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Gangsters Inc. is taking a holiday break

By David Amoruso

All these stories about murders, drugs, wars, evil men and women take a toll on a person. That is why the kind folks behind Gangsters Inc. are taking a two week vacation in the sun for some much needed R&R.

With temperatures in the United States, Mexico, Italy, and Russia going through the roof we expect many of the people we write about to enjoy the sun, surf, and beaches as well. Philadelphia mob boss Nicky Scarfo was notorious for his trips down to the Florida beaches (photo above). He demanded his men to tag along for the trip, leaving some of his underlings to wonder: “If we are here, then who is running Philadelphia?”

But those are work-related questions, and we are having none of it these coming two weeks. To keep you entertained check out the stories written by Thom L. Jones. Every last one of them is a gem Anthony Spilotro would no doubt have wanted to steal by drilling a six foot hole in the wall.

With our newly created section about organized crime in Australia, Gangsters Inc. sheds light on an entire continent which has become a huge playground for many criminal groups.

If you are tired of reading you can always check out our photo galleries or videos. And if your eyes are tired, why not some radio? Crime authors Ron Chepesiuk and Will Hryb interview the biggest experts on organized crime and the mafia for their weekly radio show Crime Beat and will offer you great insight and knowledge while you are outside enjoying the sun.

And just when you are starting to miss your favorite crime website: we are back! In two weeks Gangsters Inc. will be at it again with news and stories about global organized crime. On the website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Fuggedaboutit!

A huge thanks to all the members and visitors of this website who give us the motivation to continue writing and reporting on ruthless gangsters and vicious gangs. See you in a few weeks!

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