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Town mayor busted in garbage probe involving Calabrian Mafia

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The mayor of Bova Marina, a village in Reggio Calabria, was arrested today in a police operation against the Calabrian Mafia’s involvement in the area’s garbage hauling industry, Italian news agency ANSA reported. Mayor Vincenzo Crupi was busted along with thirteen others, including the deputy mayor and tourism chief of the nearby town of Brancaleone, and the former mayor of Melito Porto Salvo.

These arrests reveal once more how much influence the ‘Ndrangheta has in Calabria’s political scene. Known mostly for its dominance in cocaine trafficking, the Calabrian mob has spread into the legitimate sides of society just like Sicilian Cosa Nostra and the Neapolitan Camorra have done.

Investigators believe the politicians were in cahoots with the Iamonte clan that is alleged to rule the region. Prosecutors claim the ‘Ndrangheta clan corrupted the mayor to get favorable contracts for the town’s garbage hauling routes.

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