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Robbers set French highway ablaze as they steal €2.5 million in gold

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Robbers made a huge score today, stealing 70 kilos of gold worth around €2.5 million euro. The perfectly executed robbery took place on a highway in the south of France, near the city of Lyon. According to French newspaper Le Figaro, four robbers are now being sought by police.

The crew went to work brazen yet focused. After loading the gold into their getaway vehicle, they locked the two guards in their armored truck. They then set fire to all but one of their cars, resulting in a wildfire that quickly raged on and, as they fled the crime scene, left the highway engulfed in flames.

Police were able to free the two guards before the fire spread to their truck. In the end, no one was – physically – hurt.

France has been the scene of several brazen robberies. In March of last year, robbers got away with €9 million in jewelry. That one took place on the highway near a tollbooth on the highway between Paris and Lyon.

Just last month, two Qatari women were held up on a Paris highway and robbed of valuables worth more than €5 million euro.

The most infamous heist, was that of celebrity Kim Kardashian, who was robbed at gunpoint of jewelry worth at least €8 million euro.

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