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Young mobster admits lamming it until after the Super Bowl so he could run illegal gambling operation

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Some wiseguys just aren’t as wise as they’d wish to be. Take alleged mobster Anthony Camisa for instance. Asked by a judge why Camisa had gone on the lam to evade his arrest, his lawyer answered it was because he wanted to run his illegal gambling racket during the Super Bowl.

Camisa was the youngest of 46 mobsters named in a big Mafia indictment back in August. Of these 46 all but three were rounded up by federal agents. These three – including Camisa – went on the lam, evading police and arrest. It wasn’t until December when Camisa was finally apprehended.

During a recent bail hearing, Camisa’s lawyer Gerald McMahon pleaded with the judge to release his client, arguing that Camisa was simply trying to stay out of prison so he could do his – illicit – job.

“Your Honor knows that the government claims that my client has a gambling business,” the New York Daily News quotes McMahon as saying. “Without being indelicate, I think it is fair to say that my client expressed to me that he intended to surrender after the Super Bowl.”

He went on to state that, “If we accept the government’s allegations for purposes of this bail hearing that he is a gambler, there is a practical reason why somebody would wait until after the Super Bowl to surrender.”

The explanation stunned the courtroom. Here was a man who stood accused of illicit gambling, admitting that he was indeed involved in such activity. Not just that, but that he became a fugitive so he could continue to commit said crime.

The presiding judge denied bail and said Camisa showed “impulsivity and immaturity.” Camisa is nicknamed “The Kid,” and it is clear the 24-year-old wannabe wiseguy could indeed use a few more years to wise up.

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