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Three members of MS-13 were convicted of racketeering conspiracy and murder on Monday in Boston Federal Court. All three are Salvadoran nationals and will face deportation after completing their prison sentence. Interestingly, it was these kind of deportations that helped found MS-13.

27-year-old Noe “Crazy” Salvador Perez Vasquez, 27-year-old Luis “Brujo” Solis Vasquez, and 39-year-old Hector “Vida Loca” Enamorado were found guilty of RICO conspiracy and of committing or knowingly participating in murder as part of the racketeering conspiracy.

According to testimony and exhibits introduced at trial, MS-13 is a violent transnational criminal organization whose branches, or “cliques,” operate throughout the United States, including in Massachusetts.

At trial, Perez was identified as a leader of the Everett Locos Salvatrucha (ELS) clique; Solis was identified as a full member, or homeboy, with the Eastside Locos Salvatrucha (ESLS) clique; and Enamorado was identified as a homeboy with the Chelsea Locos Salvatrucha (CHS) clique.

On December 14, 2014, Perez, Solis, and Enamorado worked together to murder a 29-year-old male victim at an apartment in Chelsea, Mass. According to testimony and exhibits introduced at trial, Enamorado and the victim had engaged in a gang-related fight the night before the murder, and when Enamorado encountered the victim again the following night, Enamorado called Perez to ask him for a gun. Perez delivered the murder weapon, a .380 caliber pistol, to Enamorado in Chelsea. Solis armed himself with a gun and went with Enamorado into the apartment to provide backup and necessary support for the attack. Enamorado used Perez’s gun to fatally shoot the victim three times. Enamorado also shot and wounded a second victim who was inside the apartment at the time of the murder.

On July 5, 2015, a 16-year-old mid-level member of the ELS clique was stabbed to death in a park in Lawrence, Mass. by two members of his clique. Perez, a leader of ELS, and other MS-13 members targeted the 16-year-old for murder because they believed, incorrectly, that he was cooperating with law enforcement. Perez planned and encouraged the murder. After the two ELS clique members stabbed the 16-year-old to death, Perez promised to promote them to homeboy status.

After a three-year investigation, Perez, Solis, and Enamorado were three of 61 persons named in a superseding indictment targeting the criminal activities of alleged leaders, members, and associates of MS-13 in Massachusetts. They are the 41st, 42nd, and 43rd defendants, respectively, to be convicted in this case.

Perez was also found guilty of distributing five kilograms or more of cocaine and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute marijuana. Perez’s sentencing is scheduled for July 17, 2018; Enamorado’s sentencing for July 23, 2018; and Solis’s sentencing for July 25, 2018.

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