and declared war in the name of the people, with him were his brother Raul and Che Guevera.

Cuba nightclubowner Croce
The Eve, the Cupido ad the Pigalle owner Bistoni was deported in 1956, his partner Croce is still owner.

Cuba nightclubowner Rivard
The Eve, the Cupido ad the Pigalle owner Croce was deported in 1957 (his partner Bistoni had already been deported in 1956), the owner became then Lucien Rivard.

Havana nightclub Las Vegas owner french heroindealer Lucien Rivard
In 1957 Lucien Rivard asked Lou Gregoire to manage his nightclub Las Vegas in Havana, Cuba, what he did until spring 1958. Then Lou Gregoire returned to Quebec and bought the Saint Placide Hotel.

Rivard best man at marriage of Salvatore Giglio at Cuba
22 march 1957 Salvatore Giglio was married in Cuba to Florence Anderson, a waitress at El Morocco, the Montreal nightclub managed by Peter Adamo, one of Vic Cotroni's lieutenants, at the wedding Rivard served as Giglio's best man.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops free again
When Cantellops left prison in February, 1957, he resumed his narcotics dealings with the Polizzanos, the Di Palermos and Ormento. The appellant Alfredo Aviles became a customer and Cantellops and Marino delivered narcotics to him, Cantellops making his deliveries about once or twice a week from the East 4th Street plant. Aviles paid Cantellops who turned the money over to Ralph Polizzano or Marino and received $100 for each delivery. On one occasion, when Joseph Di Palermo was present, Cantellops saw Ralph Polizzano hand to Jean Capece the proceeds of one of these sales to Aviles. Later Aviles bought directly from Ralph Polizzano and Cantellops received commissions on the sales. Aviles in turn resold the drugs which he had purchased from Cantellops and Ralph Polizzano. Marino testified for the government and generally confirmed Cantellops' story about the deliveries and the dealings with Aviles.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops testimony about his 4th Florida trip
Cantellops' fourth and last trip to Miami took place in April, 1957. Joseph Di Palermo and Carmine Polizzano instructed Cantellops to meet Charles Di Palermo in Miami. Carmine Polizzano provided Cantellops with a bus ticket and money and in Miami he met Charles Di Palermo and 'Cuba' at the La Concha Hotel. The trio then drove to the La Concha Hotel in Key West. In Key West an unidentified man put luggage in the rear seat of their car and Cantellops and Cuba took this back to Miami in the bus. Here they met Charles Di Palermo and, after rearranging the luggage, Cantellops took the drugs back to New York on the train and delivered them to Carmine Polizzano at the plant on East 4th Street. Later Joseph Di Palermo and Carmine Polizzano paid him about $600 for the trip and he later was given a tip of an ounce of heroin by Marino on Carmine Polizzano's instructions.

Boss Costello
Underboss Genovese
capo Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender" (Greenwich Village)
capo " Trigger" Mike Coppola(Harlem)
capo Dominick DeQuarto
capo Thomas Eboli "Tommy Ryan"
capo Gerardo Catena (New Jersey)
capo Anthony Carfano "Augie Pisano"(Bronx)

Las Vegas, Tropicana
3 April 1957 opens in Las Vegas the Tropicana casino that was build by Phil Kastel who left the Beverly County Club to his co workers Seymour Weiss and Carlos Marcello. The Tropicana (1957) was backed by Kastel and Costello. The Palace was opened by Patriarca, Chicago mob investors, Lansky, and Teamster Union money. Teamster money also flowed into Caesar's Palace, the Landmark, the Dunes, and the Fremont.

police informer and heroin courier Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith meets the bosses
Around april 1957 Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith was taken by Bonanno member Frank "Chow" Mancino to a meeting in Montreal with Giuseppe "Pep", Vincent and Frank Cotroni, Peter Stepanoff and Carmine Galante.

Manhattan snack bar at Orchard and Houston Streets
Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith and Bonanno member Frank "Chow" Mancino delivered dozens of drugdeliveries in New York to Cotroni customers. Usually, the first stop on the route had been at a Manhattan snack bar at Orchard and Houston Streets.

Jay's Bar on Houston Street and Marconi's Restaurant on Mulberry
then came Jay's Bar on Houston Street and Marconi's Restaurant on Mulberry.

Greenwich Village club the Squeeze inn Bar on 4th Street
Two Greenwich Village clubs were next: the Squeeze inn Bar on 4th Street operated by Carmine Polizzano, a genovese man, and Salvatore Sciremammano.

Greenwich Village club the 1717 Club on 86th Street
and the 1717 Club on 86th Street managed by the brothers Carmine and Salvatore panico.

Vivere Bar on Second Avenue
Next was the Vivere Lounge Bar on Second Avenue 199, headquarters of part owner Carlo "Carlie" DiPietro and his brother in law Frank Mari of the Bonanno family,

Chickie Jame's Stable on 56th Street
then Chickie Jame's Stable on 56th Street, Tony Mirra's hangout.

johnny's Keyboard Cafe on 56th Street
Then drops were made at an apartment on 53rd street, johnny's Keyboard Cafe on 56th Street, Marino's restaurant on Lexington Avenue, as well as the Brooklyn sanctuary of Rocco Sancinella and Angelo Loiacano and a Coney island hotel. When Ormento, Galante or genovese were personally involved, deliveries were made in places as the Edison, park Sheraton, Forest or Lombardy hotels.

Costello wounded by Gigante at orders of Genovese
2 May 1957 Costello had a meeting with Frank Erickson and Augie Pisano after the meal he went home. Before his door he gets wounded when Vincent Gigante fires at him. Costello goes to the hospital where police find a list with the income of the Tropicana signed by cashier Tanico, Louie Lederer is one of the owners of the Tropicana.

Genovese takes over from Costello
The day after the bodged hit Genovese ordered all the capos of the Luciano family to appear to show the other families that he is the new boss. All appeared: Anthony Strollo, Mike Coppola, Dominick DeQuarto, Thomas Eboli "Tommy Ryan" and Gerardo Catena. Only Anthony Carfano, a trustee of Costello stayed away and Costello gets replaced by Genovese after which they let Paul Gambino inform Luciano who he visits in Italy. Genovese takes as his underboss Gerardo Catena and as consiglieri Michele Miranda. Luciano gets informed in Italy by Carlo Gambino’s brother Paul. Genovese ruled the East side via his consiglieri Michele Miranda, the Bronx via Anthony Carfano, New Jersey via Joe Adonis (and his men Moretti, Catena), Greenwich Village via Tony Bender (Strollo) and Harlem via capo "Trigger" Mike Coppola and his men Joe "Stutz" Tortorici, Lombardo, Salerno and Salerno's righthand "Fish" Cafaro.

Boss Genovese, underboss Gerardo Catena (New Jersey), consiglieri Michele Miranda (East Side), capo Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender" (Greenwich Village), capo " Trigger" Mike Coppola (Harlem), capo Dominick DeQuarto, capo Thomas Eboli "Tommy Ryan", capo Anthony Carfano "Augie Pisano" (Bronx)

Copacabana owner Joseph "Joe" Pagano
After Frank Costello was disposed in 1957, Genovese passed Costello's shares in the Copacabana on to Joseph Pagano.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops on Eldridge Street deal
At a meeting in May, 1957, in Ralph Polizzano's apartment, there was further talk about sealing up the Eldridge Street territory. Present were Ralph Polizzano, Joseph Di Palermo, Ormento, Cantellops and some friend of Bennie Levine. Cantellops was ordered to start buying up the Spanish policy banks and he attempted to arrange meetings between the owners of these banks and the Polizzanos.

government (FBN??) witness Nelson Silva Cantellops arrested
Meanwhile Cantellops continued to deliver narcotics for the Polizzanos from the East 4th Street plant until July 1, 1957 when he was arrested.

government (FBN??) witness Marino arested
Marino testified to a delivery of drugs for Ralph Polizzano on July 5, 1957, and a few hours later the police seized the plant at 36 East 4th Street and found quantities of cocaine and heroin and materials used to dilute, package and distribute these drugs. Marino confirmed Cantellops' testimony about the plant at 36 East 4th Street and Al's Luncheonette as centers from which narcotics were distributed by various means. He testified that he delivered narcotics for Ralph Polizzano from the fall of 1956 until his arrest on July 5, 1957.

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