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Police in Ragusa, Sicily, have arrested three people they believe are leading members of the Carbonaro-Dominante clan of La Stidda, the island’s second crime group behind Cosa Nostra. They have also seized an arsenal of firearms, including sniper rifles.

The arrests and seizures are part of Operation Reset, aimed at Filippo Ventura, imprisoned boss of the Carbonaro-Dominante clan, and the men he uses on the outside to run his family. Arrested today were his two sons, 29-year-old Angelo and 27-year-old Jerry, and 31-year-old Marco Di Martino.

Angelo (photo above, left) and Jerry Ventura (above, right) both have prior arrests for drug trafficking and various other crimes.

All men are charged with criminal association with the mafia and possession of weapons of different types with serial numbers erased. Among the weapon arsenal, investigators found sniper rifles, bulletproof vests, and 1000 rounds of ammo. Authorities are currently checking whether any of these weapons were used in robberies, attempted murders, extortion or in gang feuds with rival Cosa Nostra families.

La Stidda was founded opposite Cosa Nostra and frequently fights over territory with Mafia families. The group is viewed as Cosa Nostra’s smaller brother and is considered a lot less organized.

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