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Review: Street Legends 2 by Seth Ferranti

By David Amoruso

Author Seth Ferranti brings his readers true crime stories from inside prison. Interviewing imprisoned gangsters and crime bosses as well as law enforcement figures, he manages to paint a refreshing picture of the American gangland.

True crime is a very interesting genre. To its readers every word rings true. To the criminals most true crime books are total fiction. Usually the books are written by former gangsters who have “flipped” and testified against their criminal colleagues in order to avoid years behind bars. They present their side of the story.

And that’s exactly where, according to most mobsters and criminals, the story gets twisted around to make the author look good and his former partners in crime ever the worse. With his book Street Legends Vol. 2, Seth Ferranti wants to set the record straight.

Serving a 304 month sentence for running a continual criminal enterprise and having already spent 17 years in prison, Ferranti (right) knows quite a few stand-up men like himself and he has interviewed a lot of them for this book. It shows!

Speaking with members of the “Short North Posse” or notorious “Boobie Boys” (among many), Ferranti relays their view on their life of crime and how the media and law enforcement treated them and their case. If you think this seems biased, well, it is. But it is a side of a story the public has not heard yet. And though Ferranti makes no secret about where his loyalty lies, he does an excellent job at providing the reader with information from law enforcement and media sources as well, painting a thorough picture of the scenes and cases.

The most important thing for Ferranti is to honor the men who (allegedly) committed the crime, but who sure as hell are now doing the time. Men who refused to testify against their friends and fellow gangsters in order to avoid life in a tiny cell. The author touches on this subject quite often while interviewing the imprisoned gang bosses. Surprisingly open, many admit they were wild and crazy, and add that they would have done things very differently if they had to do life over again. Prison life will change any man and when these “street legends” start thinking about life in general the story goes beyond the drugs, murders and bling.

E-4, an imprisoned member of Miami’s infamous Boobie Boys drug gang tells Ferranti: “I am not looking for the spotlight in my old mentality, but I’m willing to help those find purpose through my mistakes, so they will not commit the same actions.” In the book, E-4 offers more of his insight on his case and also on gangsta rappers who make a nice living off of the exploits of real gangsters. All real life gangsters actually have a few words to say about rappers like Rick Ross, Ja Rule, and 2Pac.

To conclude, Seth Ferranti’s Street Legends Vol. 2 offers readers grimy stories about gangsters from America’s inner cities. Drug dealers, hit men, kingpins, they are all there. And many offer their own two cents as to how they went down or what their current outlook on life is. Ferranti wanted to honor the stand up gangsters and has succeeded. In the process the fans of true crime can enjoy tales of murders, drug deals, and life in prison from the men who were in charge of it all. Ferranti possesses a unique talent to capture the streets in words and does so from behind bars. Embedded journalism has never been more real. We at Gangsters Inc. look forward to reading more of his books. 

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