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The Definitive History of the Genovese Family

The Genovese Crime Family is seen as the most secretive and successful mob group in New York and maybe even the country. Also known as The Westside, today the Genoveses are the largest crime family in the Big Apple and have managed to keep the number of turncoats to a minimum.

The family has a long and bloody history. A history that Puparo has decided to share with Gangsters Inc. and its readers. Starting in the early 1900s and working his way up to the 2000s, Puparo brings you all those long forgotten details, some you may have never before heard or read about.

Using his extensive database of books, reports, magazines, newspapers, and various other sources Puparo hopes you will enjoy:

The Definitive History of the Genovese Crime Family

Corleone (Palermo province) was known for its nearby forest of Ficuzza (the only forest in a wide area), nearest town is Prizzi.

Corleone family Morello
11 February 1866 Calogero “Carlo” Morello married Angelina Piazza. In 1867 was Giuseppe "Joe" Morello born. In about 1869 was Marie Morello born

Corleone family Morello
In 1872 died Calogero “Carlo” Morello.

Corleone family Morello- Terranova
Calogero “Carlo” Morello his widow Angelina Piazza remarried in 1873 Bernardo Terranova. Giuseppe "Joe" Morello and his half brothers Nicholo “Nick” Terranova, Vincenzo Terranova (wife Bernarda Reina the daughter of Giacomo Reina) and Ciro ”The artichoke king” Terranova and half sisters Salvatrice Terranova (married Ignazio Lupo) and Lucia Terranova

Corleone late 19th century capo mafia Paolino “Paolo” Streva
The Streva family were the alleged powers in the Corleone cosca in the late 19th century and among the followers of Paolino Streva were Giuseppe Morello and Jack Dragna. (source: The barrel mystery by Flynn).

Corleone mafioso Giuseppe Morello murders the Sylvan Guards chief Giovanni Vella
During the latter part of 1889, a large number of cattle had been stolen near Corleone. Giovanni Vella, chief of the Sylvan Guards, had been working on the case and found evidence that the Streva- Morello team was behind the thefts. 29 December 1889 Giovanni Vella went home and was shot and killed underway. A neighbour, Anna Di Puma was returning to her house and had noticed 2 men lurking around and she recognized Giuseppe Morello. A couple of minutes later she heard a shot and ran back where she found the dying Vella. She told neighbours what she had seen.

Corleone mafioso Giuseppe Morello murders Anna Di Puma
Two days later (so 31 December 1889) Anna Di Puma was shot in the back and killed, Giuseppe Morello was arrested and charged with the murder of Di Puma. (according to the book the Barrel mystery by Flynn).

Corleone's Fratuzzi capo mafia Salvatore Cutrera
At the end of the 1880’s the boss of the “fratuzzi” in Corleone was Salvatore Cutrera, his underboss was Giuseppe “Piddu” Battaglia (uncle of Giuseppe Morello). Members were Mariano Colletti, Giuseppe Ridulfo “Acidduzzu”, Luciano Gagliano “Lo Forte”, Bernardo Terranova, Pasquale Oronato, the brothers Calogero Majuri and Mariano Majuri, Gaetano Liggio “Ficateddu” and others.

Corleone’s “Fratuzzi” capo mafia Giuseppe “Piddu” Battaglia
At the beginning of the 1890’s the boss of the “Fratuzzi” in Corleone became capo mafia Giuseppe Battaglia, who was advised by Michelangelo Gennaro, the nephew of former boss Salvatore Cutrera who was his uncle, some years later he was replaced by Luciano Labruzzo and Giuliano Riela as advisor. Members were Francesco Zito, Domenico Di Miceli, Giovanni Cammarata, Francesco Mancuso, Angelo Castro, Angelo Governnali, Angelo and Calogero Gagliano, Bernardo Di Miceli, Giovanni Sciortino, Tommaso Provenzano, Saverio Montalbano, Placido Paternostro, Gaetano Marino, Pietro Majuri (Maiuri Ciancimino, NJ Maiuri??), Luciano Crapisi, Stefano Labbruzzo, Biagio Iannazzo, Vincenzo Iannazzo, Giovanni Mancuso, Calogero Majuri, Marco Maggiore, Salvatore Cutrera, Mariano Mancuso, Nicasio Piazza, Calogero Di Palermo, Biagio Paternostro, Rocco Mancuso, Vincenzo Mancuso Marcello, Luciano Gagliano, Carlo Taverna, Bernardo Millitrano.

Corleone's “Fratuzzi” capo mafia Giuseppe “Piddu” Battaglia
On an April morning in 1893 Gagliano was led by Mariano Colletti into a room where he was inducted into the Corleone mafia. His induction was presided by “Fratuzzi” capo mafia Giuseppe “Piddu” Battaglia and also were there the building owner Mariano Colletti, Giuseppe Ridulfo “Acidduzzo”, Luciano Gagliano “Lo Forte”, Bernardo Terranova, Pasquale Oronato, the brothers Calogero Majuri and Mariano Majuri (Maiuri??), Gaetano Liggio “Ficateddu” and others. Capo mafia "Piddu" Battaglia explained that they were “fratuzzi"

Emanuele Notarbartolo murder

Palermo mayor Emanuele Notarbartolo
Nobleman Emanuele Notarbartolo was Palermo’s mayor from 28 September 1873 till 30 September 1876.

Banco di Sicilia director Emanuele Notarbartolo (1876- 1890)
Nobleman Emanuele Notarbartolo became in 1876 director of the Banco di Sicilia. Notarbartolo the director of the Bank of Sicily found out that his predecessor as director of the bank Raffaele Palizzolo (who still had a seat in the bank commission) had enriched himself with Tenerelli (from Catania), Orioles (from Messina), Figlia (from Palermo), Muratori (from Palermo), Palermo (from Messina) and Todaro (from Agrigento) at the costs of the bank. He had send a report to Miceli who send the report to Crispi who gave the report to Palizzolo who ordered then the murder.

Italy socialist prime minister Agostino Depretin
The new socialist prime minister Agostino Depretin wrote out elections in 1877 at which Raffaele Palizzolo was elected he became one of the most important mafia politicians who controlled west Sicily and he was supported by the mafia.

Italy’s 20th Prime minister Francesco Crispi
Francesco Crispi was from 1893- 1896 prime minister in Italy and had as trustee parliament member Palizzolo the director of the Bank of Sicily who he used to finance his own (Crispi’s) party.

Carini (Palermo province)
The feud in Carini began when banker Palazzolo was held responsible for the failure of a bank. Notarbartolo (from Carini) wanted to proof Palazzolo’s guilt.

Palermo mafia boss Palizzolo and murder of Bank of Sicily director Emanuele Notarbartolo
1 February 1893 was nobleman Emanuele Notarbartolo (a trustee of nobleman Di Rudini) stabbed to death by Giuseppe Fontana and Nicolo Trapani.

Notarbatolo autopsy
Notarbatolo’s nose had been cut from his face after the Sicilian custom of “troppa Bircca” which meant he had stuck his nose to deep in others businesses. Also his tongue had been cut out known as “truppa lingua” which means he talked to much about others businesses. Also across his cheek was the gash known as “Sfregio” which means he talked to much about other persons secrets. Palermo prosecutor Sighele

Giuseppe Morello "Three Fingered jack" (because he missed 2 fingers on his right hand) (22) had arrived in 1891 at New York, as the first of the Morello/Terranova family from Corleone

Morello’s brother in law Gioacchino Lima
In 1892 Gioacchino Lima left Corleone when an arrest warrant was issued for the murder of Antonino Dimiceli

Morello’s brother in law Gioacchino Lima
Gioacchino Lima married Morello’s wife sister

Palermo based Ignazio Lupo
Rocco Lupo and Onofria Saietta got in March 1877 their son Ignazio Lupo. Ignazio Lupo killed in October 1898 in Palermo the man Salvatore Morello

Brooklyn based Ignazio Lupo
Ignazio Lupo decided in 1898 to move to New York and he opened an import business for Italian agriculture products (oil, wine and Cheese) in Brooklyn.

Giuseppe Masseria Sr. settles in NY
In 1898 Giuseppe Masseria the father of “Joe the Boss” arrives in the US.

Carlo Masseria Jr. settles in NY
In 1899 Carlo Masseria the brother of Giuseppe Masseria Jr. arrives in the US.

Brooklyn based Ignazio Lupo (mother name Saieta)
Already in 1900 was the whole Lupo family migrated to New York, to run for the vendetta from the Morello family. (not related to the Morello/Terranova family from Corleone).

Manhattan based Ignazio Lupo (mother name Saieta)
in 1901 Ignazio Lupo (mother name Saietta) moved the import business for Italian agriculture products (oil, wine and Cheese) from Brooklyn to Little Italy on the Lower East Side, on the address number 9 Prince Street.

(9 Prince Street was later run as the spaghetti kitchen of Vito Vasile)

Giuseppe Masseria Jr. settles in NY
In 1902 Giuseppe "Joe the boss" Masseria arrives in the US and starts to work for Ignazio Lupo.

Lower Manhattan (east harlem?) based Corleone born brothers Morello terranova
Beginning 1902 in New Jersey disappear the printing plates for 5 dollar notes from the National Bank of Morristown.

Ignazio Lupo and murder of Giuseppe Catania
22 July 1902 Brooklyn grocer Giuseppe Catania's body packed in a sack get fished from the east River. The secret service believed that Catania had been a member of the Morello gang and was killed because he drank to much and then talked to much. Ignazio Lupo was one of the last men seen with Catania before his disappearance.

Morello- Terranova- Catania- Ignazio Lupo gang at 116th Street gang in Lower Manhattan (east Harlem?)
Morello- Terranova- Catania- Ignazio Lupo gang led the 116th Street gang and worked with Rocco Valenti.

Suicide Hall owner John H McGurk
The bar Suicide Hall (after WW I it was known as the Liberty Hotel) was owned by John H McGurk, headwaiter was Charles “short change Charley” Steele (once arrested for burglary and attempted murder), bouncer John Sullivan aka Charles Moon (charged with illegal voting and sentenced to 2,5 years Sing Sing), manager Bart O’Connor (arrested for voting manipulation) and former prizefighter and bouncer Thomas “Eat ‘em up Jack” McManus. The suicide Hall was closed by mayor Seth Low.

Among his property was the Avondale Flats apartment on 77th Street which suffered 4000 dollar in damage when a fire broke out

Among his property was the Raines Law Hotel at 110 Third Avenue.

John H McGurk was also believed to be the owner of the Oxford Hotel.

John H McGurk’s nephew and business partner Philip McKenzie
McGurk’s nephew and business partner Philip McKenzie had one of his eyes kicked out by Thomas McManus in a dispute.

John H McGurk’s nephew and business partner Philip McKenzie
McGurk’s nephew and business partner Philip McKenzie and a bartender were arrested in 1900 after following a man outside the Suicide Hall and they beat up the man and robbed him. McKenzie was sentenced to a reformatory and died of heart disease in 1905.

Suicide Hall owner John H McGurk
In 1902 McGurk went to Riverside (California) with his wife Louisa and his daughter Martina and 500000 dollars presumably to escape conviction, he forfeited 1000 dollar bail. McGurk (59) died 29 January 1913 in California.


Detective sergeant Joseph Petrosino (right)
Detective sergeant Joseph Petrosino arrests 10 September 1900 the swindlers Giuseppe Napoli and Bartolomeo Veccio (of 141 Mott street).

Counterfeiter Salvatore Clemente jailed
In February 1895 were Salvatore Clemente, Theresa De Lucca, Stella Frauto, Salvatore Frauto, Benjamin Frauto, Madeline Clemente, James Aiemideno and Frederico arrested at an address on East 70th Street in Erie County with bogus coins. Salvatore Clemente got 8 years and was an acquaintance of Nicholas Terranova

Bisaquino mafioso Vito Cascio Ferro flees Sicily
Vito Cascio Ferro was sentenced for the kidnapping of the Baroness Valpetrosa (19) from the villa Whitaker (Raffaele Pallizzola was also a suspect) in 1898 and Vito Cascio Ferro was released in 1900. Vito Cascio Ferro was protected by the family of the baron Inglese

Bisaquino mafioso Vito Cascio Ferro flees Sicily
Vito Cascio Ferro arrived in NY in September 1901.

Vito Cascioferro arrested in NY
22 May 1902 police arrested Vito Cascioferro, Giuseppe Romano, Antonio Frauto, Stella Frauto and gang leader Salvatore Clemente.

Sing Sing inmate Giuseppe DePriema (brother in law of Benedetto Madonia)
3 January 1903 were Salvatore Romano, Isadoro Crocervera and Giuseppe DePriema (his brother in law is Benedetto Madonia from Carini) arrested in Yonkers for passing forged 5 dollar notes, while escaped Giuseppe Giallambardo. Giuseppe DePriema went to Sing Sing prison for 4 years. Flynn gave Isadoro Crocervera the impression that Giuseppe DePriema had talked and probably that was why Morello sentenced his brother in law Benedetto Madonia to death. 19 February 1903 was also arrested Giuseppe Giallambardo who got 4 years

Detective sergeant Joseph Petrosino
Detective sergeant Joseph Petrosino arrests 24 March 1903 the swindler Guerino Cicone (other swindlers are Giuseppi Trepani and Bartolomeo Cirino).

Tomasso Petto “il Bove”(the ox) came from Carini. Vito Laduca came also from Carini

Benedetto Madonia (from Carini) came to the USA with Giuseppe Fanaro (also from Carini). Madonia had been seen the evening before his murder with Fanaro. Fanaro was 11 months imprisoned as a suspect in the Madonia murder.

New York City’s detective bureau chief captain “Chesty George” McCloskey
14 April 1903 the mutilated body of Benedetto Madonia get found in a barrel in Manhattan. captain “Chesty George” McCloskey the head of New York City’s detective bureau investigated the murder

New York agent Joseph Petrosino investigates murder of Benedetto Madonia (the Barrel mystery)
Joseph Petrosino heard in Sing Sing from Giuseppe Di Primo that the murdered man was his brother in law Benedetto Madonia.

Giovanni Zarcone owner of the 16 Stanton street butcher shop where the secret agents with their chief Flynn saw Benedetto Madonia before his murder with Giuseppe Morello, Antonio Geneva and Domenico Pecoraro. Police said Madonia was killed in the butcher shop of Vito La Duca (of 13 Stanton street).

Police arrested 15 April 1903: the boss Giuseppe Morello (34), Vito Lobido (Lobiodo or Lo Baido) (24) and his brother Lorenzo Lobido, Tomasso Petto “il Bove”(the ox) (from Carini) , Giuseppe Fanaro, Antonio “Messina” Genova (Tony Genoa), Domenico Pecoraro and Pietro Inzerillo. Tomasso Petto “Il Bove”(the ox) had with him the pawn ticket for Madonia’s watch and was accused and convicted and got sentenced to years??
Vito Laduca (employed as a butcher by Giovanni Zarcone) escaped that day from arrest. Ignazio Lupo (mother’s name Saietta), Giuseppe lalamia, Nicolo Testa

Petrosino have then arrested Giuseppe Fontana.

In April 1901 Giovanni Pecoraro was arrested and acquitted for the murder of Santo Calanna. Giovanni Pecoraro was shot and killed in march 1923 and for his murder was charged Philip Mangano (brother Vincent Mangano)

Chicago mobster Anthony D’Andrea
24 April 1903 was Anthony D’Andrea jailed for 13 months on a counterfeiting charge. Anthony D’Andrea had refused to testify that he had bought the money from Andrea Romano

Naples citizen Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone
Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone was living with his first wife in Laora (Italy) when 2 other men in the village persuaded his wife to leave him and go to Naples. He then followed the 2 men and shot and killed them in Naples , 17 years ago (so in 1892?? Or 1893??because elsewhere 16 years ago). He then fled to NY.

Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone
Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone’s brother Dominico Cascone had been beaten up twice by the Santonelli family.

Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone
Raffael Cascone was proprietor of a restaurant on main street (Brooklyn) near the old Catharine street ferry. 6 Italians from Mulberry street had 9 June 1903 eaten big time in his restaurant and when he asked them to pay they threatened him with death and shot his restaurant up. When their revolvers were empty and they turned to leave, Raffael Cascone and his brother Dominico Cascone drew revolvers and with shots through the window they killed Giaciamo Santaniella (Santonelli??) and his cousin Terigio “Tiriji” Dinischalchi in Mulberry Park. Domenico Cascone fled back to Italy while his brother Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone was arrested.

In September 1903 Nicola Capiello paid of Black hand extortionists

Detective sergeants Joseph Petrosino and Maurice Bonnoil
14 December 1903 detective sergeants Petrosino and Maurice Bonnoil arrest Vincenzo Battaglio aka Grippo for poisoning and murdering a man named Eugenio in Palermo on 5 May 1894.

Giuseppe Morello brother in law Ignazio Lupo
23 December 1903 Ignazio Lupo marries Salvatrice Terranova a sister of Ciro Terranova. Giuseppe Morello had at this time a restaurant on the address number 8 Prince Street

Detective sergeants Joseph Petrosino and Maurice Bonnoil
Detective sergeants Joseph Petrosino and Maurice Bonnoil arrest 11 August 1904 the brothers Giuseppi Massaro (32) and Philippo Massaro (23) for Black Hand extortion of Italian barber Ruggiero Nicosia.

Joseph Graffi killed
28 August 1904 Joseph Graffi was found killed and police arrest as suspect Antonio Dimaro

Antonio Mannino (8) kidnapping
Vito Laduca was also a suspect in the kidnapping of the child Antonio Mannino (8) in August 1904 with Vito Schiarrino (the uncle of Angelo Cucozza). Antonio Gatato and Giuseppi Caiarino who live at 35 Pacific street where lived Angelo Cucozza (18). Antonia Cornegli wife of Francisco Cornegli.

Antonio Mannino (8) kidnapping
Salvatore Picona was 30 september 1905 arrested for the kidnapping of Antonio Mannino

Felici Pitira
Felici Pitira was implicated in the murder of Spechano de Luvio 19 October 1904

Hamilton Avenue (Brooklyn)
24 October 1904 was barbershop owner Andrea “Andrew” Gambino attacked and cut in the face with a razor by 2 men. 20 March 1905 barbershop owner Andrea “Andrew” Gambino (family of the Morello clan) shot and killed his extortionist Michael Savona who had been one of his attackers.

Zarcone family came from Villabate
Giovanni Zarcone (his wife is Giuseppa Zarcone and her brother is Domenico Zarcone) and brother Antonino Zarcone (his son Pietro Zarcone)

14 April 1909 was Ignazio Lupo’s relative Andrea Gambino shot and killed by Giovanni Zarcone’s nephews Pietro Zarcone and Francesco Zarcone ( and James Munao??)

28 July 1909 was Giovanni Zarcone shot and killed on his veranda (4th Barrel murder suspect killed), owner of the butcher shop where the killed Benedetto Madonia had been seen.

New York police commissioner
William McAdoo 1904- 1906

police commissioner William McAdoo
In January 1905 police commissioner William McAdoo put Petrosino in charge of a five man squad of Italian speaking detectives: French Maurice Bonoil, Ugo Cassidi “Hugo Cassidy”, Peter Dondero, George Silva and John Lagomarsini.

Black Hand member Joseph Magorero shot and killed
17 December 1905 was Black Hand member Joseph Magorero shot and killed in Luciano Terciaro’s saloon at 17 Catharine Street by Rosario Juliano and Salvatore Delsalvatore (who was also wounded) because Magorero had extorted Giuseppe Juliano the brother of Rosario Juliano who had the week before already complained about the extortion to Petrosino.

Black Hand member Joseph Magorero shot and killed
Later detectives Becker and Shevlin also arrested Rosario Fredericka (of 139 Cherry Street) in connection with the Joseph Magorero murder case

New York police commissioner
Former general Theodore A Bingham became New York police commissioner 1 January 1906 and served till 1909.

New Rochelle
19 July 1906 was in New Rochelle the man Donato Zarrillo shot and killed and his brother Tomasso Zarrillo wounded

Pasquale Serpe killed
19 August 1906 was Pasquale Serpe shot to death

Mount Vernon
19 August 1906 was Angelo Gradastoforna killed in Mount Vernon

John Tucci killed
20 August 1906 was John Tucci shot to death

Vincenzo Triscolo
7 September 1906 got Vincenzo Triscolo a sentence of 4 to 5 years

Manhattan based Italian Squad chief Petrosino and salon owner Camello Russo
Petrosino and his men arrest 24 October 1906 Francesco Santori , 109 Sullivan Street saloon keeper Camello Parisi, Carmino Locaprio, Parisi’s partner in the saloon Vito Catallano and Francisco Cribari who were arrested at Thompson and Houston streets. Then they arrested at Washington square the men Vincenzo Abadezzo (he had served 24 years in an Italian prison), Antonio Christiano, Pasquale Savacenna and Antonio Callucci. In the pockets of Parisi was found a paper which held Parisi and Catallano responsible for any loss to Joseph Russo should Pasquale Scordino who had been charged with assault jump a 1000 dollar bail furnished by Joseph Russo.

Manhattan based Italian Squad chief Petrosino
In November 1906 police commissioner Theodore Bingham expanded Petrosino’s squad into the “Italian Legion” of the NYPD. Under Petrosino’s direct command were 25 men in Manhattan.

Brooklyn based Italian Squad chief Antonio Vachius
An associated office was created in Brooklyn consisting of 10 men under detective sergeant Antonio Vachius

Giorgio Brucato (4) kidnapping
18 December 1906 was Giorgio Brucato (4) kidnapped

Detective sergeant Joseph Petrosino
Detective sergeant Joseph Petrosino arrested 27 December 1906 Black hand member Vincenzo Fote (29).

New York's "Italian Squad" lieutenant Petrosino
In December 1906 Police Commissioner Bingham expanded the "Italian Squad" to 25 men (Charles Carrao, Avona, Dondero, (Digilio, Diguid, DeGiulio??), Grotiano, Gallo, Capabianco, Repetti, Castano, Botti, Cortano and Bonano) and named Petrosino the commander and lieutenant of the squad.

New York police sergeant Charles Becker
16 January 1907 commissioner Theodore Bingham promotes Becker to sergeant and he became the money bagman for his captain.

Mario Palmero (6) kidnapping
24 January 1907 was Mario Palmero (6) kidnapped

judge Robert Cortese murder
They blew up judge Robert Cortese with a bomb send by express 9 February 1907. Joseph Mustol was charged with the murder.

Joseph Mustol was arrested for the murder of his former friend Michael Monachino (they were afraid he would tell about their counterfeiting) on Garret Mountain (he got for the murder 30 years). Mustol and Monachino had been recognized as the bomb senders to judge Cortese.

Black hand member Frank Amazzo (Amazzono) arrested in January 1908 admitted extorting miss Minnie Duval.

Frank Amazzo (Amazzono) was arrested in January 1908 on the charge of sending a Black hand letter to miss Minnie Duval of 17 Ryerson street. Frank Amazzo then confessed participation in the judge Cortese murder. Police arrested then Paterson’s Black hand leader Pasquale Garafola (62), barber Joseph Bubillo, Bertha Michael, Mairo Brago and Pasquale Gravigrante. The last 3 were seen as witnesses.

Ignacio Lombardo’s barber shop at 15 Harrison Avenue (Brooklyn)
21 February 1907 they tried to blow up Ignacio Lombardo’s barber shop at 15 Harrison Avenue (Brooklyn)

Francesco Eillo killed
23 February 1907 was Francesco Eillo, a watchman for a store at 237 Fourth Avenue, beaten so bad that he died later and he had been robbed of 400 dollars

the tailor’s shop of Salvatore Crouici at 233 Centre Street
17 March 1907 a bomb was thrown into the tailor’s shop of Salvatore Crouici at 233 Centre Street

24 March 1907 arrested detective sergeants Petrosino and Carraro in Manhattan George Franko and the detective sergeants Simonelli and Crawley arrested in Brooklyn the criminal Datesta Quatrochi, they were accused of extorting Alfio Pressanisi

24 March 1907 the wife of Michael Arena (saloon keeper at 2127 Bergen street, Brooklyn) came back and saw 4 men stab her husband to death in the back room of his saloon. They thought he had informed on the earlier shooting of Michael Ferero on Stagg Street near Arena’s place. Captain Reynolds of the Liberty Avenue Station had gone to Arena for information on the shooting of Ferero and had been seen with Arena by other Italians who thought he was an informer

New York's "Italian Squad" commander police lieutenant Petrosino marriage
7 April 1907 Petrosino married widow Adelina Vinti (37)

Detective sergeant Joseph Petrosino
Salvatore “Sammy” Saitti (6) kidnapping in April 1907 by Pietro Pampinella who threatened witness Ignazio Di Leonardo


Messina born Costa brothers
Gaetano Costa was one of six brothers who formerly lived in Messina. About eight years ago (so around 1897??) he was defrauded of a large sum of money by the leader of a political society. A few months later was the political leader killed outside his home at night. The six brothers left Messina the next day. They came to the US and scattered to all parts of the US on their arrival in NY. One was hanged at Genova (il). Another was murdered at Jackson Park (Ill). Two were killed in a prearranged fight in Erie Pennsylvania. Another Costa brother was missing.

Gaetano Costa killed at order of?? Morello Terranova brother in law Ignazio Lupo
11 October 1905 Ignazio Lupo has the butcher Gaetano Costa (40) shot to death in his shop at 865 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn because he wouldn't pay his extortionists. Costa had also a butcher shop at 36th street and Third avenue and a butcher shop at Thirty second street. Costa’s brother in law is Pietro Angelo. Charged with Costa’s murder were Rocco Panagiro who hangs himself in prison, Ciro Garguillo aka Genaro Esposito confessed and got life and Francesco Como who was spoken free.

Morello’s lieutenant Ignazio Lupo
5 March 1906 was kidnapped Antonio Bozzuffi (14) the son of banker John Bozzuffi of Sixty third street and First Avenue. Morello’s lieutenant Ignazio Lupo was questioned

Vincent Terranova
12 May 1906 Vincent Terranova shoots Frederick W Schneider down and gets acquitted and goes to his brother Giuseppe in east Harlem.

In June 1906 was Andrea Fendi from Corleone found killed in New York. Before his death he was seen in company of Giuseppe Morello and his associates Giuseppe Fontana and Ignazio Milone

In July 1906 was an unidentified man from Corleone killed. Before his death he was seen in company of Giuseppe Morello and his associates Giuseppe Fontana and Ignazio Milone

Forsyth Street saloon keeper Salvatore Sperizza (from Corleone) was found killed in 1906. Before his death he was seen in company of Giuseppe Morello and his associates Giuseppe Fontana and Ignazio Milone. 11 December 1906 was Salvatore Sperizza (Svelazo) shot and killed. Petrosino “had reason to believe” that Svelazzo was a cousin of the in 1903 murdered Madonia (so from Carini??)

Detective sergeant Joseph Petrosino investigates murder of Corleonesi Salvatore Canale
19 January 1907 was on East 106th Street the body found of shoemaker Salvatore Canale (his brother is Leonia Canale) with 60 stiletto wounds and Petrosino investigates the murder. Canale came from Corleone and was a member of the corleone branch of the order of Foresters. Before his death he was seen in company of Giuseppe morello and his associates Giuseppe Fontana and Ignazio Milone


“Horseshoe alley”
A court surrounded by rear tenements was known as “Horseshoe alley” and it started at 14 First Street where a wide door (minus knob and lock) opened and closes the mouth of a tunnel through two tenements which face the street. This tunnel leads to the court. The court into which this tunnel opens bends towards the east and creeping toward the Bowery finds an outlet almost opposite the side entrance of the Raines Law hotel called “The Oxford” which was once the McGurk’s “Suicide hall”. The writhing of this alley forms the horseshoe which named it “Horseshoe alley”.

4 December 1906 was saloonkeeper Salvatore Giuliano (of 173 Chrystie Street) shot and killed and the murderer fled away via “Horseshoe alley”, at the murder scene were his brother and partner Francesco Giuliano, Antonio Lagardi (of Brownsville, Brooklyn) and Giuseppe Lema (of 30 Spring Street)

14 December 1906 was Mollie Reardon proprietor of the Garrick Hotel at 202- 204 West Forty second street arrested for violating the liquor tax law

Hester Street (crosses Mulberry, Mott and Elizabeth Streets)
Michael Dambra had entered the store of Lomolo and Dominick Pagano at 178 Hester Street and when he left the store he was shot and killed. 14 December 1906 was in front of 178 Hester Street Michael Dambra (contractor living in Bedford park) shot and killed by Angelo Ladero (a fish dealer with a shop at 120 Mulberry Street) who was arrested after a chase by policeman McCabe (of the Elizabeth Street station). Dambra and Ladero came from Naples.


Mulberry street murder
3 January 1907 was Pasquale Mazetti (of 130 Mulberry Street) found killed with 60 stiletto wounds

Forsyth Street murder
11 December 1906 was Salvatore Sperlasto shot and killed in his saloon at 206 Forsyth Street.

Chrystie Street (crosses Hester Street and Grand Street) murder
9 February 1907 was butcher Filippo (Felipo) Randazzo (35) shot and killed as he left his shop at 177 Chrystie Street. The cartridge that held the bullet that killed him came from Italy and policeman Petrosino found out he was a
member of the Black hand and knew of the murder of Salvatore Sperlasto.

Salvatore Genovese, a banker of 416 East Eleventh Street
20 April 1907 Salvatore Genovese, a banker of 416 East Eleventh Street, received a box which contained explosives

NY police commissioner Theodore Bingham
20 April 1907 Bingham reduced Detective Bureau captain McLaughlin in rank to lieutenant and replaced him by former lieutenant now captain James McCafferty. Former lieutenant Cornelius Leary became captain of the sub precinct at Rockaway Beach. Lieutenant Patrick H Bowes of the Greenpoint avenue station in Brooklyn was promoted to captain and became commander of the Eldridge Street station because several days before had died captain T H Mannion. Lieutenant Thomas Walsh was made captain and became commander of the Bronx Park station whose captain James McGlynn was send to the city hall station to make place for him was captain John Farrell moved to the College Point station in Brooklyn.

4 June 1907 a bomb was thrown into the stove in the rooms of Jacob marone in the Wigwam Hotel of Mount Vernon which he owned

16 July 1907 a bomb was exploded in front of the grocery store of Marco Latarnbo at 352 East 105th Street

Louisa Fiorintino (4) kidnapping
1 September 1907 was Louisa Fiorintino (4) the daughter of baker Pietro Fiorintino kidnapped

9 September 1907 Dominic Vanzotti confessed the attempted murder of Tony Pasquale who he stuck with a knife

17 September 1907 police arrest Joseph Costille, Frank Repport, Samuel Minette, Joseph Loreto and Arthur Merlo on conspiracy to murder the wealthy Giuseppe Nicalatti

NY police commissioner Theodore Bingham
James G Reynold captain of the Liberty Avenue police station in Brooklyn was pensioned by Bingham in October 1907.

Bronx Italian squad detectives
Detectives Repetti, Capabianco, Gallo and Dondero of the Bronx Italian squad arrested 16 November 1907 Salvatore Leonforti (of 229 east 107th street), Pasquale Rossi (of 313 east 108th street) and Giovanni Baptiste Russo (of 339 east 107th street) for extortion.

18 November 1907 an Italian sailor named Cruipi (he lived with his brother Giuseppe Cruipi of 72 Summit Street) was shot dead in front of 103 Union Street (Brooklyn) and restaurant keeper John Loverde was wounded

4 December 1907 a bomb wrecked the front of a bakery at 502 East Fourteenth Street owned by an Italian named Laperno

30 January 1908 there was an explosion at 225 Trautman Street (Brooklyn) after grocer Tomazio Abate had received threatening letters

3 February 1908 there was an explosion at 419 East Twelfth Street where Salvatore Schalizzi lived who had gotten threatening letters

Elizabeth Street (crossed by Broome street)
4 February 1908 there exploded a bomb in the hallway beside the saloon and Raines law hotel of Antonio Labarba and Pietro Labarba at 254 Elizabeth Street, which leads upstairs to the rear of the Majestic Lodging House, which fronts on the Bowery, and to the rooms of the Savoia Hotel, the Labarba hostelry

Sicilian bandit Pelegrino Mule
Pelegrino Mule a bandit from Girgente and his gang had in Sicily beheaded informer Pumilia and he had also done there the kidnapping of banker D’Agostino

New York arrest of Sicilian bandit Pelegrino Mule
7 February 1908 police arrested Sicilian bandit Pelegrino Mule and Dallegro Traffizanti (20 and the nephew of the banker whose shop was blown up in the First Avenue explosion) (of 812 East Thirty ninth Street)

12 February 1908 there was an explosion at the house of Joseph Fessella at 307 East 114th Street

16 February 1908 was Gaetano La Bresto slashed across the face with a stiletto

Bowery based Eldridge Reviers station police captain Patrick J Cray
In February 1908 made Bingham Tammany leader Charles F Murphy’s brother in law Patrick J Cray captain over the Eldridge Reviers in the Bowery. captain Patrick J Cray in charge of the East Thirty fifth Street Police station.

New York's "Italian Squad" commander Petrosino starts procedure to deport Palermo boss Palizzola
In 1908 arrives in New York former parliament member Palizzola from Italy and he was destined to become the boss of the Black Hand gang of the Morello's. But Petrosino starts a procedure to deport Palizzola and the man returns by himself to Italy.

Brooklyn Italian detective squad lieutenant Antonio Vachris
five in the US hiding witnesses in Italy's Notarbartolo trial get stabbed to death under them Salvatore Marchinne.

Brooklyn Italian detective squad lieutenant Antonio Vachris
Detective lieutenant Vachris of the Brooklyn Italian detective squad said 3 of the victims had been killed in Chicago in 1904 (at least one of them was from Carini) and the fourth was killed in Bellevue (Illinois) in 1905. while 40 houses of their friends and family members get burned down

The first killed 25 October 1905 was Tomasso Petto “Petto il Bove”(the ox) he was stabbed 62 times. Thomas Petto “il Bove”(the ox) came from Carini

Vito Laduca returns to Sicily
In 1905 Vito Laduca leaves New York and goes back to Carini (Sicily) where he was killed in February 1908.

14 November 1906 was Girolamo Mondini shot and killed (Barrel murder arrested one).

Then was also Messina Genova killed

Vito Laduca came also from Carini and went back to Carini where he was shot and killed in February 1908

4 March 2001 was Matteo LoDuca arrested, he is a member of the Carini cosca and had ties to DiMaggio. ???Family????

Salvatore Marchinne
20 February 1908 was the body of the killed and mutilated Salvatore Marchinne found wrapped in oilcloth near Flatbush, he came from Carini and was just 3 months in the USA. Police arrest Salvatore Scotere when he left the house of the murdered man. A letter addressed to Antonio Ganci (37) was found in a pocket of the killed Marchinne. Also arrested was Malardino Lugino (36). Also the principal suspects and brother in laws Fannora and Ganci came from Carini.

24 February 1908 there was an explosion at 20 Morgan Street (Brooklyn)

1 march 1908 an explosion at 244 Elizabeth Street shook Police headquarters and wrecked the store of Senna & Co. police arrest as suspect Benedito Benigno of 196 Stone Avenue. Also arrested was Ludovico Binconte

18 march 1908 there was an explosion at 9 Second Avenue which wrecked the barber shop of Salvatore Iagua

Elizabeth Street (crossed by Broome street)
Small bank and ticket exchange at 246 Elizabeth Street (owner Dominick Bonomolo) was 26 March 1908 damaged by dynamite

2 April 1908 a bomb exploded at 427 East Twelfth Street injuring Emanuele Spartaro

14 April 1908 was banker Bononolo’s office at 336 East Twelfth Street wrecked by a bomb

15 April 1908 exploded a bomb at 406 East Sixty Third Street

5 May 1908 exploded a bomb at the macaroni factory of M Crispino at Dean Street and East New York Avenue (Brooklyn)

6 May 1908 were the brothers Sebastian Mesino and Frank Mesino brutally killed and they managed a shoe shop in Godwin Street, Midland Park (NJ)

Petrosino’s men Regilio and Capone
In may 1908 Petrosino’s men Regilio and Capone arrest Antonio Salvatore and Vincenzo Farucci (both of 308 East Forty fifty Street) for extorting wine merchant Antonio Valenzo

20 May 1908 a bomb exploded at 316 East Eleventh Street after Dr A Caccini had received threatening letters

Francesco Manzella
16 June 1908 Francesco Manzella tried to extort Antonio De Lorenzo and Manzella got 2 years and 6 months. Manzella came free in May 1911.

Barrel murder of Francesco Manzella in Rochester
In October 1911 was in Rochester the body found of Black Hand member Francesco Manzella in a barrel

New York's "Italian Squad" commander Petrosino investigates the extortion of Spinella
18 June 1908 a bomb exploded at 316 East Eleventh Street. Spinella the owner had received threatening letters. Police lieutenant Petrosino and detective Carrao arrested 14 July 1908 Penzola Bonzolaventura while lighting the fuse of a bomb in a tenement at 314 East eleventh street in front of the Spinella house. Bonzolaventura got 7 years sing sing.

15 August 1908 there was an explosion at 186 Hamilton Avenue (Brooklyn) which wrecked Leopold Pacelli’s fruit store

26 August 1908 was grocer Ciro Bivona shot at 502 First Avenue

1 September 1908 was Salvatore Sallena injured throwing a bomb into Congialasi Brothers bakery at 9 and 11 Prince Street

22 September 1908 a bomb exploded at 204 West Sixty ninth Street and wrecked Michael Demaro’s ice shop


Vincenzo Terranova and murder of Harlem's Italian lottery boss "Diamond" Sam Sicco
13 September 1908 “Diamond” Sam Sicco get killed possibly by Vincenzo Terranova. Sicco had in East Harlem the Italian lottery in his hands. Vincenzo Terranova was acquitted.

New York based Morello Terranova family
Beginning February 1909 Cecala and Comito go to new York to deliver a party of fake 2 dollar notes to the Morello’s.

Ciro Terranova marriage
In April 1909 Ciro Terranova married Teresina “Tessie” Catania. She is a niece of Giuseppe “Joe the Baker” Catania


Fontana an Italian awaiting extradition to Italy on a charge of murder was an occasionally visitor in Maranzano’s Park Avenue office.

New York's "Italian Squad" lieutenant Petrosino killed in Palermo
12 March 1909 agent Joseph Petrosino gets shot to death in Palermo when he does research there for New York police about criminals who fled Italy to the US. The murder was ordered by Vito Cascioferro who is now Sicily's most important boss who rules the cities Bisacquino, Campofiorito, Corleone (Morello came from there), Villafranca and several boroughs in Palermo. He got his protection from parliament member De Michele. After Petrosino was murdered the "Italian Squad" became inactive but was reformed under "Big Mike" Fiachetti around 1918.

police get accusing letter
Police in New York get a 13 March dated anonymous letter which accuses Giuseppe Morello, Giuseppe Fontana, Ignazio Milone, Pietro Inzerillo (owner of Stella d’Italia) and the brothers Terranova of ordering petrosino's murder.

After Petrosino’s murder policemen Vachris and Fiaschetti arrested Brooklyn saloon owner Erasmo Rubino and his bartender Giuseppe Arturi. Elsewhere were arrested Tassano castranovi (34), Armando Pietro, Vito Adragna and Vito Vela

Carlo Battista
Battista himself had followed Salvatore Macaruso from Vancouver and killed him for which he was sentenced to hang. The in December 1912 in Montreal hanged Carlo Battista made a testimony before his hanging on Petrosino ??????

Batista said:
“In the first week in February 1909 Francesco Cassisi, Salvatore Mucuoloso and Prof. Mucci aka Vincent Massini aka Massi left NY by the steamer “Duke of Abruzzi” and when they reached Naples Mucci went to Palermo and Cassisi and Mucuoloso went by train to Reggio Calabria. They found a sailboat with 5 Sicilians in it. One of them is Salvatore Campini and they went to Palermo. “Salvatore Campini told Francesco Cassisi and Salvatore Mucuoloso: “the man who will be walking with prof. Mucci will be Petrosino”. Francesco Cassisi and Salvatore Mucuoloso shot and killed Petrosino.

Brooklyn black hand chief Antonio Cassisi wrote 21 July 1911 to Francesco Cassisi in Canada. Battista also told about the murder of a bartender for which he said Antonio Cardasco gave 1000 dollars to Viglino. He said the money was divided between Viglino, Francesco Cassisi, Salvatore Mucuoloso, Molini and Pusic.

Petrosino friend Pioggio Puccio (56) killed
18 May 1909 was Petrosino’s friend Pioggio Puccio (56) shot and killed.

New York Homicide Bureau chief captain Arthur Carey

New York Homicide Bureau chief captain Arthur Carey
In 1905 was Arthur Carey the founder of the New York Homicide Bureau, the first Homicide Bureau in the world

Boston Homicide Bureau chief captain James A. Dennessey
In 1905?? became James A. Dennessey the boss of the Boston Homicide Bureau and retires in 1932 and dies 17 April 1938

New York Homicide Bureau chief captain Arthur Carey
The Homicide Bureau at Police headquarters was abolished 7 July 1910 in accordance with mayor Gaynor’s ideas for increasing the efficiency of the Police Department. Its head captain Carey was ordered to report for duty at a Brooklyn station. Former mayor Bingham’s method was replaced by a system of decentralization in the hope of solving more murder cases

New York Homicide Bureau chief captain Arthur Carey
When Oresto Bruno was 3 May 1915 found dead in his apartment at 576 East Sixteenth Street with several knife wounds in his body, the police thought they had a murder case to solve and the Homicide Bureau founded and led by captain Carey got it and it turned out to be a suicide

Italian squad members Cortano, Charles Carrao and Peter Dondero

Police fight Italians
6 May 1909 police want to arrest some Italians and in the fight they killed Joseph verdict and an other Italian

108 Mulberry street restaurant owner Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone
Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone sat 23 months in sing sing death house for murder, was acquitted and was released 9 November 1907 and started a restaurant at 108 Mulberry street. When Raffaello was set free Petrosino and his detectives Dimartini, Scrivani and Vondaro arrested the Santaniella and Dinischalchi family members Andrea Santaniella (20), Dorande Serescotti, Libro Santaniella (20) and Sinicalco Cardesusso (20) who were armed with pistols to prevent that they would take revenge for the murders of their family members.

Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone
12 June 1909 was Raffaele Cascone of 112 Mulberry Street arrested at the Baltimore Ohio Station and deported from Pittsburgh

Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone killed
Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone (42) owner of the restaurant at 108 Mulberry Street was shot and killed 10 august 1909 by Amato “Carbonuccio” Santonelli (17) for having killed a brother and a cousin of Santonelli years earlier in Mulberry Park. When the arrested Amato Santonelli was brought to face Cascone, Cascone drew a stiletto and slashes two times Santonelli’s face. Cascone died not much later.

Police commissioner Baker
Police commissioner Baker refused to permit a funeral procession for Raffael “Big Rave” Cascone.

Vincenzo Sabatassae
6 August 1909 was Vincenzo Sabatassae sentenced to 28 years in New Haven (Connecticut)

St Paul
7 September 1909 was Angelino Cenediti of 379 Rosabel Street (St Paul) shot and killed in his sleep in a train

261 Elizabeth Street based Carmello Sanfilipo & Co bank
30 December 1909 went of the second bomb in two weeks before Carmello Sanfilipo & Co bank’s place at 261 Elizabeth Street

New York
Black hand king Raefaelo Pisano got 28 January 1910 then 25 years Sing Sing for assaulting another Italian in an attempt to extort money. He was convicted of aiding Pasquale Albano in an attempt to murder Giuseppe Cacace.

Philadelphia’s Bruno
In 1910 Angelo Bruno was born in Villalba, Sicily, and the next year he was taken by his dad to South Philadelphia.

Chrystie Street?
18 June 1910 was the murdered body of aged jeweler Moses Sachs (60) found in a trunk that had been left in the Hallway of an Italian tenement. Pietro Lombardi admitted that jeweler Solomon Sachs had been at his grocery store in Chrystie Street. Giuseppe Grattano in whose butcher shop the jeweler was last seen, disappeared himself. for the murder of Sachs were arrested Carollo and Frederick Piedzurro who had ties with the Ignazio Lupo gang

Rovolino (Petrosino friend and former agent Amadeo Federico??) murder in Pellaro (near Reggio Calabria)
5 September 1910 were in Pellaro (near Reggio Calabria) the man Rovolino, his wife and their 6 children killed. They had just returned from the USA where Rovolino had been wounded by an assassin

Elizabeth Street (crossed by Broome street)
4 November 1910 came from the Savoia Hotel at 254 Elizabeth Street nine Italians who start to shoot and wound policeman Dennis Callahan and also wounded was Antonio Ringnio (of 251 Elizabeth Street) and also arrested was Salvatore Oliveri (of 253 Elizabeth Street)

milk dealer Salvatore Tollizzano killed
30 November 1910 was milk dealer Salvatore Tollizzano shot and wounded and he died 13 December

Giuseppe Boscarino
Ignazio Lupo – Giuseppe Morello gangster Giuseppe Boscarino was 10 December 1910 convicted and would probably stay the rest of his life in prison. With Boscarino stood on trial Domenico Malone.

Harlem's Italian lottery boss Giosue Gallucci

New York's "Italian Squad" commander Michael "Big Mike" Fiaschetti
Fiaschetti always had troubles with leading Italian gangster and Harlem's Italian lottery boss Giosue Gallucci.

Harlem's Italian lottery boss Giosue Gallucci
The 3 Gallucci brothers of whom Francisco Gallucci (of 146 Hester street) was the oldest and his brothers Gennaro Gallucci and Giosue Gallucci

Harlem gangster Gennaro Gallucci
Captain Corcoran of the east 104th Street police station said Gennaro Gallucci had killed 2 men in Palermo and was sent to prison for 23 years but that he escaped from prison and came to New York in December 1908.

Harlem gangster Gennaro Gallucci
Gennaro Gallucci was 14 September 1909 arrested in NY for carrying a concealed revolver.

Harlem's Prince Street saloon owner Antonio Russo killed
8 November 1909 was Harlem's Prince Street saloon (once owned by Ignazio Lupo) owner Antonio Russo killed.

Harlem gangster Gennaro Gallucci killed
14 November 1909 was Gennaro Gallucci (about 42) found shot and killed in his brother Giosue Gallucci’s combined bakery and restaurant at 318 East 103th street in Harlem. (Joe Strapone???)


Atlanta inmates Giuseppe Morello and Ignazio Lupo
In February 1910 went to Atlanta prison for counterfeiting: Giuseppe Morello (got 25 years), Ignazio Lupo (got 30 years), Giuseppe “Joseph” Palermo (got 18 years), Giuseppe Calicchio (got 17 years), Nicholas Sylvester (got 15 years), Antonio Cecala (got 15 years), Vincenzo Giglio (got 15 years) and Salvatore Cina (got 15 years).

Anthony Cecala killed
26 May 1928 was Anthony Cecala shot and killed.

Sing Sing inmate Brooklyn gangster Antonino Cincotta (Antonio Cincotti)
Cincotta tried to extort 4 March 1910 singer Enrico Caruso 15000 dollars. Police found out that the extortion letters came from Antonio Cincotta (of 117 Columbia Street) and Antonio Misiani (of 155 Columbia Street, Brooklyn) they wanted with the money to help Ignazio Lupo get free from prison?? and Cincotta was sentenced to 4 years and was imprisoned until December 1914 in Sing Sing prison.

Brooklyn gangster Antonino Cincotta killed
16 February 1915 was Antonio Cincotta (47) killed.

East Sixty third Street 330, 332 and 334

East Sixty third Street 330, 332 and 334
4 November 1909 disappeared Frank D’Rosa (5) and 14 November 1909 was his dead body found in a chimney, it was concluded it was an accident. His body was found nearby East Sixty third Street 330, 332 and 334

East Sixty third Street 330, 332 and 334
Near there had been imprisoned the kidnapped boy Scimeca. Michael Scimeca (3) was kidnapped 21 June 1910 . 9 September 1910 his kidnappers set the boy free.

19 November 1910 were kidnapped Michael Rizzo (7) and Giuseppe Longo jr (8) by a band of Sicilians.
Convicted for the kidnappings were Stanislao Pattenza and Maria Rappa who got 25 years. Macaluso??

East Sixty third Street 330, 332 and 334
At 332 East Sixty third Street (the centre of three tenements with the addresses 330, 332 and 334 where commissioner Flynn arrested 8 December 1910 ten for kidnapping (Frank Russo lived there)

Vincenzo Sabella (7) kidnapping
31 July 1911 was Vincenzo Sabella (7) kidnapped.

Pietro Quatrano (4) kidnapping
29 August 1911 was Pietro Quatrano (4) kidnapped.

East Sixty third Street 330, 332 and 334
Before Frank Russo had lived at 332 East Sixty third Street (the centre of three tenements with the addresses 330, 332 and 334 where commissioner Flynn arrested 8 December 1910 ten for kidnapping

East Sixty third Street 330, 332 and 334
3 September 1911 was Black Hand member Frank Russo (22) shot and killed, he had for the last 7 months lived and boarded with the family of Dominick Tobea on the second floor of 404 East Sixty third Street. A Single barreled shotgun was found by detective De Gillio of the East Sixty seventh Street Station. Police arrested Tony Peppia, Joseph Furno, John Salvo, Joseph Baccagar and Joseph De Lorenzo.

Italian squad members Cortano, Charles Carrao and Peter Dondero
Italian squad members Cortano, Charles Carrao and Peter Dondero arrest 28 September 1911 Pietro Pallazolo (from Palermo) aka Vito Micelli aka Pedro maller who had organized the kidnappings of the boys Michael Scimeca, Pietro Quatrano (4) and Sabella. Miceli got 25 to 50 years.

Italian squad detectives Charles Carrao, Castano and Peter Dondero
Giuseppe Costabile was 5 September 1911 arrested by detectives Charles Carrao, Castano and Peter Dondero while Costabile was walking with a bomb under his coat. He was suspected of knowing Penzola Bonzolaventura “the adder”

Italian squad detectives Peter Dondero, Castano, Botti, De Giulio and Grotiano
Giovanni Rizzo (21 of 217 First Avenue) was arrested 16 September 1911 lighting the fuse of a bomb in the hallway of a tenement house at 356 east thirteenth street. detectives Peter Dondero, Castano, Botti, De Giulio and Grotiano under command of detective Charles Carrao arrested him and a witness identified him as the man who was seen in the tenement at 814 east twelfth street before it was wrecked by a bomb four hours earlier.

Read more in Part 2 of The Definitive History of the Genovese Crime Family

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Good,well-researched story.The book "The First Family" is an excellent book about Morello and the birth of the American Mafia.Morello had a hell of a history in OC ending with his death and is worth reading about,one of the great but until the past few years unknown Mafiosi.He got a mention in "The Valachi Papers" book,but not much else.

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