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Puparo's Gangland History of the Chicago Boroughs Part 3

Puparo has done it again! You guys and gals like the Boardwalk Empire era? Well, here are some of the facts and insider details on that period, its gangs, mobs, and players and shakers. With a focus on Chicago because, well, if any city roared during the 1920s it was the Windy City.

So read and enjoy all the crime and corruption Chicago has had to offer during the twentieth century. Puparo collected information about every Chicago borough and every gang and crime boss that held sway over it. From the North Side to the South Side, to the West: Pup has got it covered.




24th Ward alderman Jacob Arvey
24th ward alderman Jacob Arvey, a position he got 27 February 1923

24th Ward alderman Jacob Arvey
Junk dealer Moe Rosenberg (brother Ike Rosenberg ?? Michael “Ike” Rosenberg??) and Ben Zuckerman “Zuckie the Bookie” (his financial backer Willie Galatz) ran gambling in the 24th Ward and worked with 24th ward alderman Jacob Arvey.

21st ward alderman James "Jimmy" Aloysius Quinn
21st ward alderman James "Jimmy" Aloysius Quinn, of the north side Democratic politics, is critically sick at his home in North La Salle street, where he has lived for nearly forty years. He was taken with a sudden seizure 4 June 1924

27th ward (old 18th ward) politician Van Lent
11 May 1926 was Harold Fynn (burglar on probation) found killed, he was a ward heeler in the 27th ward (old 18th ward) for Van Lent. He was found killed in the Deneen- Small faction’s Republican headquarters at 1454 West Madison street


synagogue Anshe Sholom built in 1926
synagogue Anshe Sholom, built in 1926 which also contained a large Hebrew School. Its rabbi for 36 years was Saul Silber (1881- dies 1 September 1946) who was also a founder and long time president of the Hebrew Theological College. Its cantor for many years was Joshua Lind who often performed with his sons Morris Lind, David Lind and Phillip Lind.

24th ward democratic committeeman Moe Rosenberg
The home of Michael Rosenberg (brother Moe Rosenberg), sanitary district trustee and a leader in Democratic politics in Chicago, who lives at 1323 Independence boulevard, was the target of a bomb 3 November 1926

barber union bosses
Frank Rango’s brother in law Capo was arrested with others when the home of democratic Ward Committee man Rosenberg was bombed.

24th ward committeeman Moe Rosenberg
13 November 1926 was Moe Rosenberg’s brother in law Morton Kallis shot and wounded. Investigation by Fulmore police station

West side based Minerva Athletic Club owner Lawrence Mangano

West side based Minerva Athletic Club owner Lawrence Mangano
West side mobster Lawrence Mangano owner of the Minerva Athletic Club which was raided 7 September 1928 the next day was bombed the house of Des Plaines street police station captain Luke Garrick

42 gang member Giancana
27 September 1928 explodes for the second time in 11 days a bomb near the ice salon of Sam Giancana's father. Police suspect it is revenge for the murder of Edward Divis (when was he killed then?? And is the name right?) a gangster boss in West Chicago and suspected were Sam Giancana and Dominic Caruso.

West side based William “Klondike” O’Donnell clash with George “Red” Barker

George “Red” Barker
3 September 1928 was garage attendant Albert Pratt (30) shot and killed

George “Red” Barker
27 October 1928 were George “Red” Barker, William Clifford and Michael Reilly arrested in San Francisco for the murder of Chicago garage attendant Albert Pratt

Coal teamsters local 704 president James "Lefty" Lynch
At the next meeting of the joint council, Red Barker and Murray Humphreys appeared at the door with a dozen heavily armed Capone torpedoes. Barker looked around the room and announced that he was now running the Coal Teamsters Chauffeurs and Helpers Union Local 704 and that everything would remain just the way Lynch had left it.

Theater Ushers union president George Red Barker
As a reward, Capone gave Barker control over the Ushers union.

prize fight promoter Walter George
George red Barker extorted prize fight promoter Walter George ????


West side mobster Lawrence Mangano
In 1928 West side mobster Lawrence Mangano , Frank Pope (anybody knows some more about him ??) and North side mobster Louis Barsoti (Capone man who ran a North Clark Street den) (anybody knows some more about him ??) have a bombing war.

Chicago Laundry Drivers Local 712 president and racketeer John Clay (60) killed
16 November 1928 was John Clay (60) shot and killed in his union headquarters at 629 South Ashland avenue, he led the Chicago Laundry Drivers Local 712. Police suspect the George “Bugs” Moran gang. Laundry and Dyehouse Chauffeurs union.

Morris Becker and Capone Dying shop bombed
20 November 1928 was a Morris Becker and Capone Dyeing shop bombed

West side based William “Klondike” O’Donnell clash with George “Red” Barker

“Red” Barker friend Thomas McElligott killed
30 May 1929 was “Red” Barker friend Thomas McElligott (24) (a friend of the killed Clifford and Reilly) shot and killed in Walter Staley’s café at 361 West Madison street.

Dominick Coasta (Costa??) killed
30 May 1929 was also killed Dominick Coasta (Costa??)

West side based William “Klondike” O’Donnell clash with George “Red” Barker

5 September 1929 were gangsters Edward Wescott (23) and Frank “Cy” Cawley (27) found killed and both had nickels in their hands. They were friends of “Red” Barker

Black Hander Rocco Maggio killed
31 October 1929 was extortionist Rocco Maggio (33) shot and killed in his father in laws grocery store at 847 Taylor Street

Chicago racketeer David Ablin aka Cockeyed Mulligan
David Ablin, of the Epicure club at 19 East Cedar Street, was suspected of having inspired the pistol attack in which Ted Newberry, chief of a north side liquor syndicate, escaped with a trivial wound 1 December 1929 and police close his Epicure Club 4 December after operating only 3 months


Ben Zuckerman “Zuckie the Bookie”
14 November 1928 was shot and wounded John Chandler Acher after a traffic accident. Police arrest Ben Zuckerman


Lawndale 24th ward committeeman Moe Rosenberg
Moe Rosenberg was indicted for underpaying his taxes by $65,000 in 1929 and 1930. Rosenberg's defense centered on $500,000 in gifts he shelled out to Democratic political organizations, which he argued wasn't taxable income. His offer to settle was denied by federal prosecutors, but he died before going to trial.

The 42 gang start to work for the red Bolton gang

Polk Street saloon owner Joseph "Red" Bolton (brother politician John Bolton)
22 May 1929 was patrolman Joseph Sullivan found shot to death in his automobile in front of Joseph "Red" Bolton's saloon in Polk Street, which Sullivan had visited with the intention of gathering evidence in the Blumenthal kidnapping plot. Bolton was booked as an accessory but was discharged 14 June 1929 by Judge Jonas. William "Dinky" Quan, the bartender, and Bernard McComb are wanted. 4 August 1929 was William Barry (30) arrested as a suspect, he jumped out of a window onto a moving train, in an effort to escape, and was killed. William Quan was arrested 10 September 1929 and came free.

Polk Street saloon owner Joseph "Red" Bolton (brother politician John Bolton) man Quan
In November 1929 were the gangsters William Quan (28), Frank Rein (29) and William Wilson (32) shot to death by police Sergeant Patrick B. O'Connell and patrolmen William Stanbury and Florian Smuczynski in a firefight after the three gangsters had entered the headquarters of the Tire and Rubber Workers Union at 14 North Sacramento Boulevard and threatened the president of the union Michael Powers with their firearms

42 gang members Frank Petillo and Peter nicastro were killed by fellow 42 gang members for robbing the Red Bolton gang

Nickel murder (by McGurn??)
1 July 1930 police found the killed 42 gang member Michale Gillitchio aka Frank Pitello (17) (Petillo) and in his hand was a nickel, he worked with Red Bolton’s west side gang (a Capone ally)

42 gang member Peter Nicastro (21) shot and killed
9 September 1930 was reputed 42 gang member Peter Nicastro (21) shot and killed. Nicholas Muscato was acquitted

42 gang member John Guida (24) shot and killed
24 October 1930 was 42 gang member John Guida (24) shot and killed by alleged Moran gangsters the brothers Frank and William Carr

West side based Frank Pope

West side based Frank Pope
28 May 1930 Frank Pope and Ralph Capone were indicted on an alky charge.

West side based Lawrence Mangano and brother Phillip Mangano (of 1506 Taylor Street)

Chicago mobster
Police raided 3 November 1931 the West side headquarters of Jimmy Adduci and Lawrence Mangano and arrested Louis Scaramuzza, Peter Hoenig and Silvio Belgivello

Chicago arrest of NY boss Angelo Caruso
11 November 1931 Chicago police arrested Dago Lawrence Mangano, Paul Palmeri (palmieri) (undertaker at 1538 Whitney Ave. Niagara Falls), Frank Chiavavolloti (Chicago), Angelo Caruso (NY), Sylvester Agoglia (Chicago) in a car. Police then also arrest Louis Spenilli (Ny), Joseph Costello (Chicago) as suspects in the kidnappings of St Louis furrier Alexander berg and Rockford gambler Ralph J. “Fuzzy” Pearce. Police are still looking for Sam “Golf bag” Hunt and Harry Heiter. Paul Palmieri was, with Caruso and the rest, freed after a short time.

Lawrence Mangano brother Phillip Mangano (of 1506 Taylor Street)??????same one??
12 January 1932 was Benjamin Rosenberg (46) shot and killed. He had been manager of an independent cleaning and dying plant. Philip (Flukey) Mangano and Louis (The Louse) Clementi, west side hood who have recently been active with acid bombs and black-jacks to establish supremacy for the Capone crime syndicate in the cleaning and dyeing industry, were arrested 15 January 1932 as the principal suspects


24th ward committeeman Moe Rosenberg dies
24th ward committeeman Moe Rosenberg died and his funeral was held 15 January 1934 and gambling was then watched over by Ben Zuckerman “Zuckie the Bookie” (his financial backer Willie Galatz)

24th Ward committeeman Jacob Arvey
In 1934 Jacob Arvey became 24th ward committeeman when he followed up Moe Rosenberg


West side based Frank Pope
around 1933, he ran the West Side & Cicero books for Tony Accardo.

Lawrence Mangano brother in law Ernest “Hoppy” Rossi killed
4 February 1934 was Ernest “Hoppy” Rossi (29) aka Ernie Ross (35) killed. He was the brother in law of Lawrence Mangano

West side based boss Frank Pope killed
West side based Frank Pope was shot and killed 8 March 1934. Pope had worked for Accardo who holds a grudge against Mangano??????

John M. Bolton

John M. Bolton
Bolton was connected to gambling rackets as well; his brother Joseph "Red" Bolton was an ex-con and prohibition-era gangster.

John M. Bolton
John Bolton was also an adversary of Nitti and Adduci (in addition to former Al Capone bodyguard Louis "Little New York" Campagna).

John M. Bolton
Born in Chicago, 10/5/1901; member of IL House (2nd Dist.) as of 1936; Democrat.

John M. Bolton killed
Just past midnight in the early morning hours of July 9, 1936, while driving home in Chicago, he found himself pursued by another car and attempted to outrun them; the other car caught up on his left, whereupon its passengers opened fire, blowing off Bolton's head with shotgun blasts from a range within 5 feet; Bolton's car crashed on a nearby corner.

James J. Adduci (IL House - 2nd) believed to be front for the Capone gang
Frank Nitti, state representative James J Adduci and Louis “little new York” Campagna were under investigation after the 4 july 1936 murder of States representative John M Bolton.

James J. Adduci
On July 10, 1936, the Chicago press carried an article to the effect that Frank Nitti, State Representative James J. Adduci, and Louis "Little New York" Campagna had been placed under police surveillance. The three named were under investigation following the murder of State Representative John M. Bolton

James J. Adduci
Adduci was a good friend of 'Dago Lawrence' Mangano and Willie Bioff

James J. Adduci
serving his first term in Springfield as a Republican from [2nd Dist.]")

First Ward Republican committeeman Daniel Serritella in 1936

20th Ward Republican committeeman William Pacelli in 1936

20th Ward Democratic committeeman Carmen Vacco in 1936

25th Ward Republican committeeman William Parillo in 1936

26th Ward Republican committeeman James Vignola in 1936

28th Ward Republican committeeman Joseph Porcaro in 1936 (West side boss)

Washington Congressman William “Billy” Parrillo
Capone's lawyer and later representative in Washington Congressman William “Billy” Parrillo (his son is Donald Parrillo)

6 August 1938 were the political hoodlums and Alderman’s aids Leo Mosinski and Bruno Switoj shot and killed. A gun was left that had also been used in the April 1937 murder of bookmaker and boxer Oscar Klinger (35 and boxed under the name Hank “Moon” Baker) who was killed in his poolroom at 2459 Armitage Avenue

Police informer Joseph La Porte was shot and killed 13 August 1938

Taylor street based 42 gang leader Paul Battaglia and ally Bolton killed

Paul Battaglia killed ?? 21 March 1932??
Paul Battaglia (26) was found shot twice in the head and killed 27 August 1938. He owned a saloon at 819 West Madison and was once a member of the Genna gang and the 42 gang. His murder was ordered by Frank Nitti because he robbed outfit joints

Joseph "Red" Bolton killed (brother killed John Bolton)
Joseph "Red" Bolton was a West Side gang leader who was briefly allied with Frank McErlane and Bubs Quinlan against Capone in the late 20s. the Chicago Crime Commission has him listed as being murdered on November 24, 1938.

West side boss “Dago” Lawrence Mangano killed
Mangano and his crew made their move against the mob's acting boss, Paul Ricca, but Ricca moved first and gunned down 3 August 1944 Mangano and his partner Mike Pantillo. 3 August 1944 the boss "dago" Lawrence Mangano and his bodyguard "Big" Mike Pantillo get machine gunned possibly was Accardo behind the hit because he becomes fast the most important boss. With Mangano and Pantillo was Pantillo’s girlfriend Rita Reyes. Mangano’s body was at the morgue indentified by weeping tavern singer Anne Hagedorn. When Mangano was killed he was riding in a car owned by Ralph Cavaliera. In the Mangano murder were also questioned Dominic Nuccio, Dominick DiBella and Dominic Brancato

Dago Lawrence Mangano associate Ralph Cavaliera
Dago Lawrence Mangano associate Ralph Cavaliera aka Armie (he had lost an arm in a car accident)


politician Patrick Nash dies
6 October 1943 died politician Patrick Nash and his partner Ed Kelly made sure Zuckerman kept gambling on.

Chicago mayor Kelly
In 1943 Kelly was rechosen mayor

Chicago killers Lenny Patrick and David Yaras
They shot and killed 14 January 1944 Ben Zuckerman “Zuckie the Bookie” (his financial backer Willie Galatz) in font of his home at 4042 Wilcox street. The killers are thought to have been Lenny Patrick and David Yaras. Also Lawrence "Dago" Mangano was a suspect in the murder of Ben Zuckerman.

Many years later, Congressional investigators wrongly assumed that Ruby was run out of Chicago by Lenny Patrick for operating one of Zuckie's handbooks on Patrick's territory, without permission, and that Patrick gave Ruby 24 hours to clear out of Chicago. all the evidence points to Ruby not having been chased out of Chicago, but rather being recruited out to represent the outfit in Texas.


In 1945 (after working 3 years for Galatz) Lenny Patrick and his brother were fired by West Side gambling boss William Galatz.


Chicago killer Lenny Patrick and Galatz murder
Lenny Patrick’s partner David Yaras shot and killed 7 April 1945 Willie Galatz (44). Galatz aka Willie Tarch aka Willie Kolatch in a gangway at the rear of a building at 3710 W. Roosevelt rd.

Lenny Patrick then took control of the mob’s West Side bookmaking business.


West side based book maker Lenny Patrick
10 December 1947 was Harry “the horse” Krotish (29) shot and killed by Lenny Patrick because he wanted to take over Lenny Patrick’s West side bookmaking operation

West side based book maker Lenny Patrick
As revenge was 23 May 1948 Mercury recording company official Leo “Little Sneeze” Friedman (33) shot and killed, he also owned a restaurant in the Loop area and he had been a suspect in the 2 January 1947 robbery of a jewelry salesman. In 1936 Friedman had been sentenced to 10 years for robbing a bank and in prison he met the black numbers boss Edward Jones

West side based book maker Lenny Patrick
10 June 1948 was Norton Polsky (27) killed, he had been a friend of the already killed Leo friedman, Harry Krotish and Willie galatch

West side based book maker Lenny Patrick
10 September 1948 Lenny Patrick was interviewed regarding the murders of Norton Polsky, “Little Sneeze” Friedman and Harry “the horse” Krotisch. Patrick stated he considered himself a friend of them and said they were killed for robbing handbooks and gambling houses.

West side based book maker Lenny Patrick
Lenny Patrick killed in 1950 rival bookmaker Edward “Eddie” Murphy aka Kearns. 22 march 1950 was Edward Murphy aka Emmet Kearns (48) shot and killed. He had been a member of the Danny McGeoghegan gang during prohibition and he and Danny McGeoghegan were sentenced to serve 25 years for the robbery on 29 May 1933 of the State Exchange Bank of Culver. Murphy was paroled 11 November 1944

Rogers Park (North Side) based book maker Lenny Patrick
Patrick said he controlled the mob’s bookmaking operation on the predominantly Jewish West Side from 1946 until 1954. When the Jewish population migrated to the North Side Patrick won the approval of a mob leader to move to Rogers Park and head there bookmaking.

West side based 31th ward Republican committeeman Charley Gross
6 February 1952 politician Charley Gross (56) walked the streets to get a newspaper, then he was shot to death from a car. Gross was candidate for council member in Chicago’s 31th ward in the West side.

burglar Michael Joyce (later killed) had been a suspect in the 1952 Charles Gross murder

Republican candidate for committeeman for the 31th ward in the West side was James Mesi and his brother was the criminal Phillip Mesi

Chicago murder of Melchiore
12 July 1959 was West side real estate dealer Mario Melchiorre (36 and suspected of blockbusting) shot to death in his car.

15 February 1960 was Fred Bolton (26) shot and killed by Peter kokenes (36). Fred Bolton was the son of the killed republican politician John Bolton

West side boss Torello dies
Torello had to make place in 1979 for Joe Ferriola because of his health. In April 1979 dies James “Turk” torello.
West side boss Joe Ferriola

Boss Aiuppa, Underboss Cerone, Consiglieri Accardo
West side capo Ferriola, North side capo Vince Solano (his underboss DiVarco is in charge of Rush Street), 26th Street- Chinatown capo Angelo LaPietra, Elmwood Park capo, Chicago Heights capo Alfred Pilotto, Cicero crew capo Ernest Infelice

Chicago boss Ferriola
In January 1986 Joe Ferriola becomes the boss of the Outfit and Cerone was replaced as underboss by Ernest "Rocky" Infelice.

1986 Chicago borgata
boss Joe Ferriola, Underboss Ernest Infelice, Consiglieri Accardo
West side capo Dominic Cortina, North side capo Vincent Solano, 26th Street- Chinatown capo James Lapietra, Elmwood Park capo John DiFronzo, Chicago Heights capo Albert Tocco

Chicago West Side capo Ferriola
Ferriola was followed up as boss of the West Side by Dominic Cortina who had as top capo Donald Angelini.
Chicago West Side capo Dominic Cortina

Chicago West Side
In November 1989 Dominic Cortina and Angelini confess and Cortina was replaced by Anthony Centracchio as West side boss.

West side boss Anthony “Tony” Centracchio dies
Alleged West Side mob boss Anthony ''Tony'' Centracchio (71) dies August 9, 2001. Anthony ''Tony'' Centracchio had been awaiting trial on federal racketeering charges. Centracchio had been on trial with his reported right-hand man, former Stone Park police officer Thomas Tucker, as well as former Franklin Park police officer Robert S. Urbinati and Robert Natale, ex-mayor of Stone Park. Centracchio also was suspected to be a fence for part of his career.


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