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Russian Mafia money laundering ring busted in Spain

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Spanish police dismantled a money laundering ring today that was run by two well-known Russian Mafia groups, who in turn have strong links to the party of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Authorities estimate that the ring laundered around €62 million euros through property investments in Spain in the last few years.

The bust is the conclusion of operation “Usura,” which has resulted in the arrests of eight suspects and the seizure of 191 real estate properties, alongside 142 financial products such as bank accounts, around €120,000 euros, including several €500 euro banknotes, numerous mobile phones, IT devices, and business-related documents.

The money laundering ring was operated by the Tambovskaya and Taganskaya Mafia groups. Members of these organizations regularly traveled to Spain to manage the network. The investigation showed that they maintained good contacts with Russian politicians, particularly with leaders of the United Russia party of Vladimir Putin.

Two of those arrested are considered leaders of the Russian Mafia and had just arrived in Spain to spend their holidays on the coast. Sources told Spanish newspapers that some of the detainees had links with Colombian drug cartels.

In total, 19 searches were carried out at various locations in the Tarragona province and Barcelona, which involved over 180 Guardia Civil officers.

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