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MS-13 leader Anderson Daniel Cabrera Cifuentes (photo above) hated doing time. Not a good thing when you’re looking at serving 162 years in a cell for murder, murder conspiracy, and extortion. But for every problem, there’s a solution.

Last year, in August of 2017, Cifuentes thought he’d found a way out. Already behind bars, he faked an illness. Armed guards escorted him to Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City, the nation’s capital, to undergo some medical tests.

When they arrived, several members of Cifuentes’ Mara Salvatrucha clique awaited them with gunfire. Shooting wildly inside the emergency department they killed the two guards, but also two hospital workers, a bystander and two children.

Twelve other innocent bystanders were wounded, including a child who underwent emergency surgery.

A large police force surrounded the hospital and arrested five of the gunmen, but their leader had escaped. He was now a wanted fugitive. Authorities offered a reward of almost $20,000 for information that would lead to Cifuentes’ capture.

On October 4, 2018, they found their man.

Around midnight, agents surrounded a residence in Guatemala City where intelligence claimed he was hiding. Once Cifuentes became aware of the cops outside he began firing shots. Realizing he was left without any options, he asked police to let his girlfriend and 8-year-old son exit the home.

Before they left, he told her that he’d rather die than go back to prison. When his two loved ones had left the home, police heard a gunshot inside the house. When they entered they found the MS-13 gang leader known as “Little Boy” lying dead on the floor from a self-inflicted bullet to the head.

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