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Taranto SCU bosses
Paolo De Vitis and his son Salvatore De Vitis are trustees of Taranto boss Antonio Modeo. Antonio Modeo his stepmother Cosima Ceci and Antonio Modeo’s half brothers are Gianfranco Modeo, Riccardo Modeo and Claudio Modeo who become his enemies.

Taranto’s SCU bosses the Modeo brothers
The brothers Gianfranco Modeo, Riccardo Modeo and Claudio Modeo are in contact with Giancarlo Cito and Annacondia. Modeo brothers and their brothers in law the brothers Giovanni Caforio and Massimo Caforio are at war with the families Cianciaruso, Chiocia, Martera and Giannone who left the Modeo brothers. Cesario- Antonio Martera- Cosimo Cianciaruso clan .

Taranto policeoperation “Cruise”
Operation “cruise” revealed that Claudio Modeo, Giuseppe Cesario and Cosimo Di Pierro established a criminal alliance and controlled the drug market and extortions in Taranto, in spite of the fact that the bosses were incarcerated.

Taranto family Cesario
brothers Giuseppe and Cosimo Cesario

Later in Taranto the D’Erchia- Perelli cosca and the Martera- Cianciaruso- Boccuni cosca fight over domination in the underworld.

Taranto province
Damiano Pasquale Mele “Tangarano”(39 when killed 8 june 2008) at war with Adriano Pappada (clan Cinieri) and his ally Giuseppe Romano?

Taranto province
a new group has come up under Paolo Dell Aquila and Calogero Buonsignore who were released from prison.

(Taranto province) Crispiano boss Locorotondo (Modeo brothers ally)
imprisoned Francesco Locorotondo, still controlled the Statte area as well as the Lizzano area,

Rimini based SCU boss Angelo Basile (from Taranto)
Taranto based SCU boss Basile

Taranto boss Aldo Vuto

Operation Reno

??? Hitman Gregorio Ciccante??

28 april 1988 was Cataldo Martemucci (23) shot and killed and Nicola Solfrizzi (24) wounded.

Taranto boss Francesco Basile killed
In September 1988 Taranto`s boss Francesco Basile gets killed, his place gets taken by Antonio Modeo who within a year has a bloody war with his own half brothers Gianfranco Modeo, Riccardo Modeo and Claudio Modeo. The Modeo brothers are in contact with Giancarlo Cito and Annacondia.
Taranto boss Antonio Modeo

1 november 1988 was citizen Nicola Festinante (49) shot and killed.

Paolo De Vitis son Salvatore De Vitis was killed

Taranto murdercase Paolo De Vitis
21 August 1989 Paolo De Vitis (66) a trustee of Antonio Modeo gets killed by Antonio`s halfbrothers Gianfranco Modeo, Riccardo Modeo and Claudio Modeo .

Taranto murdercase Cosima Ceci
Antonio Modeo then had his men murder 22 august 1989 his stepmother Cosima Ceci (62).

21 october 1989 they tried to kill Antonio Calviello (24) but killed his brother Domenico Calviello (14)

Taranto families La Gioia- Mazotta (De Vitis supporters)
In 1989 the brothers Modeo have their men attack Domenico La Gioia who gets wounded, his son is Matteo La Gioia and their nephews are the brothers Cosimo Mazotta and Matteo Mazotta. In 1989 was Matteo Mazotta killed. In march 1990 Cosimo Mazotta gets killed, the year before his brother Matteo Mazotta was killed. They are nephews of Matteo La Gioia. 25 September 1990 Matteo La Gioia (25) who works for De Vitis gets killed by Cosimo Palombella who works for the Modeo brothers. 11 October 1990 Cosimo Palombella gets killed himself, he is the 26th murdervictim in Taranto that year.

12 march 1990 was Salvatore Albano (25) killed.

29 March 1990 Cataldo Albanese gets freed for a ransom, the bosses behind the kidnapping are the Modeo brothers, Marino Pulito, Vincenzo Rucci and Alessandro Bozza.

In 1990 was Angelo Carbotti (25) killed, it is a case of mistaken identity.

27 july 1990 were Domenico Panariti (41 and his wife is Annunziata Maiorino) and Maria Novellino (20) shot and killed. Suspect is Giovanni Panariti the brother of Domenico and Novellino was his fiancée.

Africo capobastone Pasquale Palamara killed
9 August 1990 the Modeo brothers from Taranto (supported by their allies Giuseppe Mollica and Salvatore Annacondia) have Africo boss Pasquale Palamara killed , because he is an ally of Taranto boss Antonio Modeo, their halfbrother. New Africo bosses become the brothers Giovanni (44) and Giuseppe Morabito.
Africo capobastoni Giovanni Morabito and Giuseppe Morabito

Taranto boss Antonio Modeo killed
16 august 1990 the Modeo brothers succeed in killing their halfbrother Antonio Modeo the new boss of his gang is Salvatore De Vitis, the son of Paolo De Vitis, he leads now the battle with the Modeo brothers in Taranto.
Taranto bosses Modeo brothers

24 september 1990 was Gaetano Fanelli (14) shot and killed.

In december 1990 Cosimo Guarino gets killed with his daughter.

Maria D'Andria, the widow of Antonio Modeo starts with her brother Francesco D'Andria a vendetta and in the first 15 days of januari 1991 they let their men kill in Taranto 5 men of the Modeo brothers. Marco Maggi disappeared, he was married to a sister of the killed Antonio Modeo.

29 Januari 1991 the drugdealers Angelo De Paolis (33) and Raffaele Malandrino (34) get killed. The same day also Angelo Spagnuolo (39) got killed.

30 Januari 1991 Antonio Sebastio (15) and Giovani Battista (17) get shot to death by Domenico Morrone (27) in the vendetta there have been then 40 killings and 7 disappearings in Taranto.

16 Februari 1991 there is an ambush at Antonio Rochira (30) and Francesco Gennari (35) a nephew of Antonica (13 february 1989 killed boss Antonio Antonica??). Francesco Gennari `s son Christian (3) gets killed.
6 April 1991 in Taranto Aldo Basile gets killed.

Taranto bosses the brothers Modeo arrested
In april 1991 the Modeo brothers of Taranto get arrested when Antonio Bozza betrays them. Their man Marino Pulito contacts then Licio Gelli and tries with his help to free the brothers.

Taranto family Giannotta
In april 1991 the Modeo men murder Antonio Giannotta and let his body disappear,his brother is Francesco Giannotta. 15 May 1991 the capos Francesco Giannotta (39) and Giuseppe Mazzoccoli (29) get killed by men of the Modeo brothers who wanted to kill Antonio Bozza who was in their company.

Salvatore De Vitis killed
7 May 1991 was in Milan killed Salvatore De Vitis (34).

29 June 1991 Francesco De Florio (28) gets killed as revenge for the murder a day before of Angelo Appeso (26) in Taranto.

6 September 1991 was Antonello di Bari (25) killed, his brother Franco is imprisoned.

2 October 1991 barber Giuseppe Ierone (51) gets killed in his business just like his customers Francesco Balsamo (22), Cataldo Paudla (21) and Domenico Ferrara (21) by the brothers Giovanni and Massimo Caforio, the brothers in law of the Modeo brothers. Ierone got killed because he had gone over to the families Cianciaruso, Chiocia, Martera and Giannone who left the Modeo brothers. Earlier that day he had gotten a phone call from the cabinet of the Belgium Alain Vanderbiest. He would possibly have been connected to the murder of belgium minister Cools. That year till now there were 47 murders in Taranto in the war.

SCU boss Marino Pulito
Marino Pulito is an important member of the SCU and tells about the murder in 1991? of judge Scopellitti by the Calabrian brothers Antonio, Antonino and Giuseppe Garonfalo at the order of the sicilian Cupola.

In december 1991 Cataldo Catapano gets convicted. (works for the Modeo brothers in Taranto)

Taranto murdercase De Biaso
24 June 1993 in Taranto Emanuele De Biaso (40) gets killed.

17 july 1996 police had arrested in Taranto 72 men, mostly members of the Scarci clan.

20 September 1996 police arrest 39 in Taranto of the Marchinese cosca who are accused of a double murder in a village nearby and other crimes.

5 July 1997 in Taranto there are 121 arrest warrants.

Cesario- Martera- Cianciaruso
9 November 1997 in Taranto and Puglia 97 people get arrested under whom the bosses of the Cesario- Martera- Cianciaruso clan for crimes they committed between 1989 and 1995.

Manduria (near Taranto) family Cinieri
25 July 1999 Osvaldo Cinieri (41) commits suicide in prison, his brother is massimo Cinieri and their mother is Lucia Ardito they live in Manduria near taranto. Imprisoned Massimo Cinieri (32) and Vincenzo Stranieri were inplicated in operation “Storia infinita” who trafficked in drugs with albanians.

Operation “Cuore” and Cesario- Martera- cianciaruso
18 july 2000 police end operation “Cuore” which was against a drugorganization that provided the area Taranto bari. At the head were the brothers Giuseppe and Cosimo Cesario from Taranto who had already been imprisoned because of operation “Due Mari” and the Fago family. Also indicted were albanians, people from Napoli and from Bari.
Angelo Fago got 14 years. Cosimo Cesario got 7 years and 6 months, Agostino Stella got 5 years and 2 months, Nicola Cianciaruso got 5 years and 6 months, Luca Fago got 12 years, Vincenzo Fago got 11 years and Pietro Cantoro got 4 years and 4 months. There had been found a kilo of heroin with the albanian Hamit Hyseni who is also involved in a drugsmuggling investigation on Sicily.

the attempted murder of Massimo Caforio, brother-in- law of the Modeo brothers, committed on 10 August 2001.

Taranto operation “Torre Blindata” (Armored tower)
Police start operation "Torre blindata" in 2000 after they had ended operation "Quo Vadis”. Le indagini furono avviate nel periodo pasquale del 2000, a seguito di due tentativi di omicidio avvenuti a Lizzano. Il 23 aprile fu tesa una imboscata ad Angelo Massaro, di 21 anni, centrato da un proiettile sotto la scapola destra. Per questo fatto di sangue è indagato Costantino Bianchini, figlio di Federico, ferito due giorni dopo mentre raccoglieva le fave nel suo podere, a Lizzano. L'uomo fu raggiunto da due fucilate ed operato per la ritenzione dei pallini.

Taranto operation “Torre Blindata” (Armored tower)
Police end operation "Torre blindata" 18 september 2001 when they arrest the members of the Adriano Pappada -Romano clan who operate in Statte and Lizzano. Also arrested was the girlfriend of the boss Antonella Strada (25). They also got accused of several shootings at members of the Mele clan who are enemies of the Pappada Romano clan. Federic Agnoli (28 years and born in France but living in Lizzano); Costantino Bianchini (21 years in Lizzano; Federico Bianchini (64 years in Lizzano); Maurizio Cavallo (39 years born in Taranto but living in Lizzano; Giuseppe Delle Grottaglie (26 years in Gerrnany but living in Lizzano); Francesco Locorotondo (43 years in Crispiano); Adriano Pappadà (44 years in Lizzano); Giovanni Prete (33 years in Matera); Giuseppe Romano (32 years in Taranto); Antonella Strada (36 years in Lizzano); Massimiliano Todaro (36 years in Lizzano); Michele Todaro (30 years in Lizzano); Vincenzo Todaro (33 years in Lizzano). Francesco Locorotondo had gotten 5 years in the “Ellesponto”trial.

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