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Like most big cities, St. Louis has a long criminal history filled with pickpockets, robbers, bootleggers, mobsters, and gangsters. Puparo has put together a comprehensive text of all the information available on St. Louis’ gangland, describing wars, hits, murders, and alliances that occurred in the city from the 1900s up until now.

Any feedback, comments, or extra information are much appreciated by Puparo. Enjoy!

By Puparo

St Louis based brothers Tipton
The brothers Herman Tipton, Roy Tipton and Ray Tipton

St Louis gang leader Edward “jelly Roll” Hogan
St Louis police officer Edward J Hogan sr. had six sons: Edward “Jelly Roll” Hogan Jr., James Hogan (the leaders of the gang and their brothers ???)

St Louis based brothers Birger
Louis Birger (died 10 December 1921) and his sons Charlie Birger (hanged 1928) and James Birger????

St Louis based brothers Shelton
Ben Shelton and his wife Agnes had as sons Carl Ray Shelton (killed 23 October 1947), Bernie Shelton (killed 26 July 1948) Roy Shelton (killed 7 June 1950) and Earl Shelton

St Louis
Democrat mayor Edward A Noonan served from 16 April 1889 till 18 April 1893.

St Louis gang leader Thomas “snake” Kinney
Thomas snake Kinney was elected to the st louis Democratic city Committee in 1890. The Egan’s rats were formed around 1890 by Thomas Egan and his best friend Thomas snake Kinney who was senator. Kinney married Tom Egan’s sister Catherine and they got as a daughter Florence Kinney.

St Louis
Republican mayor Cyrus Walbridge served from 18 April 1893 till 20 April 1897.

St Louis gang leader Thomas “snake”Kinney
By 1894 snake Kinney was running a saloon at second and Carr Street which served as headquarters for the « Ashley street gang »soon to be known as the Egan’s rats. Snake Kinney’s biggest rival was George Baldy Higins who he killed in a street fight in the early morning hours of 20 September 1896.

St Louis
Republican mayor Henry Ziegenheim served from 20 April 1897 till 16 April 1901.

St Louis
23 May 1900 was policeman Duncan K McRea shot and killed

St Louis gang leader Thomas “snake” Kinney
Frank Hussey had been shot and nearly killed in a street fight with Egan rats members (then named the Kinney gang) in November 1900.

St Louis
Democratic mayor Rolla Wells served from 16 April 1901 till 20 April 1909.

St Louis gang leader Thomas “snake” Kinney
By 1901 snake Kinney had formed an alliance with St Louis Police board Head Harry Hawes. 19 February 1904 was snake Kinney charged with shooting black lounge singer Walter Sloan.

st louis Police board commissioner (McDonough)
st louis police chief Joseph Gerk
st louis prohibition chief (James Dillon)

Missouri State senator Thomas “snake” Kinney
In November 1904 was Tom Kinney elected to the Missouri state senate.

15 January 1907 was Willie Gagel shot and killed by Tom Egan

2 March 1907 was Rex McDonald shot and killed

St Louis
Republican mayor Frederick Kreismann served from 20 april 1909 till 15 april 1913.

Fred Yellow kid Mohrle
Samuel Young was a member of the Rats, and he was also a Constable in the St. Louis Circuit Court. 1909 was an election year, and Young made sure that people voted Democrat. His former friend, Fred "The Yellow Kid" Mohrle, threw his weight to the Republican Party, headed up by the Hogan family. On April 7, 1909 Sam Young and another accomplice confronted the Yellow Kid in a wagon corral, only to be shot to death. Mohrle claimed he shot in self defense, despite the fact that the pistol on Young's body was obviously planted there. The Egan's Rats loudly proclaimed, even in the newspapers, that they would kill the Yellow Kid.

Fred Yellow kid Mohrle killed
7 June 1909 Egan rats kill rival gun man Fred Yellow kid Mohrle in the Four Courts building while he was on trial for killing Egan gangster Sam Young. On June 7, 1909, Fred Mohrle left his pre-trial examination at the Four Courts building in downtown St. Louis. Just as he stepped out the door of the courtroom into the hallway, a young man in a derby hat rushed up, firing a revolver. Mohrle's brains were blown all over his lawyer. The assassin ran out of the building and across the street to police headquarters and surrendered to police, exclaiming, "I've just burned the Yellow Kid!" His name was Billy Kane, and he was a deputy constable under Sam Young, whose gun he had used to kill Fred Mohrle. Kane claimed that he had acted in self-defense. He was convicted of second-degree murder, but died of natural causes while his case was on appeal. Although it was widely known that Democratic politician Thomas Egan had chosen Kane to kill the Yellow Kid, the Egan's Rats escaped punishment

St Louis gang leader Thomas “snake” Kinney
Rats member John « Bad Jack » Barry the leader of the Cross Keys Club was fatally shot in a North side court room 24 February 1910 by Henry Diederichsen.

Biddle Street based Little Italy

St Louis mafia boss Damiano Capuano
The first boss was fruit wholesaler Damiano Capuano

St Louis Mafioso Pasquale Santino (born 12 September 1886 in Siculiana)
Pasquale Santino married Maria “Mary” Capuano a daughter of the fruit wholesaler Damiano Capuano

St Louis Mafioso Pasquale Santino (born 12 September 1886 in Siculiana)
Santino worked with Giuseppe Lopiparo and the brothers Antonio Fasulo, Vito Fasulo and Michele Fasulo (who all were from Villafranca Siculo, Agrigento)

Viviano family
The brothers Giovanni Viviano, Giuseppe Viviano, Pietro Viviano, Salvatore Viviano and Vito Viviano assisted by their cousins Gaetano Viviano, Pietro Viviano, Salvatore Viviano and Vito Viviano founded their own pasta manufacturing cooperation at Biddle Street

Viviano family
2 August 1909 were Tommaso Viviano (5) and his cousin Grace Viviano (2) kidnapped by family friend Salvatore « Sam » Turrisi

St Louis mafia boss Damiano Capuano killed
The first boss was Damiano Capuano and he was shot to death Christmas eve December 1910 and was replaced by Gaetano Viviano.

St Louis mafia boss Gaetano Viviano
12 September 1910 was St Louis Fruit Supply Company stockholder and Mafioso Giuseppe “Joseph” Cammarata stabbed to death by Antonio Sansone.

St Louis mafia boss Gaetano Viviano
19 January 1912 was the headless body found of Salvatore Leoni (23) the star defense witness in the murder trial of Antonio Sansone. Dominic Giambrone was a prime suspect in the beheading of Salvatore Leoni

St Louis mafia boss Gaetano Viviano
Dr. Guglielmo Cataldi got extorted and 24 december 1912 Vito Fasulo picked up the extortion money and brought it to Santino’s saloon at Wash Street and police arrest Santino and the brothers Vito Fasulo and Mike fasulo


Frank Hussey died 3 August 1911 from a series of Hemorrages.

In 1911 Egans rats killed the Nixie fighters leaders Edward Devine and Charles von der Ahe.

Missouri state Senator Thomas E Kinney dies
Michael Kinney succeeded his brother Thomas E Kinney who died 15 May 1912 as Missouri state Senator.
Missouri state Senator Michael Kinney

Wesley red Simmons
Wesley « red »Simons shot and killed gangster Emmett Carroll 31 March 1913 in a fight over a woman.

Wesley red Simmons killed
2 March 1914 was Wesley red Simmons shot and killed by witness Henry Zang .

St Louis mayor Henry Kiel
15 April 1913 was Henry Kiel chosen mayor of St Louis he was 2 times rechosen and served till 21 April 1925.

7 November 1913 deputy constable Harry Levin shot and killed auto mechanic Fred Hesse who was suspected to have snitched on the Egans Rats over a 15000 dollar railroad swindle.

St Louis gang “Egan's rats” members Max and Morris Greenberg
Egan’s rats member Max Greenberg, his brother Morris Greenberg and two others were suspected in the murder of Sam Mintz on 5 December 1914. Mintz had informed on them on an arson insurance scam they were running. Greenberg escaped the rap.


St Louis boss Viviano deported
Gaetano Viviano was deported in 1914.

St Louis
In 1915 settle Vito and Giovanni Vitale with their friend Alphonse Palizzola in St Louis and start there the so called Green Ones gang which was led by Vito Gianolla. They war the Cuckoos.

St Louis boss Dominick Giambrone (born 28 February 1876)
Dominick Giambrone becomes the boss in 1917 and started a saloon at 826 Biddle Street. Dominick Giambrone was a prime suspect in the beheading of Salvatore Leoni. Dominick Giambrone worked with his brothers Paul and Nick Giambrone, Gaetano Buffa and Momo Anello

St Louis boss Dominick Giambrone (born 28 February 1876)
14 February 1917 was Vicent Butera found hacked to death in his saloon at 901 Biddle Street. He had been warned by Giambrone to close his business


St Louis Egans rats members the brothers Harry and John Dunn
While in Chicago the brothers Harry “cherries” Dunn and John “Puggy” Dunn shot and killed 5 November 1914 gangster Robert Koch. John “puggy” Dunn went to prison and his brother Harry was free and frustrated went to St Louis police headquarters in December 1915 and offered to snitch in order to free his brother.

St Louis Egans rats members the brothers Harry and John Dunn
21 December 1915 Harry “cherries” Dunn fatally shot John Groenwald in a saloon.

St Louis Egans rats members the brothers Harry and John Dunn
Nine days later (so 30 December 1915) Dunn and two friends botched a holdup and killed North St Louis saloonkeeper Charles Reutilinger.

St Louis Egans rats members the brothers Harry and John Dunn
Harry Dunn went 8 January 1916 into Tom Egan’s saloon where he shot and killed Skippy Rohan.

St Louis Egans rats members the brothers Harry and John Dunn
21 August 1916 Harry Dunn and his friend Eddie Schoenborn shot and killed semi pro boxer Harry Romani who worked for Egan.

St Louis state representative Edward “jelly Roll” Hogan
In 1916 Edward J Hogan of the Hogan gang becomes a state representative.

St Louis gang leader Egan murders Harry Dunn
19 September 1916 was Harry “cherries” Dunn killed by Willie Egan and 4 others under whom the shooters Walter Costello and Frank “Gutter” Newman.

St Louis Egans rats members the brothers Harry and John Dunn
Harry “cherries” Dunn his friend Eddie Schoenborn was shot dead 3 weeks later at the old saloon at 1233 Chestnut street.

St Louis Egans rats members the brothers Harry and John Dunn
his brother John “puggy” Dunn took an oath to kill everybody connected to his brother’s murder. John “puggy” Dunn killed 8 June 1917 triggerman Frank “Gutte’” Newman. Harry’s other killer Walter Costello was shot and killed a month later by police.

Cuckoo gangster Crato Gentry
28 October 1918 Cuckoo gangster Crato Gentry shot and killed Charles Farrell who worked for his enemy saloon owner Frank Morrissey. He was spoken free

Cuckoo gangster Crato Gentry
7 january 1919 were Cuckoo gangster Crato Gentry and John “Honus”Rawie for burglary. The informer was Thomas Kimpel (59) who was killed 8 June 1919

Cuckoo gangster Crato Gentry
18 August 1919 was saloon owner Frank Morrissey shot and killed.

James Birger
In March 1919 George Ruloff and James Birger were arrested for robbery of a bookmaking operation in Hot spring Arkansas, they were both sentenced to 15 years but were free in a few years.

St Louis gang “Egan's rats” leader Thomas Egan dies
20 April 1919 Thomas Egan died and was replaced as Fifth Ward boss by his brother William T Egan.
St Louis gang “Egan's rats” leader William T Egan

St Louis Egans rats member Max Greenberg
Max Greenberg was also believed to have played a key role in the Rats first known bank robbery that of the Baden bank on 10 April 1919 the take was 59000 dollars.

Soon after the Baden Bank heist were Max Greenberg, Ben Milner and Edward “Big Red” Powers sentenced to Leavenworth prison stemming from the Egan sponsored robbery of some railroad cars in Danville , Illinois. Egan boss William Egan and Missouri senator Michael Kinney managed pardons for the 3 men from none other then president Woodrow Wilson himself. Soon after their release Max Greenberg and Ben Milner decided to go into bootlegging and Greenberg got 2000 dollars from William Egan to buy whiskey and they keep the whiskey and rip him.

St Louis Egans Rats member Ray Renard (later witness)
Ray Renard joined the gang in 1920 by being acquainted with Gus Dietmeyer.

Egans Rats
Tommy Hayes, Pete Licavoli, and Frank Wortman, began to associate with the Cuckoos, Italians, and East siders respectively and drifted away from Colbeck.

St Louis Egans Rats member Ray Renard (later witness)
Ray Renard, the gang’s wheelman, fled the city to avoid prosecution for robbery. Hunted by the authorities, Renard was captured in Los Angles. On the train ride back to St. Louis, Renard was accompanied by Harry Brundidge who managed to elicit a confession from Renard. Renard would be sentenced to five years for robbery. He obtained leniency for testifying against his former comrades in the robbery trials.

Cuckoo boss Jack Lyons killed
13 June 1920 was Cuckoo boss Jack Lyons shot and killed. New boss became Red Allen

Max Greenberg fight at Willie Egan’s saloon
16 October 1920 when Greenberg and his palls engaged the rest of Egan’s rats in a huge brawl at Willie Egan’s Franklin Avenue saloon, one of the men severely wounded was

St Louis Cuckoo gang member Tommy Hayes
In January 1921 there is a mail robbery in Wood River for which was convicted Cuckoo gang member Tommy Hayes.

St Louis Egan's rats rebel Max Greenberg
William T Egan’s man Max "Big Maxey" Greenberg switched sides to the Hogan gang. Greenberg soon fled St Louis for Detroit where he got involved in smuggling liquor from Canada. Needing better financing he sought out Irving Wexler "Waxey Gordon" in New York who in turn brought him to Arnold Rothstein. Wexler and Greenberg established a successful rum running operation before Greenberg returned to St Louis in early 1921. Upon Greenburg's return, Egan retaliated. 11 march 1921 one of his gunmen fired at Greenberg while he was standing with a group of men and Greenberg was wounded and political lobbyist and attorney John P Sweeney was severely wounded and died later.

St Louis Egans Rats gang leader Willie Egan killed
Based on the confessions of Ray Renard, the murder of Willie Egan was engineered by his chief lieutenant, Max Greenberg. According to Renard, Egan blamed Greenberg for swindling him out of $50,000 worth of booze. When it became clear to Egan that Greenberg would not pay him back the money, Egan tried to have Greenberg murdered. The assassination went awry and Greenberg escaped.

Greenberg went to Jacob Mackler (Hogan man). In return for an alleged $15,000 three Hogan gunmen, James Hogan, Luke Kennedy, and John Doyle, murdered Egan 31 October 1921. 31 October 1921 William Egan shot and killed from a car in front of his saloon at 1400 Franklin avenue. On the way to hospital he whispered a message to John Doregherty (Dougherty??) who went to hospital with him. A final mystery added to the murder is that there were substantial rumors that John Doyle was in Ohio prison at the time of the Egan murder. The Rats blamed the murder of their leader on the Hogan Gang led by Edward J "Jellyroll" Hogan.

Egan died in hospital and Greenberg went to police with an alibi. The Rats turned their attention again to Greenberg and Colbeck and William "Red" Smith were arrested while waiting outside police headquarters where Greenberg got questioned. Police smuggle Greenberg out a back door and he fled to New York where he works again with Waxey Gordon.

St Louis Egans rats member John Dunn killed
John “puggy” Dunn was a suspect in the murder of Egan. John “puggy” Dunn himself was shot and killed 14 July 1937.

St Louis Egans Rats
George Ruloff (Kurloff) was shot down in front of Allices restaurant on Franklin Avenue 7 December 1921. Ruloff was Egan’s shadow and bodyguard.

St Louis Black hand

Russo brothers
Fruit market owner Mariano Russo and wife Augustina Palmisano had as sons William Russo (born 14 June 1892 and brother in law Charles Rizzo), Thomas Russo (born 4 July 1897), Vincent James Russo (22 october 1899), Anthony Russo (born 12 June 1901), John Russo (born 15 May 1905 and died 11 october 1918 at age 13) and Charles Russo (born 24 December 1910)

Russo brothers
They killed 7 August 1920 Tom Spicuzza (no family of Vincent Spicuzza)

St Louis
31 July 1920 was Carmelo Bonvissuto shot and killed by Santino man Angelo Naccarato. His brother Angelo Bonvissuto was 1 September 1920 shot and killed. The brothers Bonvissuto had killed 17 December 1916 Agostino Curella in Cleveland. The brothers worked for the boss Dominick Giambrone

St Louis Black hand leader Frank Sicola
Sicola was a suspect in the 12 October 1921 Wash Street drive by shooting that killed Michael Adragna (23) and Joseph Giammanco (9)

St Louis Black hand leader Frank Sicola killed
Frank Sicola was shot and killed 23 July 1922. Daito lived above the grocery store where Frank Sicola was killed.

St Louis : Italians
27 December 1921 was Hogan gang member Joseph “James” Cipolla (22) murdered by Egans rats.

St Louis mafia faction leader Carmelo Fresina
In 1922 Carmelo Fresina arrives in St Louis and joined the faction headed by Pasquale Santino.

St Louis faction boss Carmelo Fresina
He was suspected in the murder of his neighbor Joe Bucceri in 1922. In 1922 Fresina was also charged with the murder of Joe Bucceri who dying accused Fresina of his murder.

Egans Rats at war with Hogan

St Louis: Willie Egan killer John Doyle killed
Egan's replacement William P "Dinty" Colbeck was not satisfied and 22 January 1922 Rats kill Hogan gunman John Doyle, (was killed 6 January 1922 by a St Louis detective who wanted to question him about the murder of Egan, Doyle fired a pistol and the detective shot back and killed him).

next they fire on a car containing Mackler, Kennedy and James Hogan no one was injured.

The rats retaliated by dispatching the bodies of Joseph Cammarata and Everett Summers in ditches along county roads. They were shot to death in University city and their bodies dumped.

In March 1922 Hogan gunmen ambushed Colbeck in his plumbing shop. They riddled the storefront with bullets and shotgun slugs, but no one was injured. Greatly perturbed, the Egan chief struck back violently. A cavalcade of at least four touring cars full of gunmen slowly drove past the Hogan residence and poured a fusillade into the house. Again, no one was injured. After the plumbing shop incident, Colbeck moved his gang to the Maxwelton Club and Racetrack on St. Charles Rock Road in the wilderness of St. Louis County.

St Louis: Willie Egan killer Luke Kennedy killed
Hogan man Luke Kennedy was shot and killed 17 April 1922.

St Louis: Hogan Gang at war with Egan's rats
21 February 1923 Jacob Mackler gets killed in his car by men led by Dinty Colbeck.

St Louis: Hogan Gang at war with Egan's rats
In March 1923 the rats tried to ambush Edward Hogan and Humbert Costello as they were driving, the shooters Elmer Runge and Isadore Londe were arrested but Hogan refuses to identify them.

St. Louis (south) Cuckoo Gang leader Roy Tipton
Sometime in early 1923 an associate of the Cuckoos, Max Simmonson, approached Tipton with a proposition. As a dealer in stolen bonds, he had learned through his connections that on a given date an armored car carrying over $2 million in negotiable bonds and cash would be traveling between various businesses in downtown St. Louis. Tipton did not believe that the Cuckoos could pull off such a crime by themselves and so Tipton took the information to Colbeck.

St Louis gang “Egans Rats” leader Dinty Colbeck
On April 2, 1923 the gangsters held up the armored car at the intersection of Fourth and Locust in downtown St. Louis. The gangsters split about $260,000 in cash and awaited Simmonson and other fences to sell the stolen bonds. However, many of the stolen bonds were seized in several police raids. In January 1925 Egan and Cuckoo gangsters were brought to trial for the armored car robbery. Most of the gangsters received a sentence of twenty-five years to run concurrently with their previous convictions.

St Louis gang “Egans Rats”
After the robbery the members wanted to dump a car used in the robbery but were seen by policeman Edward neu who they killed

St Louis gang “Egans Rats”
12 April 1923 they covered up their tracks in the robbery by killing member William Crowe

St Louis gang “Egans Rats”
24 hours later they killed cuckoo associate William Tabor (20) who also was connected to the robbery

St Louis gang “Egans Rats”
15 April 1923 they shot and wounded cuckoo gangster Thomas “Mush” Sullivan

St Louis gang “Egans Rats”
19 April 1923 police arrested Egan gangster Whitey Doering and found with him a large part of the stolen bonds

St Louis gang “Egans Rats” leader Dinty Colbeck
Another batch of Egan gangsters was convicted of a mail robbery in Pocahontas, Illinois in which they made their escape by airplane.

St Louis: Hogan Gang at war with Egan's rats
In April 1923 with Philip Brockman, president of the Board of police Commissioners and Father Timothy Dempsey acting as mediators, Colbeck and Hogan agreed to peace terms. The truce lasted a few months before rat gunmen opened up on a crowd trying to kill Hogan. Hogan escaped unharmed, but William McGee, a member of the state legislature was critically wounded.

St Louis Egan's rats gang leader Dinty Colbeck convicted
In May 1923 the Egan's Rats got 55000 dollars in cash from the Staunton postmaster. In November 1924 Dinty Colbeck, David ‘Chippy” Robinson, Gus Dietmeyer, Charles “red” Lanham, Frank Hackenthal, Frank “Cotton” Eppelshelmer, Louis “Red” Smith, Stephen Ryan, Oliver Dougherty and Cuckoo members Roy Tipton, Leo Cronin and Rudolph “Featheredge” Schmidt were convicted of a mail robbery in Staunton, Illinois. Colbeck received fifteen years.

St Louis: Cuckoo gang
August "Gus" Webbe got 10 years for murdering St Louis officer Edward Griffin and merchant John Surgant during a robbery 10 June 1923. A few months later gang members Oliver Hamilton and Clarence "Dizzy" Daniels got life in prison for the murders.

St Louis: Cuckoo gang
This was followed by Joseph "Mule head" Simon, Jimmy Michaels and Ben "Melon head" Bommarito's arrest for armed robberies.

St Louis: Cuckoo gang
Next came the arrest of Milford Jones, Carl, Bernie and Earl Shelton for robbery. Bennie Bethel was a suspect in a Pine Lawn bank robbery.

Ezra Fowler killed
In July 1923 was Ezra Fowler killed and suspect was Charles ”Chink” Shaffer

Walter Dahm kiled
2 August 1923 was the body found of the killed Walter Dahm. Cuckoo gangsters are suspected


St Louis boss Vito Giannola (Capone henchman)
In St Louis the members of the Black Hand get as leader Vito Giannola who had just arrived from Sicily with his brother John and their friend Alphons Palazzolo. Soon everybody in the Italian borough pays pizzo, when Garavelli’s Café (at 5701 De Giverville Avenue) cook Angelo Pastori refuses to buy his meat from Vito Giannola' whole sale company he gets 16 September 1923 stabbed to death by Palazzolo and then they mutilate his body even more with baseball bats.

St Louis capo mafia Dominick Giambrone flees
21 October 1923 was Paul Giambrone (32) so severely wounded in an attack that he died 2 days later. His brother the boss Dominick Giambone then fled St Louis and the new boss became Vito Giannola

St Louis boss Vito Giannola (Capone henchman)
The same year Giannola becomes the most important boss in St Louis after the conviction of the Irish gangster Dinty Colbeck with a lot of his Egan’s Rats gang for a postal robbery and also Cuckoo members Roy Tipton and Leo Cronin got arrested and all got 25 years in Leavenworth.

Joe Buselaki killed
3 march 1924 was Joe Buselaki killed after he had run afoul with Giannola


David "Chippy" Robinson, Eddie Linham, and James "Sticky" Hennessey were bad Egan Rats leaders and the liquor interests of the Egan Gang were usurped by the Italian crime boss, Vito Giannola.

Charlie Birger
15 November 1923 was bar tender Cecil Knighton shot and killed by Birger

Charlie Birger
18 November 1923 was William F. “Whitey” Doering shot and wounded by Birger and died

Egans Rats member Eddie Linham killed
David "Chippy" Robinson and Eddie Linham were vying for the position of the gang’s premier gunman. According to Ray Renard, Robinson killed Linham so that he could become Colbeck’s chief lieutenant and enforcer. 13 February 1924 was disgruntled gang member Eddie Linehan executed by Dinty Colbeck and his men in the Max Welton Club .

Dinty Colbeck
25 April 1924 robbery of the Granite City National Bank netting 63000 dollars was led by Dinty Colbeck

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
In 1924 St Louis boss Dominic Giambrioni flees for Vito Giannola. Soon his gang goes into bootlegging and 12 September 1924 the body of bootlegger Sam Palizzola (family member of Alphonse) get found in St Louis, his skull was beaten in after which they dragged his body after a car at the orders of Giannola.

Kansas City mobster Gizzo
In 1924 Anthony Robert Gizzo starts to serve 2 years.

Kansas City mayor
In 1924 Albert Isaac Beach is elected mayor the first republican since 21 years.

Missouri state senator Michael Kinney
In 1924 was Democratic senator Michael Kinney shot while waiting for a train at St Louis County station. Mike Kinney managed to hold the senate seat for 6 terms until 1932.


In 1923 Benjamin Stapleton was elected mayor with the support of the Ku Klux Klan. To repay political debts, Stapleton allowed Klansmen to be hired as police officers, including the Chief of Police, William Candlish.

Denver (Colorado)
In November 1923 Carl Carlino was killed.

Denver (Colorado)
The Klan problem in Colorado was state wide. Most of Colorado's 200 prohibition agents were members of the Klan. Led by R. N. Mason, the Exalted Cyclops of the Trinidad Klan, raiding parties went on random searches for bootleg stills and liquor. The majority of these raids were directed at operations run by Italians, Jews, Blacks, and other anti-Klan groups. By April 1925, Stapleton had had enough of Candlish's performance and secretly deputized 125 members of the local American Legion to carry out a series of raids. The raiders rounded up 200 bootleggers, gamblers, and prostitutes and uncovered a network of corruption controlled by Candlish's handpicked Klan vice squad. Candlish was fired along with twelve other Klan affiliated policemen.


KKK Imperial Wizard William Joseph Simmons
Colonel William Joseph Simmons reestablished the KKK in 1915 in Georgia as a money making franchise and he became the Klans Imperial Wizard

Herrin (Williamson County??) Chief of police and Klan leader John Ford

Herrin mayor Anderson
Herrin police chief Matthew « Matt » Walker (his son Harry Walker)

Herrin police chief John Stallions

Herrin justice of the peace Abe Hicks

St Louis Klan leader Glenn Young
Young shot and killed 7 November 1920 Luke Vukovic (brother in law Michael Sever) at a still he raided and stood on trial 6 June 1921 and was spoken free

Williams County Chief of police George Galligan
In 1922 was George Galligan chosen chief of police all the other posts went to KKK members

Williams County based KKK grand Cyclops Sam Stearns
Williams County Board of Supervisors chaiman and KKK Grand Cyclops Sam Stearns and son Leonard Stearns

Herrin coal mine owner W. J. Lester
Coal mine owner W. J. Lester hired 50 strikebreakers from employment agencies in Chicago. 16 June 1922 Lester slipped out sixteen railroad cars filled with coal. During the strike on 21 and 22 June 1922 in Herrin were 21 people killed of them were 19 strikebreakers. The other 2 killed were union miners Jordie Henderson and Joe Pitkewicius. Mine superintendent C. K. McDowell was shot and killed by the union men. Otis Clark, Bert Grace, James Brown, Lova Mann, Philip Fontanetta, Peter Hiller, Oscar Howard and Jess Childers. These were the men found by the Grand Jury to be the leaders in the riots. Otis Clark was the first man to be tried.

in 1925 at the European Hotel Cigar Store, Otis Clark and Ed Forbes, were ambushed and shot and killed by the KKK and Coal Company supported Sheriff (Glenn Young?)
Galligan died in a mine.

St Louis Klan leader Glenn Young
Young led raids against saloons, bars, still and breweries on 5 January 1924.

St Louis Klan leader Glenn Young
Young led raids against saloons, bars, still and breweries on 7 January 1924

St Louis Klan leader Glenn Young
Young led raids against saloons, bars, still and breweries on 20 January 1924

St Louis Klan leader Glenn Young
Young led raids against saloons, bars, still and breweries on 1 February 1924.

Williams County Chief of police George Galligan
8 February 1924 was deputy sheriff John Layman shot and wounded

Ku Klux Klan man Caesar Cagle killed
8 February 1924 was as revenge policeman Caesar Cagle (prominent Ku Klux Klan member) shot and killed

Herrin (Williamson County??) acting Chief of police and Klan leader Glenn Young returned his job to John Ford 12 February 1924 when he was ousted

Herrin (Williamson County??) Chief of police and Klan leader John Ford
John Whitesides and Arlie Boswell,
Carl Neilson, Exalted Cyclops of the Herrin Klavern
Illinois Grand Dragon Charles Palmer
Imperial Wizard Hiram Evans

St Louis Klan leader Glenn Young
23 May 1924 were Ku Klux Klan leader Glenn Young and his wife shot and wounded in their car from an other car by bootleggers Jack Skelcher, Charles Briggs, the brothers Carl Shelton and Earl Shelton

In the evening of 23 May 1924 was Jack Skelcher shot and killed and Charles Briggs wounded by Klans police men

30 August 1924 were Klansmen Green Dunning, Dewey Newbold and Charles Wollard (Wolland) shot and killed just like special deputy “Bud” Allison, Chester Reid and Otto Rowland by Carl Shelton and his men. wounded was Herman Phemister (he died 29 September 1924)

Allison was replaced as deputy sheriff by Ora Thomas

St Louis Klan leader Glenn Young dies
24 January 1925 deputy sheriff Ora Thomas walked into a cigar store where he saw Ku Klux Klan leader Glenn Young with his friends Omer Warren and Edward B. Forbes in the shootout all 4 died.

10 March 1925 exploded a bomb at the shop and house of H. T. Fowler the father of former Young bodyguard Young

Birger gang
12 April 1926 on election Day Birger’s gang opened fire and 6 people killed among whom Harland Ford (40 and brother of onetime Klan leader John Ford), brothers Mack Sizemore (54 and an alderman) and Ben Sizemore (52 and his son is Albert “Gebo” Sizemore), they were all clansmen. Other victims were gangster Orb Treadway (28), Charles Briggs and gangster Noble Weaver (Claude Weaver) (32)

Harry Walker (son of police chief Matt Walker)
12 July 1926 was Harry Walker (son of police chief Matt Walker) talking to Ed Rocassi in Rocassi’s roadhouse, just before Boyd Hartin “Oklahoma Curly” was shot and killed and the following day gave Rocassi himself up

Harry Walker and Everett Smith killed
22 August 1926 were Harry Walker and Everett Smith killed. Suspect was Art Newman

Gangsters Inc. recommends: Gangs of St. Louis: Men of Respect by Daniel Waugh.


Birger gang
Birger and the Pocahontas bank robbery on 30 November 1926.

Birger gang
In December 1926 Birger’s men Harry and Elmo Thomasson shot and killed Joe Adams (34) the mayor of West City, Illinois, he had become mayor in April 1923.

Birger gang
In January 1927 Birger’s Shady Rest was destroyed by a fire and in the fire died 4 people one of them being the killer Elmo Thomasson and the others were Mrs. Lena George.

Lyle « shag » Worsham
Lyle « shag » Worsham was machinegunned to death by Steve George and Ward « Casey » Jones according to Eural Gowan. Steve George and Harvey Dungey then carried the body to a house and Birger lit the place

Joe Chesnas hanged
17 June 1927 was Joe Chesnas hanged for the murder of William Unsell

Charlie Birger hanged
In June 1927 Charlie Birger was arrested for ordering the murder of Joe Adams (34) the mayor of West City and was hanged 19 April 1928

Birger gang
Birger gang member Art Newman was charged with the murder of policeman Lory Price and his wife who had disappeared and were later found back killed 5 February. In July 1927 Birger men Ray Hyland and Arthur Newman get life for murder.

St Louis: Charles A Lindbergh
In 1927 a group of St Louis business people financed Charles A Lindbergh to fly nonstop from NY to Paris in his plane the "Spirit of St Louis". Lindbergh’s friend Harlan Gurney was a wing walker, plane trapeze artist. Circus pilot Lincoln Beachley died when his wings broke off. Barnstormer Walter Ballard and parachute jumper Harold Tibbets. Max Stirner

Little Italy

St Louis mayor
Mayor Henry Kiel served till 21 April 1925. New mayor became Victor J Miller who served till 18 April 1933.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
10 July 1925 Vito Giannola scares Peter Cusamano who runs from the city and divorced his wife Augustina Dattilo after which Vito Giannola starts to live with her and beats her up all the time.

St Louis
In 1925 Cuckoo gang member Tommy Hayes gets free and is Hogan member Humbert Costello in prison.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
29 January 1926 the sheriffs Ohmer Hockett and John Balke find 2 men near an illegal still owned by Giannola, they want a bribe of the men their friends. When those arrive the 2 sheriffs have to dug their own shallow graves in which they get found.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
21 May 1926 Vito Giannola let his men murder Mariano De Luca (59) because he refuses to pay pizzo.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
27 June 1926 the Giannola brothers murder bootlegger Harvey J Dunn after which the Irish gang "the Chuckoos" declare them war.
St Louis boss Vito Giannola
19 August 1926 the Cuckoos shoot at Frank Agrusa and Alphonse Palazzola in front of the club Santa Fara at Eight and Biddle streets and wound Adamo Girolamo and Frank Agrusa.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
21 August 1926 the mafiosi try to kill their former supporter Pasquale Santino what goes wrong but they kill Joseph Schamora and wound a woman. Santino had changed sides to the Cuckoos because he wants to replace Giannola and he gets support from the Aiello brothers in Chicago.

St Louis based Russo brothers gang
Pasquale Santino becomes allies with a split faction from Giannola led by the Russo brothers. Anthony F Russo was the leader of the brothers William Russo, James Russo, Thomas Russo and Lawrence Russo.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
6 September 1926 Cuckoo member Peter “Pete” Webbe get shot to death in his car by the Giannola faction.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
22 September 1926 the Giannola faction also murder Joseph Consiglio in his car and he worked for Santino. The cuckoos shoot up 23 September the Submarine Bar and kill the owner Anthony dattalo (who died 26 September 1926??) who they wanted but also the innocents Frank Christian and the reporter Joseph Rubino. 16 October the cuckoos murder Kustandy Ajilouny a supporter of the green ones as killer was identified Alphonse Palazzola. In a shoot out police kill 2 Cuckoo members and soon after, 26 October the police want to arrest Joseph "Scarface Joe" Bommarito (his sister Grace is the wife of Pete licavoli) but he resists and get killed and James Licavoli wounded, both belong to the Green ones mafiosi. James T Licavoli aka Jack White aka Blackie was born in 1904 he was the cousin of Pete and Thomas Licavoli and Leo "lips" Moceri.

St Louis mobster Frank Coppola
Frank Coppola came illegally to St Louis in 1926 via Cuba and used the name Frank Lamonde.

Leavenworth prison Egans Rats inmates
Colbeck and most of his lieutenants were incarcerated in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. In 1926 there were close to twenty Egan gangsters incarcerated in Leavenworth. Colbeck was later transferred to Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.

Sam Palazzolo and Don Bommarito whisky still found (police protected)
a huge whisky still operated on a farm owned by Sheriff Louis Donze (of Ste. Genevieve County, Mo) his father's estate at Weingarten, Mo., twelve miles from Ste. Genevieve, without the Sheriff's knowledge and connivance. He was charged 28 April 1927 with five others, in warrants issued here by United States Commissioner Atkins, with setting up and operating the still. The Penalty on conviction is a minimum of six months in jail and a $500 fine and a maximum of two years in the penitentiary and a $5,000 fine. The warrants were issued after a raid on the Donze farm Friday afternoon by Federal prohibition officers under Chief James Dillon. They found four St. Louis Italians and Bedford Perkins, 22 years old, son of Dr. B. G. Perkins of Weingarten, operating the still. Informants told the raiders that Sheriff Donze (who is administrator of his father's estate), had made frequent trips to the farm recently, driving in an automobile and sometimes in a truck. The barn in which the whiskey plant had been set up, is in plain view to anyone visiting the farm. Sheriff Donze told a Post-Dispatch reporter yesterday on telephone that he had rented the farm three months ago to a man who gave his name as O. Haley. He asserted that Haley paid $300 for three months rent in advance and after living on the place a few weeks moved away. Sheriff Donze said he did not know what went on there after that because he had not been near the place since renting it to Haley. The raiders found a 400-gallon daily capacity still with a double cooker and triple condenser. There was 500 gallons of whisky mash in vats and 90 gallons of whisky in cans. A large stock of new empty cans and other items necessary to whisky manufacture had been stored in the barn. The Italians gave their names and addresses as follows: Don Bommarito, 22, of 1619 North Sixteenth Street; Andrew Garsano, 20, of 1401 Blair Avenue; Angela Patrillo, 45, of 1219 Pendleton Avenue, and Sam Palazzolo, 42 of 1229 Walton Avenue. Young Perkins admitted to prohibition agents yesterday that he had been hired as "lookout" for the whisky plant. He named Bommarito as the man who engaged him. When the five prisoners were brought to St. Louis the Italians told very innocent stories of how they happened to be on the farm. One said he had gone to wait for the squirrel shooting season which opens in June, another said he was taking a vacation there and two said they were there to buy eggs. These latter, Palazzolo and Patrillo, had automobiles parked near the farm from which the rear seat cushions had been removed. The prohibition agents pointed out that these cars were equipped to carry whisky as well as egg cases.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
James T Licavoli aka Jack White aka Blackie was born in 1904 he was the cousin of Pete and Thomas Licavoli and Leo "lips" Moceri. In July 1927 James T Licavoli was arrested with John Mirabella and Ralph Caleco for weapons possession but charges were dropped. Bommarito, Levecchi and Mirabella were former members of the Russo Gang in St Louis.

Chicago: Aiello man killed
17 July 1927 saloonkeeper Dominick Cinderella who was killed by McGurn and his friend Orchell De Grazio.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
Anthony F Russo and Vincent Spicuzza get into an ambush and are shot to death in their car at 9 august 1927, both have a dime in their hand. Russo and Spicuzza were not killed by McGurn, their killer Alphonse Palazzolo left the dimes to put the blame on McGurn (the other killer would have been Frank Agrusa and they were accompanied by Impastato and Jack Licavoli), but he started to brag about the murders and William Russo heard it and started the Italian gang war. Santino was against the hit on Tony Russo and V Spicuzza and this caused Giannola to turn on him. Santino knew he had to hit first and aided the Russos in killing Palazzolo. Santino was close to people in Detroit and NYC, he probably didn't support the Aiellos in Chicago perhaps he knew Mike Merlo the head of the Unione Siciliano in Chicago.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
24 August 1927 Benny Giamanco (Benjamin Giamonco??) a friend of Russo and Spicuzza got killed with the innocent Aloys F Beelman.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
Santino then has Vito Giannola know that he wants peace, Giannola sends his killer Alphonse Palazzolo (30 of 1136 North Seventh street) who greets 9 September 1927 Santino with a handshake, after which 6 men blow Palizzola away with pistols and a lupara, also the playing child Emanuel Caprano (10) got killed. Just minutes after the shooting police raided a butcher shop at 1433 North 14th street where they found rifles and 6 revolvers. The room had been occupied by Frank Agrusa who is a suspect in the shooting.

McGurn and his dime murders on Aiello hired killers??
24 September 1927 in Chicago the from Cleveland arrived Samuel Valente was found with a dime in his hand in a field near Stickney (Illinois) with his head crushed with blows from a hatchet, these killings were done by McGurn.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
10 November 1927 the mafiosi kill in St Louis Charles Palmisano because he didn't want to pay protection money after Palizzola was killed.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
10 November 1927 were Robert Aiello and Frank Aiello shot and killed in Springfield, Illinois, wounded were Lee Meachum and Vito Lapicola. Robert and Frank Aiello were killed for killing a rival, they were associates of Willie Russo. Willie Russo brother in law Tony Aiello

Jasper Aiello (20) killed
In 1927 was Jasper Aiello (20) killed with 15 shots over a bad liquor deal.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
12 November 1927 also Charles Casamento was killed he was one of the killers of the Aiellos in St Louis.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
15 November 1927 was Benedetto Amato (44) killed he was a leader of the Green ones. Benedetto Amato and his partner Tony Fasulo had a bakery

St Louis faction boss Pasquale Santino (born 12 September 1886 in Siculiana) killed
17 November 1927 the green ones kill Pasquale Santino. His loyal follower Carmelo Fresina and others then start their own faction of which Fresina became the boss. He fought the Green Ones and later the Russos.
St Louis faction boss Carmelo Fresina

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
Nick Palazzola paid protection money to the green ones but still worked with their enemy William Russo (the brother of the killed Anthony F Russo) so they kill him also 27 November 1927. Nick Palazzola associated with the Santino faction.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
6 December 1927 the Santino faction wounds Joseph Lopiparo and in an other ambush that day they also wound Peter Bommarito, who works for Benedetto Amato.

St Louis greenies (green ones) boss Vito Giannola killed
28 December 1927 at Vito Giannola's home rings the doorbell, when his wife opens there are several men who say they are policemen. Vito hears them and runs and hides in a shelter place. The men kick in the secret door to his shelter place and riddle him with machineguns, a happy widow Augustina Dattilo leaving behind, because her husband was abusing her. Several days later Vito’s brother John left St Louis, the war had cost 30 dead and 18 wounded. New boss of the Green ones became Frank Agrusa.
St Louis greenies (green ones) boss Frank Agrusa

St Louis gang leaders the Russo brothers defeated
Tommy Hayes murders 25 July 1928 Vincent James Russo and Giannola’s top killer Michael “Mike the chink” Longo.

Salvatore Faraci
Salvatore Faraci was one of four men arrested in a house adjacent to that where the funeral of Jimmy Russo was held
(same Salvatore Faraci killed (26) in St Louis in August 1928 ??)

St Louis gang leaders the Russo brothers defeated
29 July 1928 ends the war as police escort the surviving brothers William Russo, Thomas Russo and Lawrence Russo to the station to get out of town alive. Their gang was taken over by Charles Spicuzza.
St Louis gang leader Charles Spicuzza

Joe Giardano
Joe Giardano (brother of Tony Giardano and Sam Giardano) was charged with the strangulation murder of the Italian gangster Salvatore Faraci (26) in St Louis in August 1928.

Joe Giardano
Joe Giardano (brother of Tony and Sam) was charged with the murder of the Italian gangster Vincent Barber

Michaels goes to prison in 1929 for 10 years to life.

St Louis faction boss Carmelo Fresina
He was suspected in the murder of his former saloon partner Clarence Schnelle in 1927

St Louis faction boss Carmelo Fresina
He was suspected in the murder of his former saloon partner Angelo Corella in 1928

St Louis faction boss Carmelo Fresina
In January 1929 Fresina and 2 members of his gang attended a meeting at the home of a Russo faction member and he gets wounded and his companions killed.

St Louis faction boss Carmelo Fresina
17 January 1930 was Ray Weaver shot and killed by his boss Carmelo Fresina (who pleaded self defense) at Fresina’s home. Ray Weaves was his former partner in a garage business.

bootlegger Angelo Clementi killed
13 March 1930 was bootlegger Angelo Clementi shot and killed by two men posing as prohibition agents

St Louis faction boss Carmelo Fresina
In June 1930 Fresina, Dominic Cateldo and Anthony Di Trapani visited Charles Spicuzza (a fruit wholesaler) and they were attacked and Cateldo and Di Trapani were killed and Fresina was shot in the hip.

St Louis greenies (green ones) boss Frank Agrusa
12 July 1930 was in St Louis Sam Scorfina a grocer at Carr street kidnapped , he escaped later. for the kidnapping of St Louis grocer Sam Scorfina arrested Frank Agrusa, Vito Impastato, Soria Mantia, Baptista Bommarito, Mike Lombardo and Carl Fiorita.

St Louis arrests
Matt Manzello (30) was 12 September 1930 arrested as a witness of the murder of Charles Palmisano the wealthy president of the M. Longo Fruit Co. who was shot and killed 10 november 1927 as he stood in his doorway. That same night were Samuel and Robert Aiello murdered in Springfield, they were brothers of Tony Aiello of St Louis a brother in law of Willie Russo. Police said Matt Manzello knew about these murders and the earlier murder of Joseph Consiglio who was shot and killed in an automobile. His arrest was followed by the arrest of Frank Agrusa, Joseph Vitale, Michael and Frank Russo (cousins of Willie Russo), Leo Palmisano (from Kansas City), James Palmisano (from Kansas City) and Frank Palmisano (from Kansas City), Richard Victorino (from Kansas City), Carl Orlamdo (from Kansas City) and Samuel Calatrino (from Kansas City),

Cuckoo gangster Peter McTigue and William Boody killed
2 October 1930 were Cuckoo gangster Peter McTigue and William Boody (former business agent of the East St Louis plumbers union which was associated with the Cuckoo gangsters) shot and killed while wounded were Sam Therina and Joe Moceri. Cuckoo gangster James Dormondy escaped. Suspects of the attack are the Shelton brothers

East St Louis gambler and resort owner Charles Phayer
Phayer was in December 1928 arrested for complicity in the 250000 dollar robbery of the Broadmoor Country Club near Indianapolis.

East St Louis gambler and resort owner Charles Phayer killed
19 October 1930 was the body of East St Louis gambler and resort owner Charles Phayer found shot and killed. Phayer had been a suspect in the failed ambush at gambling char Clyde Garrison two days before in which Garrison’s wife had been killed and Garrison wounded. Phayer was a former partner of the late Ray Stevenson in a Brooklyn gambling house. Stevenson’s widow Carrie was married to Bernie Shelton for a while

Cuckoo gangster James “Wingy” Cox
7 November 1930 was Cuckoo gangster James “Wingy” Cox wounded by machinegun fire. A machinegun found later in the house of Lester Barth was used in the attack

Lester Barth and Dewey Goebel killed
22 November 1930 were gunmen Lester Barth and Dewey Goebel machine gunned to death

Joseph Wojewodka killed
16 December 1930 was Joseph Wojewodka shot and killed in his saloon at 1310 Chambers Street. He had been questioned about the murder of two watchmen on the McKinley Bridge

Louis Mulconry killed
19 December 1930 was Louis Mulconry shot and killed, he was an enemy of the killed gunmen Lester Barth and Dewey Goebel. One of his killers was believed to be “Wingy” Cox. Mulconry had switched from the Cuckoo gang to the Shelton brothers and his murder was believed to be an aftermath of the Valmeyer shooting

St Louis: Leo "Buster" Brothers arrested
On December 21, 1930, Leo "Buster" Brothers, 31, was arrested in St. Louis and charged with Lingle's murder.

Cuckoo gangster Leo Orlando and Isadore Katz killed
7 January 1931 were the shot and killed Cuckoo gangster Leo Orlando and Isadore Katz found. Would also have to do with the Valmeyer shooting

St Louis east side
When the Birger Gang was eliminated in 1930 Carl Shelton of the East Side Gang ordered the Cuckoos out of the East Side. When herman Tipton refused to leave, Shelton convinced Hayes to split from the gang and fight Tipton.

In February 1931 Hayes led an attack on a house in which 3 Shelton men were killed.

Bernie Shelton
2 February 1931 were found the killed East St Louis pawnshop owner David Hoffman, Joseph Carroll (former policeman and an incorporator with Bernie Shelton of the Red Top Taxicab Co of St Louis) and Theodore Kamanski. They had been killed in Ralph Smith’s speakeasy at 330a East Broadway (East St Louis). In the resulting investigation police raided the resort of Dale Stamper (now an ally of Frank “Buster” Wortman). Carl Shelton and Tommie Hayes were questioned and it was believed the shooter was Bernie Shelton

Dewey Goebel
10 February 1931 were shot and killed William Goebel (brother killed Dewey Goebel) and the shoplifters Mrs. Bessie Lyman and Mrs. Dorothy Evans. Still survived the third brother Harry Goebel

St Louis faction boss Carmelo Fresina killed
8 May 1931 Fresina gets killed near Edwardsville, Illinois and his gang was taken over by Thomas Buffa from KC. Fresina’s wife is Louise Cinardi and they lived at 2716 Semple Avenue.
St Louis based KC faction boss Thomas Buffa

Mario “Mike” Oldani
24 June 1931 was Mario “Mike” Oldani shot and wounded in his car

Killer Peter Stevens
1 July 1931 was Eddie Menken shot by Peter Stevens and died 3 hours later. Stevens had two months before killed Milton Rost

Gus Buselaki killed
16 July 1931 was Gus Buselaki shot and killed by the Cuckoo gang

Cuckoo John Flynn
21 July 1931 was Cuckoo John Flynn shot and wounded

bootlegger William Fleming killed
30 August 1931 was bootlegger William Fleming shot and killed and his partner William Shannon Jr. wounded.


Springfield invasion by St Louis capo Frank Agrusa
St Louis capo Frank Agrusa invaded Springfield in the early 30ties and there were at least 5 murders and a car bombing

28 December 1931 was gambler Charles Dawson (originally from St Louis) shot and killed in Springfield which had been invaded by Vito Impastato and Frank Agruso

Springfield boss Zito
Zito went to prison in March 1933 and was released in September 1934 with him were 15 of his men convicted under whom Vincent Salvo. In the 1930ties Zito's top capo was Vincent Salvo.

Springfield boss Zito
In later years worked for Zito also Ernest "Buster" Dinora (born 20 January 1907 in Scranton and died 19 September 1994), Michael Fortune, Matt Manzella and Thomas Jinuzzo. Manzella probably first worked for Agrusa but then joined Zito.


St Louis murder case Hayes
15 April 1932 Carl Shelton had Tommy Hayes (34) and his body guards William “Willie Gee” Wilbert and Harry “Pretty boy” Lechler shot and killed in their car.

Bernie Shelton
11 May 1932 were Bernie Shelton and Jack Britt shot and wounded

Floyd Miller killed
17 July 1932 was Floyd Miller shot and killed he was allied with a “new” Cuckoo faction

Oliver Alden Moore killed
10 August 1932 was Oliver Alden Moore (president of the East St Louis Central Trades and Labor Union) shot and killed . Among suspects arrested were William Smith, Monroe Armes and Armes cousin Ray Dougherty

St Louis gang leader Charles Spicuzza
In 1932 was Charles Spicuzza the boss of the Russo gang shot at and escaped unharmed.

Hayes lieutenant Homer DeHaven killed
2 November 1932 was the body found of Hayes lieutenant Homer DeHaven and was probably already killed at the end of June or the beginning of July 1932

John Buhlinger killed
25 January 1933 was John Buhlinger shot and killed

St Louis mayor Dickman
Democratic mayor Bernard F. Dickman served from 18 April 1933 till 15 April 1941.

Collinsville Park bootlegging

Eagle Park Resort??
Charles Young, owner of the Eagle Park Resort, purchased the farm from the estate of the late D.J. Sullivan in 1923. Young purchased the farm for Vito Giannola and protected his name when questioned by authorities three years later. When questioned, Young stated he “represented other parties” who hired him to make the purchase anonymously on their behalf. He refused to identify the buyer(s). Young’s relationship to Vito Giannola remains unclear.

Eagle Park Resort??
Charles Young then sold the Eagle Park Resort to John and Catherine Gray in 1924-25.

Eagle Park Resort??
Within a week's time before their murder, John and Catherine sold half of the Eagle Park Resort concession rights to Frank Selvaggi and changed their residence from the resort to a boarding house in East St. Louis, Illinois

The Gray’s were discovered shot to death in their car, which had also been torched by the killer(s) on September 14, 1925.

St Louis boss Vito Giannola
In the night of 14 September 1925 John Gray and his wife Catherine get killed. The Grays had a bar and when Giannola wanted them to sell his liquor they turned to the Cuckoos.

St Louis Egans Rats Joseph Costello, Marvin Paul Michaels and Alfred Salvaggi were questioned in the murders of John and Catherine Gray.

The case was eventually dismissed for lack of prosecution. Indicted were bothers Alfred and Frank Selvaggi, George Herwig (bartender with Gray), Frank Collins, Marvel Paul Michaels, Joseph Costello, and Louis Colone (uncle of the Selvaggi brothers, and owner of another speakeasy).

there is also circumstantial evidence equal to the above theory that they were murdered by the Selvaggis and their uncle Louis Colone. Frank Selvaggi obtained a half interest in the Resort just days before John and Catherine's murder. The day before the murders, Alfred Selvaggi, along with Marvel Paul Michaels, and Joseph Costello, three young men in the middle of a depression with no jobs and no money, purchased a new car and were joyriding in it. When arrested in connection with the murders, the new car, which they had owned only two days, had 700 miles on it, the bumbers and runners were filled with weeds and mud, and found tucked in the seat cushion were strips of paper that had been cut from John Gray's old bank account and were used as scratch paper - matching strips were found in the Grays' apartment. Louis Colono, who owned several rival speakeasies, may have been involved in silencing the Grays to prevent them fron testifying against his nephews, or to eliminate his rival

Dominick “Dan” Maddalino (proprietor of the Collinsville Park Ballroom) brother Martin Maddalino was murdered 22 January 1928 in a saloon (their own saloon??). Joe Massa of Collinsville was held as a suspect

In October 1928 were Peter Maddalino and Henry (both of Collinsville) wounded when they had a car accident

24 March 1932 were former Madison County deputy sheriff Joseph “Joe” Colone (43 and brother of Madison County politician Louis Colone) and bootlegger Charles Bowers (40 and worked for Shelton) shot and killed by Tommy Hayes

Louis Colone tended bar at Tony Bonelle’s tavern

27 June 1933 was Dominick “Dan” Maddalino (proprietor of a tavern at Collinsville Park) shot and killed by Louis Colone (former Collinsville policeman) in Maddalino’s bar. The shooting came half an hour after the machine gunning of Colone’s bar in which his brother James Colone was wounded.

Liquor Commissioner Nelson Hagnauer said he is for revocation of the county liquor license of Donald Maddalino of Collin licensee of the Paddock Tavern on Collinsville where sheriffs deputies arrested Maddalino and three women in a vice Arrested with who was released from the county jail on bail on a charge of keeping a place of were Diane and Juanita who gave a Granite City address and were charged with and Lota of East charged with soliciting for Deputies from the narcotics and vice section raided the place at following a sur of the Maddalino obtained a county liquor license for the Paddock Tavern at 9401 Collinsville near State late in December for the 1974 license The place previously had been operated by Anna records


Cuckoo gangster James “Wingy” Cox
10 September 1933 was Cuckoo gangster James “Wingy” Cox shot

cuckoo associate Leo Burke
20 September 1933 was cuckoo associate Leo Burke shot and wounded, he formerly owned the bar in which Cox was killed

Joseph Tatman
21 January 1934 was a sub machine gun used in the Valmeyer (Illinois) killing found in a car in which ex convict Joseph Tatman was riding.

Afro American farmer and witness John Johnson killed
12 May 1934 was Afro American farmer John Johnson shot and killed. He was state witness in the kidnapping of Dr Isaac Kelley and had named Angelo Rosegrant, Bart Davis and Felix McDonald as the other kidnappers. They were sentenced later,

former St Louis boss Dominic Giambrioni killed
In 1934 boss Dominic Giambrioni returns and was killed.

St Louis mobsters Anthony G Giordano and Frank Coppola
In 1934 was Anthony G Giordano arrested with Frank Coppola for the murder of a cop.

George Appleton killed
26 October 1936 was ex convict George Appleton found shot and killed

St Louis, Hogan Gang
In 1937 Hogan member Humbert Costello is deported after 12 years prison.

John Dunn killed
14 July 1937 was twice convicted murderer and union racketeer John Dunn shot and killed

Leo Quick killed
5 March 1938 was Leo Quick shot and killed, he had followed up the in 1932 killed Oliver Alden Moore as business agent of the boilermakers

Thomas Cox killed
28 June 1938 was Thomas Cox (brother of killed “Wingy”Cox) shot and killed

Arthur Schading killed
19 September 1938 was Arthur Schading shot and killed. Among the suspects is Herman Tipton the operator of Lemay Distributing Co who was reported to be financed by Bev brown and Gully Owen

St Louis
In 1938 Anthony Giordano (24) was arrested.

St Louis’s Pendergast family
In 1939 Thomas J Pendergast was convicted for tax evasion. Also politician Henry F McElroy.

St Louis, IATSE union
St. Louis lawyer Paul Dillon knew Murray Humpreys, the Chicago outfit's bag man, very well and had defended two IATSE union officers at Humpreys' request, after they were caught beating up a movie theater owner in St. Louis in 1939.

John Vitale arrested
In 1940 was John Vitale arrested after heroin was found in his saloon

John Vitale
John Vitale owned a piece in Sonny Liston??

Charles Bailey killed
25 June 1941 was Charles Bailey found shot and killed. He had been seen at the tracks with Egan gangster David “Chippy” Robinson

St Louis Egan's Rats leader Colbeck
In 1941 Colbeck gets free from prison after 16 years.

Colbeck was not only a gangster, but he was also a politician. Previously he had been a committeeman in the fifth ward. At the height of his power, he was the Sergeant-in-arms of the St. Louis Democratic Committee.

"Dinty" Colbeck was released late in 1940. He immediately resumed his former role as a plumber and opened a shop. He was soon involved in election fraud and petty racketeering. When Colbeck learned that some of his old henchmen were running some of the gambling clubs, he began to demand a cut of the profits. This did not sit well with any of the established underworld groups operating on the Eastside.

"Dinty" Colbeck killed
On February 17, 1943 "Dinty" Colbeck was driving on a lonely road outside of East St. Louis when another car pulled along side of him and a man with a machine gun strafed Colbeck’s car. The notorious crime chief was dead. The most likely perpetrators were members of the Shelton Gang.

Frank Wortman
This time, the Egan gangsters did not rally around a concept of revenge. Instead they did nothing. Chippy Robinson, Stephen Ryan, Gus Dietmeyer, and other former Egan gangsters offered their loyalty to the new crime syndicate being organized by Frank Wortman and Elmer Dowling, both formerly associates of the Egan Gang during its heyday under Colbeck and Willie Egan.

St Louis
7 December 1943 were Harley Grizzell and Norman Farr shot and killed

St Louis boss Vitale war with Springfield boss Zito
John Vitale's St Louis family got into war in the early 40ties with Frank Zito's Springfield family for territory in Southern Illinois. Zito died in 1974.

St Louis green ones leader "Greenie" Frank Agrusa killed
In 1943?? Frank "one ear" Fratto from Chicago's Des Moines murders St Louis green ones leader "Greenie" Frank Agrusa in Hot Springs, Arkansas. After which Frank "one ear" Fratto was made, Fratto was even picked up at the time. "Greenie" Frank Agrusa his green ones would merge with Frank Coppola's group after the war, they became allies and divided the area.

Timothy Cronin
3 March 1944 was Timothy Cronin shot and wounded.

Ray Walker
Sometime in 1944 was Ray Walker shot and wounded

Timothy Cronin
Following the first attempt 3 March 1944 on Cronin’s life, police arrested Ryan and Robinson at the Brazil Club in company of gangsters Thomas Fagan and Louis Casper “Red” Smith,

probably Patrick Hogan killed
29 September 1944 was probably Patrick Hogan killed at Club Royal. He was suspected in the murders of Farr, Grizzell and Bailey. Club Royal owned by Tom Barry and ex St Clair County sheriff Henry Siekmann had become the headquarters of Wortman, Steve Ryan, “Chippy” Robinson and “Blackie” Armes.

Wortman had been out of Alcatraz since 1941 where he had been sent up for assaulting a prohibition agent.

Wortman man Monroe “Blackie” Armes killed
13 December 1944 was Wortman man Monroe “Blackie” Armes shot and killed by Thomas Propes (a cousin of Ray Walker) who then on the spot was killed by Armes friends and relatives. It was written that Armes, Wortman, Ryan , Robinson and Frank “Cotton” Eppelsheimer were muscling into southern Illinois gambling activity. This was Shelton territory

Timothy “Ted” Cronin
30 December 1944 were Timothy “Ted” Cronin and his bodyguard William “Bozo” Remphry wounded

St Louis political boss Pendergast dies
26 January 1945 dies Thomas J Pendergast (72).

Wyncil Urban killed
16 March 1945 was the body of Wyncil Urban found. He worked for the Wortman gang and was suspected of the 20 January 1945 robbery of 2500000 dollar in bonds and cash from the vaults of the E. H. Rumbold Real Estate Co.

Miss. Kathryn Morrison killed
16 July 1945 was Miss. Kathryn Morrison shot and killed in a tavern, she was a former waitress for Bess Newman. It was the same tavern where Wortman man Joseph Callahan had been wounded the week before. Miss Morrison was in Club Royal the night Hogan was believed to have been killed there

George Tyson and Madison waitress Ethel Sparks killed
28 October 1945 were the bodies of George Tyson and Madison waitress Ethel Sparks found.

Howard Akers and Fabian DeClue killed
22 November 1945 were Howard Akers and Fabian DeClue found killed. They were associated with Harvey Miller, Richard Hannon and Lon Florence in disporing of stolen jukeboxes and slot machines

robber gang leader Lawrence Drewer killed
4 January 1946 was robber gang leader Lawrence Drewer shot and killed. He was a former associate of the late Cuckoo leader Herman Tipton. The late Frank “Cotton” Eppelsheimer and Drewer’s pal Joseph Burnett were named as his killers

Robert Carroll killed
7 January 1946 was Robert Carroll shot and killed. He was a brother in law of Arthur Berne.

tavern owner Frank Kraemer killed
20 February 1946 was tavern owner Frank Kraemer shot and killed, he was alined with the Shelton gang at Peoria (Illinois)

St Louis, Pendergast family
In 1946 president Truman wants to lose congressman Roger C Slaughter because he always voted against Truman's proposals and he uses Tom Pendergasts nephew Jim Pendergast who looked after that Enos Axtell became the new congressman after fraudulent elections.

Shelton man Joel Nyberg shot and killed in Peoria (Illinois)
20 September 1946 was Shelton man Joel Nyberg shot and killed in Peoria (Illinois)

Shelton slot machine associate Philip Stumpf shot and killed in Peoria (Illinois)
25 October 1946 was Shelton slot machine associate Philip Stumpf shot and killed in Peoria (Illinois)

St Louis mobster John J Vitale
In 1947 John J Vitale was released from prison after serving a narcotics sentence.

St Louis Local 688
In 1948 Harold Gibbons became president of St Louis Local 688.

St Louis mobster Thomas "Tom" Buffa killed
27 March 1947 was Thomas "Tom" Buffa shot to death in his car as he drove through Lodi (California), because he had testified that Joseph DeLuca's girlfriend had perjured herself. His gang merged with the Green ones and John Vitale to form one St Louis family under Frank Coppola.
St Louis boss Frank Coppola, underboss Anthony Lopiparo, consiglieri John Ferrara.

St Louis mobster Paul Buffa killed
Within a few years also Thomas "Tom" Buffa family member Paul Buffa was killed by the Kansas City mobsters. The St Louis family is not so happy about that.

Ray Dougherty (cousin of the Armes brothers) killed
24 April 1947 was the body of Ray Dougherty (cousin of the Armes brothers) found. He had been shot


Giuseppe Corso and Margherita Tortorici had as son Giuseppe Corso (born 10 April 1899, FBN book page 783). Their son married Maria Antoinetta Nania and they had as son Giuseppe Corso Jr (born 10 June 1927, FBN book page 782 and he married with Pietra Coppola the only daughter of Frank Coppola).

Partinico family Coppola
Francesco Coppola sr and Pietra Loicano had as son Francesco “Frank” Paolo Coppola (born 10 June 1899 in Partinico, FBN book page 781) who married Leonarda Chimenti and their daughter Pietra Coppola married Giuseppe Corso jr (born 6 october 1927 in Partinico, FBN book page 782) the son of Giuseppe Corso sr (born 4 October 1899 in Partinico, FBN book page 783).

St Louis boss Francesco Paolo “Frank” Coppola
In December 1947 Frank Coppola gets arrested in Detroit.

St Louis boss Frank Coppola deported
11 January 1948 Frank Coppola was deported and made John J Vitale boss. Frank Coppola returned in 1948 but was that Christmas again deported.
St Louis boss John J Vitale


9 August 1948 was in Springfield Leonard Giordano shot and killed

2 October 1948 was James Moncado shot and killed, he had been questioned in the murder of Leonard Giordano. His brother Salvatore moncado had been murdered some time before by a taxicab driver


Carl Ray Shelton killed
Carl Ray Shelton (son of Ben Shelton and Agnes) was killed 23 October 1947 on his farm near Fairfield. Both were killed on orders of Frank “Buster” Wortman. Ray Walker and “Little Earl” Shelton named “Black Charlie” Harris and Roy “Tony”Armes as two of the shooters. Harris had been a cell mate of Wortman in Alcatraz.

Bernie Shelton killed
Bernie Shelton (son of Ben Shelton and Agnes and brother of Carl Shelton) was killed 26 July 1948 outside his tavern near Peoria. Both were killed on orders of Frank “Buster” Wortman.

“Big Earl” Shelton
24 May 1949 was “Big Earl” Shelton shot and wounded

“Little Earl” Shelton
9 September 1949 was “Little Earl” Shelton shot and wounded.

“Big Earl” Shelton
22 May 1950 was “Big Earl” Shelton shot and wounded

“Little Earl” Shelton
5 June 1950 was “Little Earl” Shelton shot and wounded

Roy Shelton killed
7 June 1950 was Roy Shelton shot to death on his farm in Wayne County.

Earl Shelton survives
The last surviving brother Earl Shelton survived a murder attempt and fled the state

Leo V. Brothers
18 September 1950 was Leo V. Brothers shot and wounded.

Roy “Tony” Armes killed
24 September 1950 was Roy “Tony” Armes shot and killed


St Louis murder case Joe Bommarito
Former acting boss Vito Cusumano shot and killed Joseph “Joe” Bommarito 26 August 1951. Bommarito was a former employee who tried to set up a rival produce hauling firm to rural Illinois groceries. As usual, Cusumano walked.

St Louis
In February 1956 Anthony Giardano and later Isadore Londe were arrested as suspects in the murder of Robert L Brown, a competitor in the vending business. Robert L Brown was of the W R Cigarette Co

St Louis boss Anthony Lopiparo
In 1956 John J Vitale was replaced by Anthony Lopiparo and became underboss. In 1956 Giordano gets 4 years in prison. St Louis boss becomes John Vitale who dies in 1961 and was followed up by Anthony Giordano.

Western Union major stockholder St Louis gambler William Molasky
In june 1950 police raid C J Rich Company who uses Western Union for gambling, a major stockholder in Western Union is St Louis gambler William Molasky.

Anthony Lopiparo Sr (46) dies
In June 1960 died Anthony Lopiparo Sr (46)

5 March 1962 were Frank “Buster” Wortman’s man Elmer “Dutch” Dowling and Melvin John Beckman found killed.

St Louis, Syrian Cuckoos
In 1962 Frank Wortman goes to prison

in December 1963 Frank Wortman his man Michaels, Giordano and KC mobster Max Jaben were arrested.

St Louis, Hogan gang
11 August 1963 dies Hogan (77).

In 1964 was Wortman associate Lewis “Buddy” Ennis (39) shot and killed in his car

In 1964 was Richard Leisure (brother of David and cousin of Paul and Anthony) killed in a tavern. The Leisure family suspects Jimmy Michaels

Wortman dies
3 August 1968 died St Louis gangster Frank “Buster” Wortman


St Louis boss Anthony Giordano
In 1963 Lopiparo was replaced by Anthony Gordano.

St Louis gangster Sam Shanks
Mid 60ties St Louis gangster Sam Shanks grabbed influence in Colorado and murdered 7 August 1963 gambler and Smaldone associate Robin “Walkie Talkie” Roberts who had turned informant.

St Louis mayor Cervantes
In December 1964, two days before Cervantes announced his candidacy for mayor, he met with Tony Sansone and Syrian mob leader Jimmy Michaels at a business incorporated by Morris Shenker. Three months later, after Cervantes had won the primary, Sansone, Michaels and Giordano met at the same place. Cervantes appointed attorney Morris Shenker chairman of the city's new Commission on Crime and Law Enforcement.

Congress member Annunzio and Gianacan son in law Tisci
In 1965 Tisci resigns as righthand of congres member Annunzio and was 7 weeks later in St Louis with John D'Arco arrested during an underworld meeting.

St Louis
3 may 1965 dies Ryan of the Egan's rats.

Anthony Giordano
29 September 1965 Anthony Giordano beat up Rose Lopiparo the widow of Anthony Lopiparo

St Louis
Frank Pisciotta and son Joseph Pisciotta

St Louis Laborers Local 42
Around 1965 Louis D Shoulders jr, George "Stormy" Harvill and William Sanders took over control in Laborers Local 42.

St Louis Laborers Local 42 and murder of Harvill
In 1966 George "Stormy" Harvill was gunned down.

St Louis
30 March 1967 was gambler William A Kuna Jr shot and killed in front of Kincannon’s Lounge at 4123 Chippewa Street. Wounded was Raymond Reask

St Louis
In February 1968 Giordano was arrested.

St Louis murder case Thomas Rodgers
In October 1968 Thomas Rodgers owner of a mortuary supply company gets killed by John J Vitale. Rodgers partners were Vitale and Vincent Filipello

St Louis
Drug dealer Clemon Wilks and Mrs Barbara Clay were shot to death 28 June 1971. In their apartment was a big drug stash found worth 1,5 million on the streets.

Las Vegas based Flamingo junkets promoter St Louisian Primo Frank "Larry" Caudera killed
the Flamingo junket promoter St Louisian Primo Frank "Larry" Caudera (49) (he organized junkets from St Louis to Las Vegas). Caudera was blindfolded, shot 6 times, and his body was found in the trunk of his Cadillac on a south St Louis street on 2 October 1971 he had disappeared since 30 September 1971 when he left his home. He had left his home to meet his extortionists who had demanded half of his profits because according to them his Flamingo junkets were cutting in on the Casino Dunes junkets operations. Following further interviews and investigation into the death of Caudera, officers of the St Louis Police Homicide section, on 13 October 1971 arrested Anthony Giardano, John Vitale and James Giammanco (nephew of Anthony Giardano), charging them with the murder of Caudera. From the hearings on Organized crime in sports (racing) 1973

St Louis Laborers Local 42 president Louis D Shoulders killed
25 August 1972 Louis D Shoulders was killed in a car bombing he was president of Laborers Local 42 at the time the Local was handling a Pentagon contract and also working for the Local is Joseph Scalise. Mike Trupiano (a nephew of the boss Tony Giardano) got paid 8000 dollars in 4 months during the contract for doing nothing. Trupiano later became business agent of Laborers Local 110.

St Louis Laborers Local 42
In 1973 union business agent Tommy Callanan loses his legs due to a car bomb.

St Louis
Lawrence N Goldstein (34) was found shot and killed in the trunk of his car 24 August 1976 in Miami (Florida). He would have been part of a prostitution ring from St Louis.

St Louis Laborers Local 42
In 1979 died Thomas Harvill.

St Louis Laborers Local 42
22 October 1979 Jesse Stoneking murders a man who had raped a girlfriend of his mentor Arthur Berne the east side rackets boss who had replaced Buster Wortman.

St Louis double murdercase
In December 1979 Stoneking murders 2 men who had tried to set him up for a hit.

St Louis mafia boss Giordano (67) dies
Giordano (67) dies 29 August 1980 and was followed up by acting boss John Vitale.
St Louis mafia boss John Vitale Jr.

St Louis gangster boss Jimmy Michaels killed
Less than three weeks later in September 1980, Michaels was blown to pieces because he was not anymore protected by Giordano and Leisure saw his chance.

St Louis boss John Vitale Jr. becomes FBI informer
In October 1980 John J Vitale was stopped and searched by the FBI and they find 36000 dollars and he becomes an informant.

Vitale capo and Giordano's nephew Jimmy Giammanco dies
Around this time died the important capo Jimmy Giammanco, Giordano's nephew.

St Louis
11 August 1981 Michaels friends retaliate when they disfigure Paul Leisure when they blow up his car. 11 September his men retaliate by wounding Jimmy's grandson Charles John Michaels.

St Louis
16 September 1981 police arrest Stoneking and he became witness and Berne and Matthew Trupiano went to prison.

St Louis murder case George Faheen
16 October 1981 Jimmy's nephew George Faheen gets killed by a car bomb.

St Louis Mayor elections
In the 1981 general election for St Louis mayor, democrat Vincent C Schoemehl jr carried the black wards and republican Jerry Wamser carried the white wards.

St Louis
24 March 1982 James A Michaels the third, grandson of Jimmy Michaels, and former police chief Milton Russell Schepp are charged with the Paul Leisure bombing.

St Louis mafia boss John Vitale dies
John Vitale reigns till 5 June 1982 when he died. Vitale Jr. was followed up by Matthew Trupiano.
St Louis mafia boss Matthew Trupiano

St Louis murder case Michael Kornhardt
31 July 1982 Michael E Kornhardt charged with the murder of George Faheen was killed while free on bond by Paul Leisure, Anthony Leisure and David Leisure, Robert Carbaugh and Steven Wougamon.

St Louis
2 April 1985 Paul Leisure, Anthony Leisure and David Leisure, Robert Carbaugh and Steven Wougamon get convicted.

St Louis, Teamster Local 862
In 1986 Trupiano and Frank Parrino get arrested (he is the brother of Teamster local 862 official Anthony M Parrino). In May 1986 Matthew Trupiano got 4 years, he served 16 months. In March 1987 Raymond Flynn gets convicted and gets 55 years prison which is a year later reduced to 30 years.

St Louis, Local 110
In June 1992 the members of Local 110 throw Trupiano out of his office and he got 2 years for other things.

St Louis mafia boss
The boss became Anthony M Parrino, underboss is Joseph Cammarata who ran the north side.

St Louis mafia boss Matthew Trupiano dies
Trupiano dies 22 October 1997.

St Louis mafia boss
Members are Joe Panneri, Fernando Bartolotta, Dominic Biondo, Joe Crimi and Willie Orlando.

Salvatore "The Tailor" Bartolotta his sons Leo Bartolotta and Fernando Bartolotta
Fernando Bartolotta associates Thomas Consiglio, Timothy Hinton, Robert Trask

Brothers Frank Palozzolo, Philip "Philly" Palozzolo and Michael "Mike" Palozzolo


St Louis local mc’s
Back Doorsmen mc, the Bootleggers mc, the Bush Pilots mc, the Salty Dogs mc, the New Attitudes mc, the Red Knights mc and Blue Knights mc (the last two biker clubs for firefighters and cops)

St Louis local mc’s
In June 2003 the two most notorious biker clubs in the nation have established their first footholds in the St. Louis area. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, which has ruled the so-called outlaw biker world for decades, is transforming an old tavern on the west side of Belleville into a headquarters. Its longtime rival, the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, is renovating a vacant commercial building in an industrial area just south of downtown Alton.

Wheels of Soul national president James “Animal” Smith arrested
12 July 2011 police arrested Wheels of Soul national president James “Animal” Smith, St Louis chapter president Dominic Henley “Bishop”, vice president Allen “Dog” Hunter, former St Louis vice president Lawrence Pinkston, Norman Vick, Timonthy Balle, Sean Jackson, Anthony “Black”, Thomas “Q ball” Bailey, Carlyle “Thundercat” Fleming, Bryant “Dot” Palmer, Toney “Big T” Sims and Maurice Thomas. Fugitive is Marshall “Big Bo” Fry.

St Louis based Afro American crime scene
the august 2012 murders of the girls Sharrice Perkins, Kristen Lartey and Genevieve Marie Phillip (all 22)

For more on the St. Louis crime scene check out the book Gangs of St. Louis: Men of Respect by Daniel Waugh.

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Comment by Dale .L. Porter on April 22, 2013 at 3:39pm

Pretty good article!.A lot of history uncovered there.Other Egan's Rats alumni were infamous as hired guns with the most notorious,of course,being Fred "Killer" Burke,one of the suspected triggers in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.Another was Leo Vincent Brothers,the supposed killer of newspaper man Jake Lingle in Chicago.


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