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The Rise and Fall of the Boardwalk Empire

By David Amoruso

During the Roaring Twenties Atlantic City was the centre of gambling, boozing, and licentious behaviour in America. Whatever you wanted, you could get it at the boardwalk. Of course, you all know that now thanks to HBO’s Emmy Award-winning TV series Boardwalk Empire which shone a bright light on that long forgotten era.

An era in which mob bosses like Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, and Lucky Luciano mingled with American politicians from both sides of the aisle at parties, where scantily clad women threw themselves at any gent with cash in one hand and a fine bourbon in the other.

Back when Enoch "Nucky" Johnson ran the city and boardwalk, when it was still an Empire.

The Yonkers-based Empire City Online Casino delved into the rich history of the Boardwalk Empire and created an infographic which gives a detailed timeline of events which lead to the formal establishment of Atlantic City and the historic origin tale of the Boardwalk Empire itself.

For the last two years Atlantic City’s economic development has been under great discussion, with its downturn in growth and bankruptcy, being sensationalised and covered in every leading publication and newspaper, nationally and internationally. The team at Empire City Online Casino attempted to provide you with a picture of the Boardwalk in its glory days and the journey that has led to the current state in which is it. Though at this point things should be looking more positive for the city as it undergoes a “correction in the market” which is the way in which most refer to the restructure and development of the town’s infrastructure.

Experts and academics were contacted from varying fields of expertise – including yours truly - to discuss the social, historical and economic factors which have and will continue to play a role in the rise and fall of Atlantic City.

Have a read through the original article and find out what we had to say about The Rise and Fall of the Boardwalk Empire.

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