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At the origin of La Quarta Mafia, or Sacra Corona Unita, were Camorra Boss Raffaele Cutolo and Calabrian Bosses like Umberto Belfiore who had Pugliese criminals start new mafia groups in Puglia. The following text has been written and compiled by organized crime researcher Puparo. Any suggestions can be written in the comments below.





SCU boss Giuseppe “Pino”Rogoli
Angelo Rogoli had as sons Emanuele Rogoli (killed 15 june 1989) and the boss Giuseppe Rogoli and his wife Domenica Biondi (her brother is Cosimo Biondi ).

Tuturano (Brindisi province) based Scu underboss Salvatore Buccarella (ally Giovanni Donatiello)
Tuturano (near Brindisi) boss Salvatore Buccarella's wife is Antonia Caliandro, Salvatore Buccarella’s sister is Maria Rosario Buccarella.

Mesagne (Brindisi province ) based SCU boss Giovanni Donatiello (ally Salvatore buccarella)
10 July 1996 in Montenegro (former Yugoslavia) the in 1994 escapes convict Antonio Vitale gets arrested, he is a member of the Donatiello-Buccarella clan which is part of the SCU.

Puglia based SCU boss Antonino Pagano
Giuseppe Rogoli man Antonio Pagano and Pagano’s underboss Benedetto Stano. 9 November 1996 SCU boss Antonino Pagano (44) gets arrested.

Nardo (Lecce province??) based SCU boss Marcello Dell Anna (massimiliano Dell Anna??)
5 january 1993 were Vincenzo Martena and Paolo Spada killed while Giovanni Spada escaped, accused were Marcello Dell Anna, Pietro Leo, Francesco Giovanni Monte and Fabio Perrone. 16 August 1993 police send out a warrant in Lecce for Marcello Dell Anna (26) the boss of Nardo and member of the SCU.

Matino (Lecce province??) based SCU boss Vittorio De Luca
Matino (Lecce province??) based SCU boss Vittorio De Luca (killed??). also killed Francesco DeLuca.??

SCU boss Donato Natali
23 January 1997 Donato Natali (33), the boss of Lecce for the SCU gets arrested.

Campi Salentina (Lecce province) family De Tommasi
Boss Giovanni De Tommasi (his brother Ivo De Tommasi was killed in 1989)
underboss Filippo Cerfeda and his brother Simone Cerfeda
boss Gianni De Tommasi his wife is Ilde Saponaro "Gilda" and their son in law is Fabio Giustiniani

De Tommasi – Cerfeda members
Raffaele Capone, Massimiliano Dell’Anna, Tiziano Greco,Omar Marchello, Giuseppe Mauro Matarrelli, Marino Mungelli, Andrea Pagliata

De Tommasi clan pentiti Luigi Cirfeta, Pietro Manca and Maurizio Cagnazzo
Antonio Pulli trustee Cosimo Cirfeta. pentito Luigi Cirfeta
SCU pentito ??? Pierpaolo De Sienna “Pit”

Campi Salentina (Lecce province) family Toma
Cosimo Toma and son Fabrizio Toma (both killed 18 may 2000) and daughter Barbara Toma who married Fernando D’Aquino (both were 5 march 1998 killed). boss Dario Toma became pentito

DeTommasi- Toma war with Vincenti-Presta

Surbo (Lecce province) family Vincenti
Boss Angelo Vincenti. Carlo Vincenti (killed 16 august 1990) and his son William Vincenti (killed 2004). Fabio Pisa (22 and killed 1 january 1993) a nephew of Angelo Vincenti. 15 august 2002 was Andrea Pisa killed in Surbo. Pentito Franco Vincenti.

Surbo (Lecce province) familyboss Vincenzo Presta
Vincenti nephew Vincenzo Presta and his brother in law Carlo De Santis (20 when killed)

Vincenti family is supported by Pellegrino family from Squinzano and the Perrone family from Trepuzzi

Lecce based SCU family Morello
Boss Remo Morello (beginning 80ties killed by camoristi) and his brother pentito Romolo Morello (16 July 1991 killed).

Monteroni di Lecce based SCU family Tornese
Boss Mario Tornese and brother Angelo Tornese. Member Corrado Cucurachi. Tornese pentito Salvatore Martella and brother Claudio Martella. Salvatore Martella his brother Claudio Martella escaped from a bomb attack

Brindisi based boss Gianfranco Pugliese

Brindisi province based boss Umberto D'Oria
Brindisi province based boss Umberto D'Oria “Occhi di Lupo”was killed and disappeared in 1989.

Latiano (Brindisi province) based bosses Giuseppe Gagliardi and Cosimo Capodieci

Matino based Luigi Giannelli

Taurisano (Lecce province) based SCU families Padovano- Scarlino- Giannelli
Padovano-Scarlino-Giannelli led by Giuseppe Scarlino-Luigi Giannelli and Salvatore Padovano. 28 October 1996 SCU boss Cosimo Rizzo (29) from Taurisano gets arrested when he wants to flee to Tunesia. He is an important member of the Scarlino clan. (Salvatore Rizzo?). Padovano-Scarlino-Giannelli was hurt by the testimonies of pentito Vito Di Emidio

Salvatore Padovano was 6 september 2008 killed by Carmelo Mendolia at the orders of his younger brother Rosario Pompeo Padovano. Their father is Luigi Padovano

Trani based SCU boss Salvatore Annacondia with his underboss Nicola Regano
Salvatore Annacondia (born 31 october 1957 in Trani) went in 1976 to Milan. In 1978 was Salvatore Annacondia for the first time arrested. In 1981 he became part of the gang of Trani boss Nicola Delisanti. Trani boss Nicola Delisanti was arrested in 1983 for murder. the new boss became Salvatore Annacondia (his brother Leonardo Annacondia) and underboss Nicola Regano.

Trani boss Gaetano Rano (born 1966)

SCU family Troisi (Troise)
Vito Paolo Troisi who got life for the murder of the boss Avverso. His son is Francesco Troisi. 27 May 1997 thirteen members of the Troisi clan get arrested under whom the boss Francesco Troisi and the son of Vito Paolo Troisi.

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