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VIDEO: Denzel Washington hunting bigger and more dangerous bad guys in The Equalizer 2

By David Amoruso

Denzel Washington is the man. His body of work includes eternal classics and unforgettable characters. In the crime genre he has done some outstanding work as well, as his Academy Award for his role in Training Day confirmed. Now, he’s back with fan favorite The Equalizer 2 doing what we love to see him do: Being a bad ass punisher killing evil men.

It was in Man On Fire that audiences were first introduced to this type of character. The former Special Forces commando who is lost and unsure what to do with his skill set. How does one use such violence for good?

In Man On Fire, he quickly found a way when he saved the little girl he swore to protect. In The Equalizer he came to a similar conclusion when he saved a young prostitute under the thumb of the Russian Mob.

In both films he does so in spectacular fashion, with a coolness that comes with being part of the top tier of the United States military. No one does this better than Washington. He’s a master at exuding confidence. He’s also seen enough to know how to play certain people.

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Back when he started out in his career, he starred in a Broadway play called Checkmates, produced by Michael “Harry-O” Harris, a crime overlord who had made a fortune in the drug business. A man who could dim your fire with one look and a nod.

Watch the trailer for The Equalizer 2 below:

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