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VIDEO: Gringo, Charlize Theron and Joel Edgerton try to scam a Mexican drug cartel

By David Amoruso

Always know who you’re doing business with and what they’re capable of. That way you won’t end up like Harold, played by David Oyelowo. In the crime comedy Gringo he is sent to Mexico for a business deal, but ends up getting kidnapped by a drug cartel.

His bosses, played by Charlize Theron and Joel Edgerton, back in the United States aren’t particularly worried. It’s befitting their job: The pair manufactures medical marijuana pills. Sitting back and relaxing is their whole business slogan.

But while doing business they kinda scammed a Mexican drug cartel. As Joel Edgerton tells David Oyelowo’s character: “Harold, I’m just gonna spit this out. We sold a little product to the cartels. But we cut them off, they got a little angry.”

Harold is not having a relaxing time in sunny Mexico.

Watch the trailer of Gringo below:

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