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Puparo's History of Palermo's Porta Nuova Mandamento

Organized crime at its most organized. That’s what Sicilian Cosa Nostra achieved by organizing all the families on the island in what are called ‘mandamenti’. Gangsters Inc.’s Angelo Carmelo Gallitto explains that “a 'mandamento' is formed by three or more neighboring crime families and it's led by a 'capomandamento', who is a member of the Provincial Commission. The 'capomandamento' is the boss of a crime family and he is usually elected by the other bosses of the area who are represented by him on the Provincial Commission.”

He continues: “But in time the rules changed. According to turncoat Tommaso Buscetta, in the past even a simple soldier could be elected as 'capomandamento', in order to not create rivalry between the family bosses. When Totò Riina became the boss of bosses, the 'capimandamento' were chosen directly by him. Some 'mandamenti' were removed or put under the supervision of others.”

For more on the various mandamenti that control organized crime in Sicily’s major province read Angelo Carmelo Gallitto’s “Cosa Nostra Families and Reputed Current Bosses of the Palermo Prov....”

One of the most powerful mandamenti is the Porta Nuova mandamento, located in the center of Palermo. It is formed by the Porta Nuova, Palermo Centro, and Borgo Vecchio families.

Puparo decided to delve into Porta Nuova’s violent history and give a rundown of all the details, names, murder scenes, winners and losers of this mandamento. Any feedback, comments, suggestions, and/or corrections are, as always, appreciated.


By Puparo

Tommaso Natale capomafia Salvatore Lo Piccolo
capomafia Salvatore Lo Piccolo (born in Palermo 20 july 1942) and his son Sandro Lo Piccolo

Passo Di Rigano capomafia Salvatore Buscemi
Passo Di Rigano capomafia Salvatore Buscemi (born 28 may 1938) and his brother Domenico Buscemi. Passo Di Rigano capomafia Salvatore Buscemi brother in law Acquasanta capo mafia Francesco Bonura

Passo di Rigano capomafia Michelangelo La Barbera
Passo Di Rigano capomafia Michelangelo La Barbera (born 10 september 1943) and his sons Matteo La Barbera, Pietro La Barbera

Boccadifalco capo mafia Vincenzo Marciano
Boccadifalco capo mafia Vincenzo Marciano (born 2 january 1945) and his brothers Giovanni Marciano, Francesco Marciano and Vincenzo Marciano

Passo di Rigano capomafia Michelangelo La Barbera
Passo Di Rigano capomafia Michelangelo La Barbera (born 10 september 1943) was arrested 3 december 1994

11 April 2006 was near Corleone capomafia Bernardo Provenzano arrested. With him police arrested Calogero Lo Bue, his son Giuseppe Lo Bue and Bernardo Riina who are all from Corleone.

Porta Nuova capo mafia Salvatore Gioeli
Porta Nuova capo mafia Salvatore Gioeli (born 1 september 1966 and living in via Messina Marine)

Bernardo Provenzano's successors Rotolo, Cina and Bonura arrested in Palermo policeoperation “Gotha”
20 June 2006 police arrested in Palermo 52 people, including three Mafia leaders believed to be the successors of boss-of-bosses Bernardo Provenzano after his arrest in April. The police operation was carried out thanks to extensive investigations and to 'pizzini', notes used by Provenzano to issue orders to his mafia footsoldiers, found in the farmhouse where he was hiding until his arrest on 11 April ended his 43-years as a fugitive. Among those arrested are three Mafia bosses, Antonino Rotolo (60), Antonino Cina (61 or 51) and Francesco Bonura (64 or 56), who led the criminal organisation on Provenzano's behalf from a hut right near the home where Rotolo was serving a life sentence under house arrest. the arrest of 11 heads of Mafia families in Palermo, a dozen Mafia bosses and five of their lieutenants." He added that operations leading to the arrests had to be speeded up as a new Mafia war was about to break out for the control of the island, after the detention of Provenzano. Antonino Rotolo, 60, Antonino Cina, 61 and Francesco Bonura were going to order the murders of father and son Lo Piccolo. In the arrest warrants, prosecutors leading the investigations wrote that Rotolo, Cina and Bonura had close contacts with the political world and had also been "pursuing a strategy" to include among candidates at local elections in Palermo next year politicians belonging to the Mafia or supporting the organization. Ring leaders were reportedly also managing an extortion racket targeting retailers in Palermo and entrepreneurs which was especially run to support the families of Mafia criminals in jail. Arrested were Gerlando Alberti sr (79 capomafia from Porta Nuova), Filippo Annatelli (43 capomafia from Corso Calatafimi-Roccella), Angelo Badagliacca (33 capomafia from Rocca Mezzo Monreale), Pietro Badagliacca (52 capomafia from Rocca Mezzo Monreale), Gaetano Badagliacca (51 capomafia from Rocca Mezzo Monreale), Girolamo Biondino (48 capomafia from San Lorenzo), Francesco Bonura (56 and underboss of Uditore), Vincenzo Brusca (52 capomafia from Torretta), Carmelo Cancemi (54), Giovanni Cancemi (35), Giuseppe Cappello (69 capomafia from Borgo Molara), Calogero Caruso (69 capomafia from Torretta), Antonino Cinà (51 mandamento of San Lorenzo), Salvatore Davì (48 capomafia from Partanna Mondello), Antonino Di Maggio (52 capomafia from Carini), Lorenzo Di Maggio (55 capomafia from Torretta), Vincenzo Di Maio (62 capomafia from Acquasanta), Pietro Di Napoli (67 acting mandamento of Noce), Mario Grizzaffi (40 capomafia from Corleone), Salvatore Gioeli (40 capomafia from Porta Nuova), Nicola Ingarao (mandamento Porta Nuova), Francesco Inzerillo (born in 1955), Francesco Inzerillo (born in 1956), Rosario Inzerillo (born in 1953 or 1954 capomafia from Altarello), Tommaso Inzerillo (born in 1948 or 1949), Emanuele Lipari (45), Alessandro Mannino (46 capomafia from Boccadifalco), Calogero Mannino (66 capomafia from Uditore), Giovanni Marcianò (64 acting capomafia from Boccadifalco), Vincenzo Marcianò (acting capomafia from Boccadifalco), Settimo Mineo (68), Giovanni Nicoletti (56), Michele Oliveri (75 capomafia from Pagliarelli), Angelo Parisi (27), Pietro Parisi (56), Antonino Pipitone (77 capomafia from Acquasanta), Vincenzo Pipitone (capomafia from Carini), Salvatore Pispicia (41 capomafia from Palermo Centro), Rosario Rizzuto (49), Antonino Rotolo (60 mandamento of Pagliarelli), Gaetano Sansone (56 capomafia from Uditore), Giuseppe Sansone (58 capomafia from Uditore), Giuseppe Savoca (mandamento Brancaccio), Giovanni Sirchia (32 capomafia from Passo di Rigano), Francesco Stassi (72), Vincenzo Vallelunga (56 capomafia from Carini?), Giuseppe Brusca (capomafia from Boccadifalco), Giovanni Nicchi (capomafia from Pagliarelli). Seven men are still being sought.

Palermo murdercase Giuseppe D'Angelo
22 Augustus 2006 was in an ambush in Palermo a man was shot dead in the marine area of Sferracavallo, in the street of the same name, number 41. The man's name is Giuseppe D'Angelo, 69-year-old Palermo resident, the victim of the ambush which happened shortly before 11 am in Palermo. The body was found face down on the road, in front of a fruit shop which he was allegedly the owner of. The man was killed by a few gunshots. The neighbourhood belongs to Tommaso Natale “mandamento” and is under the control of the fugitive bosses Salvatore and Sandro Lo Piccolo who probably ordered the murder, but it also could be a sort of challenge to them from some east Palermo bosses.

Sferracavallo capo mafia Bartolomeo “Lino”Spatola killed
Bartolomeo “Lino”Spatola (born 18 january 1934) (72) disappeared in December 2006

Rotolo’s acting boss and the Porta nuova capomandamento Nicola Ingarao killed
13 june 2007 was Rotolo’s acting boss and the Porta nuova capomandamento Nicola Ingarao killed at the orders of Salvatore Lo Piccolo (from the tapes on which Rotolo was arrested, he had ordered the murder of Salvatore Lo Piccolo and his son Sandro Lo Piccolo, who now reacted with this murder)
Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Angelo Monti (brother in law of killed Nicola Ingarao)

Porta Nuova capo mafia Tommaso Lo Presti (son of the in 1997 killed Salvatore Lo Presti) and Kalsa capomafia Antonino Lauricella “U Scintilluni”
Porta Nuova capo mafia Tommaso Lo Presti (his brother in law is Giovanni Marino) and Kalsa capo mafia Antonino Lauricella (son in law is Giuseppe Ruggeri) made Salvatore Pispicia capo mafia of Palermo Centro (mandamento Porta Nuova) and Angelo Monti capo mafia of Borgo Vecchio

Kalsa capomafia Antonino Lauricella “U Scintilluni” (the shining one)
Kalsa capo mafia Antonino Lauricella stood on trial 9 November 1988 for a double murder. Lauricella was the brother in law of Pietro Senapa.

Palermo Centro capo mafia Salvatore Pispicia

Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Angelo Monti (brother in law of killed Nicola Ingarao)

Porta Nuova capo mafia Gaetano Lo Presti
In 2007 was Gaetano Lo Presti appointed capo mafia of Porta Nuova by Salvatore Lo Piccolo


Porta Nuova mandamento according to Salvatore Cancemi: Porta Nuova, Borgo Vecchio, Palermo centro (according to Carmelo also the small districts Kalsa and Alberghia)

Palermo Central
Palermo Central capo mafia Salvatore La Barbera and brother Angelo La Barbera ,

Kalsa (the old arabic part of Palermo)
The center of the Kalsa Quarter is the square Piazza della Kalsa

Kalsa (the old arabic part of Palermo) with Tommaso Spadaro- Buccafusca clan
Kalsa capo mafia Tommaso MasinoSpadaro’s sons Vincenzo Spadaro and Francesco Spadaro and daughter Giuseppina « Giusy »Spadaro (who married 1986 Pasquale Di Filippo). Tommaso Spadaro’s nephew Nino Spadaro (son of Giuseppe Spadaro) married 14 january 1984 Anna Scavone (Costa verde)

Porta Nuova
Girolamo Buccafusca and son Vincenzo Buccafusca (son in law of Kalsa capo mafia Tommaso Masino Spadaro)

Family Di Fillippo
Agata di Filippo is married with Bagarella’s brother in law Antonino Marchese, her brothers are Pasquale di Filippo and Emanuele di Filippo. Pasquale Di Filippo is married with Giuseppina “Giusy”Spadaro the daughter of Kalsa boss Tommaso “Masino”Spadaro

Butcher Leonardo Calo and wife Teresa Scrima had as son Giuseppe Calo “Salamandra”(born 30 september 1931) who married Rosa Mattaliano (brother is Gregorio Mattaliano) and his son in law is Uditore Mafioso Giovanni Sansone. Giuseppe Calo’s cousin was Francesco Scrima whose best friend is Salvatore Cancemi (born Palermo 19 march 1942). Calo is a friend of Giovanni Corallo

Salvatore Cancemi (right) book “Riina mi fece I nomidi, confessione di un ex boss della cupola”. Sicilian pentito Salvatore Cancemi thinks there are about 5000 cosa nostra members.

Mafia family Bellino
Gaspare Bellino (born in Palermo on 1 january 1935)
Giuseppe Bellino (born in Palermo on 20 november 1962)
Vincenzo Bellino (born in Palermo on 27 january 1943)

Vittorio Mangano
Vittorio Mangano (born 18 august 1940, died in july 2000) married in 1964 Marianna Imbrociano. Vittorio Mangano's daughter Loredana “Lory” Mangano is married with fugitive mafioso Enrico Di Grusa.

Palermo Centro capo mafia Giuseppe D’Accardi dies
Palermo Centro capo mafia Giuseppe D’Accardi died in july 1952

Palermo Centro capo mafia Antonino “Nino” Butera (1952- 1955)

Palermo Centro capo mafia Vincenzo D’Accardi (in 1955)

Porta Nuova capo mafia Giuseppe “Pippo”Calo’s father was killed by Paolo Scaletta who himself was 2 days later shot and wounded in 1954 by Giuseppe “Pippo” Calo (who was the same year inducted into the Porta Nuova cosca as a Mafioso) and died 2 days later. Giuseppe "pippo" Calo had to serve 8 months in the Ucciardone prison where he meets the also imprisoned Domenico Balducci. Gianni Lalicata had helped murder the father of Calo and Calo later becomes boss of the Porta Nuova cosca.

Palermo's Cupola (1957):
Ciaculli capo mafia and Cupola chairman Salvatore "cicchiteddu" Greco
(Giuseppe Bartolino)
(Giuseppe Chiaracane)
Noce capo mafia Calcedonio Di Pisa
Palermo central capo mafia Salvatore La Barbera
Acquasanta capo mafia Michele Cavataio
Villagrazia Di Carini capo mafia Francesco Sorci
Vicari capo mafia Mariano Marsala (his son is Vincenzo Marsala)
San Giuseppe Iato capo mafia Antonino Salamone
Cinisi capo mafia Cesare Manzella
Casteldaccia capo mafia Giuseppe Panno
San Mauro Castelverde capo mafia Mario Farinella
Mario Di Girolamo
Resuttana capo mafia Antonino "Nino" Matranga
San Lorenzo capo mafia Mariano Troia
Boccadifalco capo mafia Salvatore Manno
Lorenzo Motisi


Palermo Cupola (early 60ties):
Ciaculli capo mafia and Cupola chairman Salvatore Greco "cicchiteddu"
Uditore capo mafia Pietro Torretta
Santa Maria Del Gesù capo mafia Andrea Messina
Palermo Central capo mafia Angelo La Barbera
Resuttana capo mafia Antonino "Nino" Matranga
Acquasanta capo mafia Michele Cavataio
Porta Nuova capo mafia Gaetano Filippone
San Lorenzo capo mafia Mariano Troia
Ciaculli capo mafia Michele Greco
Corleone capo mafia Luciano Leggio
Partinico capo mafia Nenè Geraci
San Giuseppe Iato capo mafia Antonino Salamone
Camporeale capo mafia Vanni Sacco
Bagheria capo mafia Antonino Mineo
San Mauro Castelverde capo mafia Mario Farinella
Cinisi capo mafia Cesare Manzella
Passo Di Rigano capo mafia Salvatore Di Maggio
Boccadifalco capo mafia Salvatore Manno
Partanna Mondello capo mafia Vincenzo Nicoletti
Casteldaccia capo mafia Giuseppe Panno
Villagrazia Di Carini capo mafia Francesco Sorci
Pagliarelli capo mafia Matteo Motisi

Palermo mayor Salvo Lima (right), he became mayor of Palermo thanks to the La Barbera brothers, his father Vincenzo is a member of their cosca. Lima was followed up as alderman of public works by his friend Vito Ciancimino, as bounty went 80 % of all buildingcontracts to La Barbera's fronts Vassallo, Cascina, Moncada and Caruso. They held in their hands practically whole Palermo`s buildingconstruction what angers the other bosses.

Alcamo capomafia Vincenzo Rimi and murder of Stefano Leale in Palermo
9 April 1960 was in Palermo the mafioso Stefano Leale killed at the orders of Alcamo capomafia Vincenzo Rimi. Stefano Leale was married with Serafina Battaglia who had as son from a former relation Salvatore Lupo Leale. Serafina Battaglia was pressing her son to avenge the murder of her husband. Rimi’s son in law Nino Buccellato

Alcamo capomafia Rimi and Villabate murdercase Giovanni Giangreco
5 September 1960 was in Villabate Giovanni Giangreco killed at the order of Alcamo capomafia Vincenzo Rimi and his son Filippo Rimi who later got for the murder life sentences.

Monreale mafioso Domenico Minasola killed (bandit Giuliano aftermath)
20 September 1960 was in San Giuseppe Jato’s main square the Monreale mafioso Domenico Minasola shot and killed, he would have now a quarrell with his old friend Filippo Riolo.

Lucca Sicula (AG)
20 september 1960 was Paolo Bongiorno killed in Lucca Sicula (AG)

Bandit Giuliano gangmember Riolo killed
12 July 1961 was the mafioso Filippo Riolo shot dead, he had been Giuliano's cassier. Riolo had been a suspect in the poisoning of Pisciotta but was spoken free by judge Scaglione.

Riolo’s partner Caviglia killed
Monreale mafioso Riolo had become involved in the building boom in Palermo with his friend Caviglia and they supplied the big firms. At the end of october 1961 was also Riolo’s partner Caviglia killed when he left his house to enter his car and a killer shot him with a lupara.

Vincenzo De Maria
Caviglia’s friends chase at the end of october 1961 in their car an other car in which is Vincenzo De Maria and a firefight starts between the men and Vincenzo De Maria escapes. His friends then shootup 10 november 1961 a car with their opponents.

Noce capo mafia Calcedonio Di Pisa “Doruccio”
Noce capo mafia Calcedonio Di Pisa was killed 26 december 1962 at the orders of Michele Cavataio who put the blame on Palermo Centro capo mafia Salvatore La Barbera

Palermo murdercase Raffaele Spina
8 January 1963 Di Pisa's man Raffaele Spina was killed.

Palermo Centro capo mafia Salvatore La Barbera killed
17 January 1963 Salvatore La Barbera gets heared by La Cupola, he feels safe because his friends Alberti and Buscetta guaranteed his safety but they had changed sides on account of their friend Salvatore “the engineer” Greco. La Barbera’s pledge that he didn’t have Di Pisa killed doesn’t safe him and they strangle him and bury his body on the estate of Gigino Pizzuto.

Palermo, Mayor
dottore Francesco Saverio Diliberto 24/1/1963 30/6/1964

Palermo murdercase
1April 1963 a capo of Angelo La barbera gets killed.

19 April 1963 they try to kill Angelo La barbera and Tommaso Buscetta at Stefano Giaconia's place.

Palermo centro capo mafia Vincenzo D’Accardi killed
23 April 1963 Vincenzo D’Accardi de boss of Palermo Centro gets murdered by men of La Barbera.

Palermo murdercase Gulizzi
24 April 1963 was Rosolino Gulizzi killed.

Cinisi (Palermo) capo mafia Cesare Manzella killed
When Luciano died in 1962 the man who took over much of his narcotics trade was Cinisi's boss Cesare Manzella whose brother in law was Luigi Impastato, while his underboss was Gaetano Badalamenti. 26 April 1963 a carbomb killed Cesare Manzella and his bodyguard Filippo Vitale (hmmm family off??) and Cinisi boss became Gaetano Badalamenti.
Cinisi (Palermo) capo mafia Gaetano Badalamenti, sottocapo Vito Palazzolo“Mommo Varvazzedda"

Milan attack at Angelo La Barbera
24 May 1963 Angelo La barbera gets seriously wounded when they shoot him down in Milan.

Cinisi boss Gaetano Badalamenti indicted
28 May 1963 there is an indictment against Badalamenti but he is still being sought.

benedetto santapaola
In june 1963 Benedetto Santapaola murders the mafioso Carmelo Mirabella.

Cinisi boss Gaetano Badalamenti indicted
17 July 1963 there is an other indictment against Badalamenti.

Palermo centro mafiosi Conigliaro and Garofalo killed in attack
19 June 1963 Palermo Centro mafiosi Girolamo Conigliaro and Pietro Garofalo storm the home of the boss Pietro Torretta. Torretta was warned by Cavataio and kills both would be assassins. Torretta was arrested and Cavataio and Buscetta escaped. Outside the killers had Gianni Lalicata as a look out and he warns La Cupola about Cavataio’s treason. Gianni Lalicata had murdered the father of Calo who beholds a grudge against him and Calo becomes boss of the Porta Nuova cosca.

Santa Maria di Gesu underboss Bernardo Diana killed
22 June 1963 Stefano Bontate’s friend and underboss Bernardo Diana gets murdered by Giuseppe Sirchia at the command of Cavataio.

Palermo murdercase Leonforte
27 June 1963 was Emanuele Leonforte killed, he ran the fruitmarket and was a friend of Salvatore Greco.

Palermo other murdercases
Also the mafiosi Mariano Troia, Salvatore Manno, Francesco Sorci, Mario Di Girolamo and Santo Librici where killed

Misilmeri capo mafia Mommo Grasso killed
many disappeared like Mommo Grasso and his son, the bosses of Misilmeri.

Palermo double murdercase
29 june 1963 two bakers find a suspect car parked in front of the home of the mafia family Di Peri. They allarm a night watch man and inspect the car then a bomb explodes which kills 2 of the men and the third gets cripled.

Palermo carabinieri massacre
The next day, 30 June 1963, a policepatrol finds a carbomb and allerts the bombsquad which dismantle a bomb. That bomb was a decoy and the real bomb goes of and kills 7 carabinieri under which their officer Mario Malausa, according to the book by Gaia Servadio. The other victims were Silvio Corrao, Calogero Vaccaro, Eugene Altomare, Mario Farbelli, George Ciacci and the seventh was called Nuccio. The bomb was intended to kill Salvatore "Cichiteddu" Greco. (source Thomas L Jones)

Within five days of the Ciaculli bomb an Anti-Mafia commission convenes and proposes the first Anti-Mafia law which is approved six weeks later. The government has had enough and many get arrested like Di Peri, Passalacqua, Nicoletti and Gaetano Filippone sr. General Aldo De Marco was the head of the carabinieri in Palermo. The government send 700 Sicilian and Calabrian mafioso with their families to North italy in confinement, trying to break the power of the mafia in Southern Italy. They settle in cities as Rome (Frank Coppola is there the most important now), Milan and Turin and start to work with the local criminals in kidnappings, robberies, pizzo extortion and drugsselling. In Trezzano sul Naviglio arrive from sicily the families Guzzardi, taormina, Ciulla and De Marco and from Southern calabria from Plati the family Morabito. In Milan live Gerlando alberti, Antonino matranga, the brothers Bono (nephews from boss Salamone) and from Plati, calabria the musitano family.

Porta Nuova capocosca Giuseppe “Pippo” Calo
Boss Giuseppe Calo, underboss Giovanni Lipari and consiglieri Tommaso Spadaro.

Calderone and Di Cristina visit prince Valerio Junio Borghese in Rome
Calderone and Di Cristina went to visit Borghese in Rome and he wanted cosa nostra to occupy Sicily when they got a message from him. Borghese would then pardon convicted mobsters like Rimi and Leggio. Badalamenti opposes the plans because he doesn't want the identity of cosa nostra members revealed and also he is afraid for a fascist regime. Badalamenti then gave a warning to Borghese in the form of a message.

Borghese's coup in Italy
7 December 1970 Borghese's coup proves to be a balloon with hot air what was witnessed by Rimi who tells Badalamenti. Della Chiaie's name is inextricably linked to the abortive coup attempt by the "Black Prince" Valario Borghese in December 1970

the Spaniard Manuel Sanchez Covisa
The Spaniard Manuel Sanchez Covisa had hidden the coup leaders prince Valerio de Borghese and Stefano della Chiaie.

15 December 1970 Alessi announces that the coup try in 1964 was really nothing.

SID director and general Vito Miceli
SID director and general Vito Miceli worked from 1970 till he was fired 31 july 1974.

In november 1970 police hears a phonecall between Gerlando Alberti sr and Buscetta's man Romano that goes about drugs.

30 November 1970 phoned Giuseppe Sirchia the carabinieri in the town Castelfranco Veneto where he is confined and told them that 4 killers of Alberti were near to kill him. The carabinieri arrested them under them is Alberti's godson Gaetano Fidanzati who works for capomafia Giuseppe Bono and the others were Giuseppe Galeazzo, Salvatore Lo Presti and Salvatore Rizzuto who work for Calo’s Porta Nuova cosca.

Giuseppe Sirchia was in 1978 killed with his wife Giacomina Gambino outside ucciardone prison

14 December 1970 married Antonino Calderone with as witnesses Francesco Cinardo and Carmelo Costanzo. After that he went on a honeymoontrip through Italy during which he met in Napels Stefano Bontate and Stefano Giaconia and in Milan Giuseppe Bono and Antonio Salamone.

24 February 1971 was Antonino Caruso, the son of the building constructor, kidnapped. He is the godson of minister Mattarella, what should have made him an untouchable. The minister soon died from a heart attack. Judge Scaglione is a friend of Caruso and marked the ransom through which he found out, after Caruso came free, that he had been kidnapped by mafia members, but had been imprisoned in the house of a neo-fascist.

Calo settles in Rome
Calo moved in 1971 from Palermo to Rome where he settled and started to work with the Roman gangster bosses.

15 February 1972 was Vittorio Mangano arrested for extortion.

23 August 1972 were Vittorio Mangano, Antonio Vernengo and Antonino La Rosa arrested.

26 October 1972 were Vittorio Mangano and the drugdealer Gioacchino Mafara arrested in a car.

Mangano was suspected in the kidnapping of Luigi D’Angerio after a dinner in the Silvio Berlusconi villa 7 december 1974.

Barcelona capo mafia Carmelo Coppolino and Vincenzo Fugazzotto were friends of the killed Palermitan boss Stefano Giaconia. Barcelona capomafia Carmelo Coppolino was in cigarette smuggling according to Catania pentito Antonino Calderone who spoke Trapani mafioso Mariano Agate in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto where that one was with Nitto Santapaola to meet Nitto’s brother Natale Santapaola. Natale Santapaola was close with Barcelona capomafia Carmelo Coppolino “Raia” and Vincenzo Fugazzotto from Barcellona. Vincenzo Fugazzotto has got to do with Barcellona soccerclub “A.S. Nuova Igea” also Francesco Gitto, Giuseppe Gullotti, Giovanni Sindoni and Pietro Arno.

22 September 1976 disappeared Stefano Giaconia (Diaconia) (42) told his wife police. In front of Giaconia’s fish shop had the boss Angelo La Barbera been shot at 23 april 1963 and Giaconia was wounded. Corleonesi supporter Stefano Giaconia met the same fate as Giacolone. He would start to lead the resurrected cosca of Palermo Central and would probably have become a member of la Cupola. Bontate strangled him helped by Riccobono. Riccobono helped him because Giaconia had called him a snitch because of his contacts with police chief Bruno Contrada. Pentito Gaspare Mutolo admitted he helped strangle Stefano Giaconia

In 1976 Vittorio Mangano and Salvatore Cancemi shot and killed Porta Nuova soldier Emanuele La Fiura who was suspected of being an informer. 20 Days later Pippo Calo inducted Salvatore Cancemi in the Porta Nuova borgata.

In 1977 they reorganize cigarette smuggling big and Zaza and sicilian boss Spadaro finance it but the bosses of the operation are Francesco Prudentino and Giuseppe D’Onofrio.

19 May 1979 Porta Nuova capo mafia Giuseppe “Pippo”Calo personally strangled his own capo Giovanni Lallicata and had his body disappear because Lallicata was close with Gaetano Badalamenti. Also a suspect is Capizzi sr “Gobbo”. Life sentences for ordering the murder got Salvatore Riina, Pippo Calò, Michele Greco, Bernardo Brusca, Bernardo Provenzano, Antonio Geraci and Francesco Madonia.

Agostino “Il Pazzo”Badalamenti (later Porta Nuova capo mandamento)
In august 1979 Agostino Badalamenti (later Porta Nuova capo mandamento) killed the small criminal Michele lipari and phoned the police and went to prison. ?????????????????????????????????

Cupola regionale 1977-1981 con a capo Michele Greco papa>>:
Santa Maria Del Gesù capo mafia Stefano Bontate
Resuttana capo mafia Francesco Madonia
Palermo Central capo mafia Pippo Calò
Noce capo mafia Raffaele Ganci,
San Lorenzo capo mafia Giuseppe Giacomo Gambino
Brancaccio capo mafia Giuseppe Lucchese
Corleone capo mafia Totò Riina
Passo Di Rigano capo mafia Totò Inzerillo
San Giuseppe Iato capo mafia Bernardo Brusca
Partinico capo mafia Nenè Geraci
Bagheria capo mafia Leonardo Greco
Casteldaccia capo mafia Giuseppe Panno
Capaci capo mafia Nino Troia
Boccadifalco capo mafia Salvatore Buscemi
Villabate capo mafia Salvatore Montalto
Pagliarelli capo mafia Matteo Motisi

Matteo Messina Denaro, Trapani
Vincenzo Milazzo, Alcamo - Trapani
Mariano Agate, Mazara del Vallo - Trapani
Calogero Buccellato, Castellammare Del Golfo - Trapani
Nitto Santapaola, Catania
Giuseppe Di Cristina, Riesi - Caltanissetta
Francesco Madonia, Vallelunga - Caltanissetta
Antonino Ferro, Canicattì - Agrigento
Carmelo Colletti, Ribera - Agrigento

Palermo Central capo mafia Ignazio Gnoffo killed
Palermo Centro capo mafia Ignazio Gnoffo was 15 june 1981(1980??) killed by the corleonesi
Palermo Central capo mafia Giovanni Corallo

10 September 1981 was carabinieri Vito Ievolella (born 4 december 1929) six times shot and killed at piazza Principe di Camporeale by Giuseppe Lucchese and 3 other killers. Also in the killer team were Giuseppe “Pino” Greco, Filippo Marchese, Mario Prestifilippo, Giovanni Ficci, Antonino Marchese, Pietro Senapa, Salvatore Cancemi (pentito) and Salvatore Cucuzza (pentito). Life sentences in 1983 got Kalsa capo mafia Tommaso Spadaro for ordering the murder (because the carbinieri was investigating his drugs lines and had published a report with the names of about 50 people that worked for the Kalsa boss) and the shooter Giuseppe Lucchese.

18 september 1981 police arrest the multi killer Giuseppe Di Girolamo and Santo Barranca (a suspect in the murder of carabinieri Vito Jevolella)

Porta Nuova capodecina Salvatore Cancemi
When in 1982 Francesco Scrima was in Rome, he spoke with Giuseppe Calo about Salvatore Cancemi and Salvatore Cancemi was made a capodecina.

Spain heroin importer Victoriano Molina-Chacon
Throughout 1982 and the first part of 1983, Sheila Silvetti and Francis DiTommaso assumed active roles in the illegal laundering and international smuggling of the illicit drug profits.

Italy heroin importer Gaetano Guiffrida
Upon Guiffrida's return to Italy, Italian authorities installed wiretaps on his home and office phones. From early November 1982 through January 1983, authorities intercepted numerous conversations between Guiffrida and Molina-Chacon. Their discussions touched upon a wide variety of business matters ranging from details of particular money-laundering schemes to potential problems created by Turano's arrest. During one conversation, Molina-Chacon emphasized that whenever he was in Spain he relied upon Rudolfo Risatti in New York to keep him informed about the progress of the money laundering activities. Another discussion focussed on Anthony Castelbuono, Sheila Silvetti's paramour and a principal player in the various money laundering and smuggling operations. Because Castelbuono had squandered more than $1,000,000 in drug profits while gambling during a laundering trip to Atlantic City, Molina-Chacon and Guiffrida contemplated whether Castelbuono should be killed.

Spain heroin importer Victoriano Molina-Chacon
In January 1983 Molina-Chacon and Guiffrida discussed a shipment of shoes which was being prepared to be sent from Italy to Mintor Shoes, the New York outlet owned by Molina-Chacon. Later that month, Molina-Chacon personally travelled to Florence, Italy, to inspect the shipment. Just before the cargo was scheduled to leave Italy, he returned to the United States. The next day, Italian authorities seized the 160 carton shoe shipment and made several arrests. A thorough search of the goods disclosed a half-kilogram of pure heroin stashed in the middle shoe box in each of the 160 cartons. The total haul, 80 kilograms of pure heroin, was estimated as having a street value in New York of more than $131,000,000. When news of the seizure and arrests reached Molina-Chacon in New York, he fled to Spain with his family, leaving Risatti in charge of the shoe business. The swiss men George Kastl, Werner Denz, Paul Waridel and the turkish Yasar Musullulu. This group had in the years 1982-1983 contacted Mussullulu for the payment of morphine base, beyond 17 million dollars. In 1982 the judges of Florence also investigated an other group: Gaetano Giuffrida, Tommaso Spadaro, George Kastl, Delfino Colmegna, had been credited with sums beyond 28 million dollars in favor of Balmex (of Patrick Laurent) through the Morgan Guaranty Trust of New York, and approximately 5 million dollars in favor of Algrado (of Werner Denz). It had been assessed, moreover, that Werner Denz, with his brother Martin Denz, using one of their offices in Greece, supplied logistic attendance to use ships time in time to transport the cigarettes or narcotics. these inquiries centralized on these named Swiss personages and their companies.

Palermo borough Kalsa with Spadaro Boccafusca cosca led by Tommaso Spadaro and Boccafusca. 23 January 1983 police find in Firenze 80 kilos of heroin from Tommaso Spadaro which was to be send to the family Gambino in New York (connected to this were money launderer Michael Haenggi and the so called Spain Peseta connection?). In june 1984, a Florence court sentenced George Kastl to 26 years in prison for trafficking 82 kilos of heroin.

Porta Nuova member and drug boss Nuncio LaMattina killed
24 january 1983 was Porta Nuova member and heroin kingpin Nuncio LaMattina killed after 1,5 million dollars had disappeared, he had said his courier had been robbed, but the bosses didn’t believe him. He was followed up by his right hand Antonino Rotolo

Nunzio La Mattina his brother in law Francesco Lo Nigro was killed 15 february 1983

Nunzio La Mattina son in law Salvatore Priolo and his other son in law Vernengo (married to Giuseppa La Mattina)

Antonino Rotolo paid 29 march 1983 five million dollars in Swiss to the Turkish Solayman and Paul Waridel who work for the Turkish boss Musullulu. This was also attended by Franco Della Torre, Olviero Tognoli, Leonardo Greco and Vito Roberto Palazzolo.

In 1983 Pippo Calo took his Porta Nuova capo Salvatore Cancemi to San Giuseppe Iato where Cancemi saw for the first time Salvatore Riina.

Gambino capo Conte
In 1984 buried Gambino capo Conte and his man Versaglia 1,9 million dollars profit from the heroin business they had done with the sicilian bosses Salvatore Riina and Porta Nuova boss Giuseppe Calo with whom Salvatore Cancemi saw them (Conte and Versaglia). Also connected to this heroindeal was Antonino Rotolo, Conte gave nothing of this money to Gotti after the murder of Castellano. (was later told by pentito Salvatore Cancemi).

Bank robbers Gerlando Alberti jr and Sanita (Naples) camorra boss Giuseppe Misso
31 october 1984 police find a tunnel under the Banco di Roma in Messina made by through Gerlando Alberti Jr hired napolitans led by Giuseppe Misso. In the early 80ties camorra boss Giuseppe Misso robbed with Sicilians like Gerlando Alberti Jr (a nephew of Calo's capo) and the killer Francesco Caccamo (later killed) the Monte Banco di Napoli and the Gioiellera Pane.

Sanita (Naples) camorraboss Giuseppe Misso
During the maxi arrests against Cutolo's men the boss Giuseppe Misso lived in Brasil.

Napels Milan train bomb ordered by boss Calo
Buscetta's boss Calo got the order to close Buscetta's mouth. 23 December 1984 had Calo than a bomb placed in the Napels Milan express train by Misso’s trustees Carmine Lombardi (16) and later pentito Lucio Luongo (23), when it explodes it killed 16 people. This way Calo tried to change the attention of police to the extreme right terrorism, the bomb was made by the german Friederich Schaudinn who was later arrested and disappeared into an italian prison. Before the bomb attack had Calo contacted with the mafia boss Antonio Messina, a lawyer.

Life sentences got Pippo Calo, his underboss Guido Cercola, Franco di Agostino, Antonio Rotolo, Giuseppe Misso, Luigi Cardone, Alfonso Galeota and Giulio Pirozzi and Friederich Schaudinn.

Porta Nuova capocosca Giuseppe “Pippo” Calo arrested in Rome
Antonino Rotolo and Giuseppe Calo get arrested 15 march 1985 in Rome, in Calo’s house police found 22 pounds of heroin and explosives of the same kind as the bombattack at the train. Also has Calo the numbers of men of Canicatti boss Ferro. Acting boss became Salvatore Cancemi.
Porta Nuova acting boss Salvatore Cancemi

Palermo Centro with capo mafia Salvatore Cucuzza, (then capomafia Salvatore Cancemi,) and now capo mafia Agostino Badalamenti (capomandamento and free ??? or dead??)

21 december 1985 was Misso trustee Carmine Lombardi (17) shot and killed

Paolo Misso (brother Giuseppe Misso) arrested
In 1986 was in Padova Paolo Misso the brother of the camorraboss Giuseppe Misso arrested. There is also the brother Umberto Misso

In October 1988 fled Friederich Schaudinn (51 and his wife is Anke Wahner, 48)

Gaetano Fidanzati and Corrado Iacolare arrested in Operation Seaport
21 February 1990 police arrest in Italy Vincenzo Galatolo, Giuseppe Galatolo, Raffaele Galatolo and John Galatolo and Antonino Zacco and in Argentina Gaetano Fidanzati, Giuseppe Ciulla, the camorista Corrado Iacolare and the Calabrians Francesco Morabito (brother of calabrian drug boss Santo Pasquale Morabito) and Sergio Carrio. Zacco is the most important heroin distiller of Alcamo. The Galatolo brothers are the bosses of Acquasanta, near Arenella is of the Fidanzati brothers. Fidanzati`s hasj business in Europe gets taken over by the Spadaro- Buccafusca cosca.
Kalsa cosca Spadaro- Buccafusca cosca

Porta Nuova acting capo mafia Salvatore Cancemi
Porta Nuova acting capo mafia Salvatore Cancemi who became pentito in 1992 (former mandamento) and now capo mafia Vincenzo Buccafusca

Nicola Ingarao
25 May 1995 was in Palermo Giorgio Pecoraro killed. Liefesentence got for the murder Nicola Ingarao (from Palermo Centro mandamento Porta Nuova). father and son Bellino ( Gaspare and Giuseppe Bellino)

Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Giovan Battista “Giacobbe” Romano killed (son Davide Romano)
Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Giovan battista “Giacobbe” Romano was killed by Vittorio Mangano and disappeared (lupara bianca) in february 1995. 19 july 2000 Vittorio Mangano got a life sentence for the murder, but he died the same month. father and son Bellino ( Gaspare and Giuseppe Bellino). The order had come from the bosses Bagarella and Brusca

Porta Nuova capomafia Salvatore Cucuzza arrested
15 May 1996 was Salvatore Cucuzza (49) arrested according to Cancemi had he replaced Riina after his arrest as the highest boss of Palermo.
Porta Nuova capomafia Domenico Cucuzza

Porta Nuova capomafia Domenico Cucuzza arrested
18 July 1996 was Domenico Cucuzza (41) in Santo Domingo, South America, arrested. He is the boss of the Porta Nuova cosca but he himself answered to the Borgo Vecchio cosca.
Porta Nuova capomafia Vincenzo Buccafusca

Porta Nuova capomafia Vincenzo Buccafusca arrested
2 August 1996 in Frosinone Giovanni Vitale and his boss Vincenzo Buccafusca get arrested he was the new boss of Porta Nuova.
Porta Nuova capomafia Salvatore Cancemi

Porta Nuova Mafioso Domenico Campora killed
28 May 1999 Porta Nuova member Domenico Campora gets killed and Emanuele Lipari wounded, Campora survived in 1996 an ambush. Porta Nuova family boss is Vincenzo Buccafusco.

Palermo centro capo mafia Agostino “Il Pazzo”Badalamenti
Agostino Badalamenti (Porta Nuova capo mandamento) was chosen in 2003 capo mafia of Palermo Centro, he was just free from prison for 3 years

Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Francesco Paolo Romano
Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Francesco Paolo Romano (his brother is Davide Romano and their father is the in February 1995 killed Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Giovan battista “Giacobbe” Romano) was arrested 14 february 2004 with Palermo centro capo mafia Tommaso Lo Presti (son of the in 1997 disappeared and killed Salvatore Lo Presti)

Borgo Vecchio mafiosi
Francesco Civello, Gregorio Di Giovanni and Domenico Buscemi

Marco Coga
Marco Coga was 13 july 2009 arrested, he belongs to the Porta Nuova capo mandamento

Porta Nuova capo mafia Gregorio Di Giovanni and Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Antonino Abbate arrested
17 june 2010 was operation “Eleio”ended and arrest they 15 persons practically decimating the Porta Nuova cosca. Among them are Porta Nuova capo mafia Gregorio Di Giovanni and Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Antonino Abbate. Also arrested were Ottavio Abbate, Alessio Alieri, Antonino Barbera, Francesco Castronovo, Alessandro Cutrona, Ignazio Di Marco, Salvatore Ingrassia, Calogero Marino, Antonino Minafo, Carlo Pellitteri, Gaetano Presti and Angelo Vassallo.

Luigi Abbate “gino u Mitra”and his daughter Maria Abbate (her husband Claudio Demma)

Porta Nuova capo mafia Tommaso Lo Presti
1 February 2011 was Porta Nuova capo mafia Tommaso Lo Presti spoken free

Davide Romano killed
6 april 2011 was Davide Romano (34) shot and killed

Altofonte (Palermo)

Altofonte (Palermo) mafia family La Barbera
Girolamo La Barbera (born in 1925 in Altofonte) had as son Gioacchino La Barbera who was born in Altofonte 23 november 1959.

Altofonte (Palermo) mafia family Di Matteo
Capofamiglia Giuseppe Di Matteo had as son Mario Santino “Santo” Di Matteo aka "Mazzanasca" (born 7 december 1954 and had as son Giuseppe,who was killed at age 11 in january 1996)

Altofonte (Palermo) mafia family Di Carlo
brothers Andrea Di Carlo, Giulio Di Carlo and Francesco Di Carlo (wife Giuseppa Di Maio). Di Carlo’s nephew Ottavio Gioe.

San Vincenzo prince Alessandro Vanni Calvello
San Vincenzo prince Alessandro Vanni Calvello was witness at the marriage of Altofonte capo mafia Francesco di Carlo with Giuseppa Di Maio

San Vincenzo prince Alessandro Vanni Calvello
San Vincenzo prince Alessandro Vanni Calvello was introduced by Francesco di Carlo to Contorno as a Mafioso

Altofonte capo mafia Salvatore La Barbera and his underboss Girolamo Sollami

Altofonte mafioso Francesco Di Carlo
Francesco Di Carlo (right) was inducted in the Altofonte family in 1966 in the presence of Altofonte capo mafia Salvatore La Barbera and his underboss Girolamo Sollami and Di Carlo’s nephew Ottavio Gioe

1 August 1973 was Gioacchino “Gino”Castellese killed. (a family member of later Altofonte boss Di Carlo)

4 August 1973 Gaetano Grado (brother of the boss Antonio Grado) Rosario D’Agostino, Francesco “Franco” Mafara, Salvatore Micalizzi, Antonino La Rosa, Rosario Riccobono and Stefano Giaconia strangled Alfredo Dispensa and Antonino Tarantino because they were suspected of killing Gioacchino “Gino” Castellese (a family member of later Altofonte boss Di Carlo). Later that day they shot and killed Tommaso Santoro (21), Francesco Paolo Morana (21) and Giuseppe D’Amore (21).

Altofonte capo mafia Francesco Di Carlo
Francesco Di Carlo became in 1976 Altofonte capo mafia

Altofonte capo mafia Francesco Di Carlo settles in London (UK)
26 September 1977 Francesco Di Carlo (a friend of Leggio) settles in England to watch after Liborio Cuntrera and Caruana in the interest of the Corleonesi. DiCarlo had left his town Altofonte to his brother Andrea Di Carlo.
Altofonte capo mafia Andrea Di Carlo

In 1978 was in Altofonte then Giovanni Lo Nigro killed, his body was riddled with 100 bullet holes. (body photo by Franco Zecchin)

In 1979 were 3 men killed in Palermo on the bus to Altofonte. (body photo by Franco Zecchin)

Commissioner Boris Giuliano is then on the trail of Bagarella and had his men in may 1979 invade his hiding place and arrested Antonino Gioe (from Altofonte) and Antonino Marchese (the brother of Bagarella’s wife), but Bagarella had just narrowly escaped.

But commissioner Boris Giuliano finds in Bagarella's hiding place weapons, heroin and some personal belongings of young Altofonte Mafioso Melchiorre Sorrentino (21) who had completely disappeared and was presumed to be murdered which was investigated by carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile.

Altofonte murder case Giovan Battista Alotta
In Altofonte was in 1980 Giovan Battista Alotta killed by Giuseppe Marfia and Antonino Madonia (Resuttana cosca) , they killed him because he was suspected of being a police informer. For Giovan Battista Alotta’s murder was also accused the pentito Calogero Ganci who said the murder had been ordered by San Giuseppe Jato capo mafia Bernardo Brusca (now deceased).

Altofonte mafioso Gioacchino La Barbera
Gioacchino La Barbera was in 1981 inducted in the Altofonte cosca.

London based former Altofonte boss Francesco Di Carlo arrested
30 May 1985 Francesco Di Carlo (44) gets arrested in London with some of his men. During the controlled delivery of 58 kilos of heroin to Montreal in 1985 - the RCMP and British Customs were aware of the traffic and closely watched the transactions - one of the traffickers, Filippo Vaccarello, and an unidentified person, were observed entering the office of Mr Alfonso Gagliano before the heroin arrived. After leaving the office Vaccarello proceeded with a tour of notorious bars well-known as selling points for heroin. This time the clan was caught red-handed when British Customs & Excise and the Canadian RCMP seized a shipment of 58 kilos of heroin in Montreal in June 1985, it was hidden in furniture. The heroin came from Bangkok and was send via India to England to be send further to the Caruana brothers in Montreal. The 58 kilo seizure and its money trail are reconstructed in Sentenzo Caruana+Cuffaro, and Sentenza Beddia+12. Principal suspects were co-mafioso Francesco Di Carlo of the Altofonte clan, who was arrested in the UK, and Gerlando Caruana in Montreal. The subsequent inquiry disclosed that there had been more shipments. Besides heroin, loads of hashish were smuggled in as well. Both Caruanas managed to leave England before they could be arrested. Sergeant Marc Bourque of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was appointed to investigate the financial aspects after the seizure of 58 kilo of heroin in 1985. One of the persons under arrest was Gerlando Caruana. When Bourque wanted to look into Caruana's bank accounts, an employee said he would not find much there, but he should look at the accounts of Gerlando's brother, Alfonso Caruana. What Bourque found there would keep him busy for the next five years. He code-named his investigation Operation Pilgrim. In one bank alone Bourque traced nearly 16 million U.S. dollars laundered through accounts of Alfonso Caruana. Thirty-six million U.S. dollars ended up in Swiss bank-accounts which were used to pay the Sicilian heroin suppliers. The dollars the clan transported to Canada were enough to supply the Montreal money-exchange market with its weekly requisite of U.S. cash. Bourque could trace some US$ 50 million laundered by the clan through 4 Canadian banks from 1978 until 1984. When Bourque presented his case to the Justice Department he was told that it would be discarded: it was deemed too expensive and too intricate. His pioneering investigation never reached a Canadian court. Aldo Tucci, the director of the City & District branch, was completely integrated in the clan's system. He set up front store companies and neglected his work for the bank. Eventually Tucci was fired.

Domenico Raccuglia arrested
15 november 2009 was Domenico Raccuglia (45) arrested near Trapani. The most important bosses in Palermo are now Gianni Nicchi and Giovanni Motisi.

fugitive capomafia Antonio Raccuglia "il veterinario".

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